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Sponsored by. … to promote and facilitate through cooperative action a worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards.

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1 Sponsored by

2 … to promote and facilitate through cooperative action a worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards of competence make to the achievement of economic success and personal fulfillment. Aims of MoVE research: investigate the characteristics of vocational excellence; produce rigorous research evidence to: WorldSkills Foundation mission… -underpin the promotion of quality vocational education and training to young people, their families and employers; -facilitate improved vocational practice

3 outcomes A new lens on current vocational practice A celebration of vocational excellence at global and national levels A framework for international benchmarking and a global discourse on quality and productivity

4 progress to date Survey of WorldSkills London competitors (n= 413) and experts (n=165) administered 5-8 October Data analysis using SPSS, NVIVO Report available from after May 13th

5 MoVE London October 2011 934 competitors from 56 WorldSkills member organisations Competing in 46 skill categories Supported by 934 Experts covering all skill categories 413 competitors from 38 WorldSkills member organisations 165 Experts from 38 member organisations MoVE survey responses

6 snapshots from the data When you think about your World Skills journey, which of the following is MOST important to you

7 snapshots from the data How important will WorldSkills be to the next stage of your career?

8 snapshots from the data How would you rate your overall involvement in WorldSkills?

9 snapshots from the data What attracted you to your chosen skill?

10 WorldSkills and professional identify self confidence motivation to succeed technical skill development employability skills contacts and networks opportunities novice The competitor’s WorldSkills journey A fast track pathway to professional identity proficient practitioner

11 WorldSkills and professional identify Five different types of survey question probing the dimensions of professional identity: ‘Triads’ ‘Polarities’ Multiple choice Likert scale questions Narrative question

12 WorldSkills and professional identify As a result of this experience I see myself as:

13 WorldSkills and professional identify I see myself as: Student/apprentice Member of trade/profession Same results for “my family; trainer; employer see me as…”

14 WorldSkills and professional identify Thinking back over your training and work career, which of the following have strengthened your sense of belonging to your trade/profession?

15 WorldSkills and professional identify a. Becoming a master in my trade/profession has become very important for me

16 WorldSkills and professional identify c.I feel like I have become a professional in my trade/profession

17 WorldSkills and professional identify e.I am confident that I help my peers solve a work problem

18 WorldSkills and professional identify f.I am ready to accept a broad range of responsibilities at work

19 WorldSkills and professional identify g.I like to be engaged in new technical challenges at work.

20 WorldSkills and professional identify i.I am able to learn new things by myself

21 WorldSkills and professional identify It’s an experience which is at the same time professional and personal, enriching from the point of view of your physical and mental capacity. All the preparation before the course is very important to feel comfortable on D Day. But I will retain one thing in particular, the power of concentration, one of the most difficult things to manage as you must work really hard to just think about one thing “your work”... Competitor, France

22 WorldSkills and professional identify I would say that it is a competition which makes you grow as you learn so much about your job. You increase your skills. It’s a sacrifice but this is really beneficial and you learn about yourself as you see yourself getting so much better that you don’t want to hide anything. WorldSkills is 10 years of professional experience and an unforgettable experience Competitor, France

23 WorldSkills and professional identify I was preparing myself for the competition by practicing two days a week for half year. In addition, my skills for the competition were developing in the working life. Competitor, Finland It was a great experience for me as a person as for me as a professional. as I had a lot of publicity because of WorldSkills my door for an excellent future are opened. Competitor, Belgium

24 WorldSkills and professional identify I spent thousands of hours studying and preparing for competition which gave me lots of very valuable training not only for the competition but also for my career. It has been an amazingly valuable experience. Competitor, USA

25 WorldSkills and professional identify I would like to tell my friends that competing in the WorldSkills London 2011 competition is already a winning. I have learned so many new things during my preparation for the competition. I wouldn't learn these skills and knowledge in a regular work. I grew up in my specialization and became a good and skilled worker. I also had extra courses to improve my English and get ready for the competition. I've opened a new world for myself. I can understand and communicate with lots of people form different countries of the world. I've got only good emotions and feelings about taking part in the WorldSkills competition. Competitor, Korea

26 WorldSkills and professional identify career options professional networks skills enhancement leadership commitment proficient practitioner The judge/expert WorldSkills journey A platform for life-long learning expert

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