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By: Alejandra Tovar, Sara Olvera, Janelly Hernandez, Darlene Mena.

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2 By: Alejandra Tovar, Sara Olvera, Janelly Hernandez, Darlene Mena


4  In August 1680, there was an uprising by the Pueblo people in northern New Mexico. It was lead by Popé and resulted in the greatest defeat of a European colony. Most spanish that lived in isolated ranches and farms were killed by indians. The governor, Antonio de Otermin, decided to make all the surviors go to mexico. After the successfull revolt of the indians, they lived peacefully for 12 years.

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6  Word that La Salle had claimed the cost of Texas for France frightened authorities in new Spain, when French found New Orleans in 1718, the Spanish decided to act so they built San Antonio to assets claim in Texas

7  1769, the Spanish were worried about English exploration and Russian fur-trading activities on the pacific coast. In response, the Spanish established a for and then a mission in San Diego, the first permanent European settlement in what now the us state of California. Spanish Franciscan missionaries created string of missions from San Diego to San Francisco to convert the Indians and develop the economy of California.

8  Spain was concerned about English and French colonization because they didn’t want to lose control and territory of New Spain. To discourage them from colonizing, they would built small isolated villages in North America

9  Both American Indians and Africans were treated almost the same but the Indian's were left alone if they stayed away from the Europeans and the Africans didn’t have that choice. They were chased and captured to become slaves.  Africans were treated different because they had better work ethics, were immune to the disease, and all work the Europeans made them do.  The American Indians were also treated better than Africans because they would trade with the Europeans and they also had valuable things that Europeans wanted.


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