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The Algerian Revolution

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1 The Algerian Revolution
The 1830 “Fly Whisk Incident”

2 French Algeria

3 The Algerian Revolt 1871 Algeria administered directly by Paris
Evolues/Young Algerians 1936 Violette Plan WWII/Vichy Regime Setif Massacre Ben Bella 1947 Organic Statute .in Algeria

4 1945 Setif Massacre

5 The Battle for Algiers Nov 54 – Beginning of guerilla attacks on French facilities Aug 55 – Massacre of Pieds Noirs at Constantine brings about Special Emergency powers Ilot system 10 Algerians killed for every Frenchman Cost of War in Indochina

6 Charles DeGaulle

7 Col. Gabriel Bonnet/ Che Guevara
Fought for the French in 1954, Wrote Insurrection and Revolutionary Wars in 58 Partisan Warfare + Psychological Warfare = Revolutionary Warfare (Warfare against your enemies + Warfare against your friends - propaganda and fear) Adapted Mao/Adapted by Che Guevara

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