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MUMTAZ WELFARE TRUST ® Mumtaz Welfare Trust (MWT) is a social welfare organization and founded in the name of a mother, Mumtaz Begum (Late), funded by.

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Presentation on theme: "MUMTAZ WELFARE TRUST ® Mumtaz Welfare Trust (MWT) is a social welfare organization and founded in the name of a mother, Mumtaz Begum (Late), funded by."— Presentation transcript:

1 MUMTAZ WELFARE TRUST ® Mumtaz Welfare Trust (MWT) is a social welfare organization and founded in the name of a mother, Mumtaz Begum (Late), funded by donations. The trust plans to be involved in every aspect of social / financial help that minimizes unevenness from society and from normal people’s life by providing them with basic needs. This trust is non-profit and has no political agenda. MWT is providing financial help to continuous struggle against poverty with self sufficiency, illiteracy with education, sicknesses with medical assistance and daughter’s marriages with basic needs. Mumtaz Welfare Trust is keeping an eye on all the projects / activities to make sure that all financial / moral assistance is generating positive results. All staff members and volunteers will evaluate the performance of every project / activity on regular basis that enable our trust members to make further decisions in right direction. To hold in trust and confidence, all donors will be informed accordingly of every projects / activities. We, therefore, invite all of you to join hands with us in this noble cause to make the people self-sufficient and give them a chance to live their lives as a respectable citizen.

2 Let ’ s have a look some of our Accomplishments for past three months. We humbly thanks to our valuable Trustees & Members for their cooperation to enable us to complete these projects.

3 Name: Boota Father Name: Shad Muhammad Applicant ID: FIN-10 CNIC # 35202-4096245-7 Contact # 0304-4172426 Address: House # 3 Street # 2 Khalid Park Shafiq Abad Band Road Lahore Comments : Mr. Boota has six children. Three daughters and three sons. All daughters got married. The elder son cannot work due to disability. Other two sons are also working but they are just 10 and 12 years old. Mr. Boota has health problems. He sells fruit on hand cart rented for Rs.20/- day. But due to financial problems he was not able to purchase fruit for business. He needed his own hand cart and some fruit so he can start his own work. After investigation found him deserving. MWT initiate small business for Mr. Boota, Purchased new hand cart and handsome quantity of fruit for him. He is very happy with his business.

4 Boota With his own new business

5 Comments : Mr. Hakim Ali is about 65 years old man. He has two sons both are married and living separately. But the sons are not providing any support to parents. So Hakim Ali started selling balloons. Due to his old age and health issues Hakim Ali unable to see from one eye, It was very difficult for him to fill up the balloons manually. Further financial constraints also hindering his business. His income from selling balloons wasn’t enough for him to run a family. MWT team after investigation found him a deserving. MWT raised the required funds to buy him automatic air pump to fill balloons quickly, MWT also arranged the stock of balloons. Name: Hakim Ali Father Name: Ahmed Din Applicant ID: FIN-11 CNIC # 35101-92811898-7 Address: Tangdiyan Post Office Mokl Tehsile Choniyan District Kasur

6 Name: Barkat Ali Father Name: Bloch Applicant ID: FIN-013 CNIC # Don’t Have Address: Baahar Colony Comments : Mr. Barkat Ali was borne christen but converted to Muslim recently. He has four daughters two are married and other two are just in the age of 12 and 13. Barkat Ali is kidney patient and facing acute health problems. Due to financial problems he can't afford the treatment of kidney. His both younger daughters also have same medical problem and both need medical treatment. He is about 60 years old. He also needed some financial help to start his own work which is more according to his illness. He wanted to sell vegetables on hand cart. MWT Team after investigation found him deserving. Therefore, MWT purchased hand cart and vegetable stock.

7 Name: Muhammad Zubair Father Name: Muhammad Faisal Applicant ID: FIN-014 CNIC # 31101-4180328-1 Contact # 0301-4926790 Address: Street # 11 Near Qadeer Pan Shop Liaqat Abad Lahore Comments : Mr. Zubair repairs cooking utensils. He goes door to door on bicycle to find clients. Normally peoples have a sound system to attract the people while in the street. Mr. Zubair is heart patient and can't speak in loud voice. He requested the trust to arrange sound system with battery. After investigation trust found him deserving. Finally Trust purchased sound system for him..

8 Name: Samina Bibi Husband Name: Muhammad Salem Applicant ID: FIN-015 CNIC # 35202-8661352-0 Address: House # 28 Street # 1A Muslim Colony Shahdara- Lahore Comments : Mrs. Samina is 30 years old widow. Her husband died from heart attack. He was selling goods in buses to look after her family. She is living in rented house and facing very difficult time to look after her 2 daughters, age 12 and 14 years old and both are studying. Now without any source of income, she is unable to continue their study. She is uneducated woman and don’t have any skill to teach. Her two married sisters are helping them to survive in this difficult time but can not continue further due to their own financial condition. Few days they just have one time food to live. After complete investigation, Trust found her very deserving and wants to help her. She is willing to sale ready made ladies garments & bed sheets to surrounding areas and she can easily handle from home. In this way she can run her family and send her daughters again to school. MWT purchased ladies garments & bed sheets as per her wish, Now she has started her own business.

9 Name: Syed Ahtasham Haider Father Name: Syed Zahor Hussain Applicant ID: EDU-004 CNIC # 36502-3632562-3 Address: House # 161.Hali Road Sahiwall. Comments : Mr. Syed Ahtasham Haider is an ex-Govt employee and living in Sahiwall He is getting Rs.3000/- pension. He tried to educate all his children as his son is studying A.C.C.A and one daughter is studying in Karachi university. His younger daughter wanted to complete her M.A in English literature, her name appeared in merit list in NIMAL university last year but due to financial problems she was unable to get admission. Her name also appeared in merit list this year out of 250 students in G.C University Lahore for Post Graduate Diploma in English Literature of one year. She is very brilliant student. The fees of GC University is Rs.30,100/- which was again almost impossible for her to spare. Syed Ahtasham said, if trust give him this amount as loan, he will try to payback within one year or help my daughter as deserving student. Therefore, MWT paid her fees to secure her future. One of our respected member paid her university fee.

10 Name: Muhammad Zafar Father Name:Karamat Ali Applicant ID: EDU-005 CNIC # 35202-1391298-3 Contact # 0305-5490806 Address: House # 104 Block 3 Sector C-2 Township Lahore Comments : Mr. Zafar is an Ex-SOS boy, he is working as a security guard in school, and he is getting Rs.6,000 salary. He has four children. He can not even afford to pay the rent of house and currently living with his in-law’s. His elder daughter is an outstanding student and got very good marks in I.COM. She wants to take admission in B.Com. Mr. Zafar wants to give good education to his children but due to financial constraints, he is not able to pay the fees at that level. After certain verifications, MWT find her deserving student to support her in further qualification. University Fee4000 College Admission Fee2000 Six-Month Fee4,500 Uniform750 Total11,250 MWT Paid following Amount

11 Name: Muhammad Akmal Father Name: Faiz Ahmed Applicant ID: EDU-006 CNIC # 36102-3025898-3 Address: Post Office Mumadal Tehsile Kabeer Wala District Khanaywall Comments : Mr., Akmal belong to very poor family, his father didn’t have enough sources to gave higher education, Akmal started working and in evening he continues his study. His boss encouraged and help him for his study. He is very brilliant, that's why he manage his study and work simultaneously. Now he aimed to do M.ED which need Rs.13,795/- his boss refused to pay full amount, so he request MWT for help him partially. After investigation MWT found him deserving student, and contributed Rs.5000/- for his fees.

12 Name: Shakila Shahid Husband Name: Shahid Naveed Applicant ID: MED-004 CNIC # 35202-2686493-5 Address: House # 904 Block 3 Sector D-2 Green Town Lahore Comments : Mr. Shahid Naveed is working as helper with mason on daily wages. His per day wage is approximately 350/rs and he doesn't get work every day. He has four children, two sons and two daughters. One son and two daughters are school going, he is living in his brother in law's home. His wife's health is not good, he took her to Jinah Hospital for normal check up, Doctor suggest them some medical tests (Doctor’s recommended, tests are showing the sign of hepatitis ‘C’) which are not free available at Jinah Hospital, they asked from private Laboratories and they tell them tests would cost approximately 10,000/rs. Because of their poor financial condition they are not able to do these medical tests. But her wife's health is going worst day by day and doctor suggesting them to get the medical tests as soon as possible. After investigation MWT found them a deserving case. MWT’s members contribute for her medical tests.

13 Name: Ayesha Aslam Husband Name: Muhammad Aslam Applicant ID: SUP-007 CNIC #35202-2317861-6 Address: House # 20 Street # 15 Salamat Pura Liaqat Abad Lahore Comments : Mrs., Ayesha Aslam is a widow women, she has 3 children one daughter and two sons. One daughter and son got married. After marriage her son left the home and start living independently. Now he is not supporting her mother and younger brother. she doesn't have any source of income. People of surrounding area are helping her for food. and her blood relatives left her. MWT Team after investigation found her deserving case. first help her by Ramzan Package and from onward trust will help her on monthly basses by Rs 2000/Month. One of our honorable member Mr. Ahmed Haroon took responsibility to pay her 2000/rs on monthly basis.

14 Name: Rani Bibi Husband Name: Muhammad Aslam Applicant ID: SUP-010 CNIC # 35202-7830779-2 Address: House # 904 Block #1 Sector D-2 Green Town Lahore Comments : Mrs. Rani is a widow and 65 years old with no child at all. She has only 1 brother. After the death of her husband, she requested her brother for accommodation with him, he refused for joint-accommodation. But he gave her some place where she could build one room with her own expenses. Infect this place wasn't enough even for a small room. She putt one bed and one trunk for clothes and room was full. Now she used to put her stove near room-door to make tea or some light food. She is a patient of gall bladder (Pitta) and is unable to bear the treatment expenses. She requested a doctor for treatment. As we know this world is still not empty of good and noble people, that doctor bear all the operational expenses. But her brother has completely cut off with her and not supporting her in any case. Even though he never gave her a one-time meal in any day. Her eye-sight is so weak that she can't see beyond a 3-feet distance that's why she can not cook food properly. Thus the people in surrounding, give her some remaining food. In this way, she is living her miserable life in old age. MWT team, after investigation, finds it in the list of MDC“ Most Deserving Case". One of our honorable member took responsibility to pay her 2000/rs on monthly basis.

15 Name: Fareeha Nosheen Father Name: Abdul Hameed Sial Applicant ID: MAR-001 CNIC # 35202-06946162 Addressee House # 630 Block 3 Sector C-2 Town Ship Lahore Comments : Miss Fareeha Nosheen's Father Died five years before. She has two brothers and both are married. Her mother is suffering from Paralysis. Her brothers are not helping mother and sister. Fareeha got engaged and her marriage decided in November 2010. Her mother is worried for her marriage. As her uncle committed that he will bear food expense. And her father made jewelry in his life. so now they need only some dowry items from Trust. Trust team visit her home and after investigation found it deserving case Finally on the Marriage day of Fareeha Nosheen MWT arranged dowry package for her.

16 Name: Muhammad Ibrahim Father Name: Shah Din Applicant ID: MAR-002 CNIC # 35201-1515167-3 Contact # 0323-4474093 Address: House # 6 Street # 5/4 Taj Pura Scheme, Gujja Peer Road Shukat Park Lahore. Comments : Mr. Ibrahim is working as carpenter on daily wages but unfortunately he doesn't have work every day. He is living in a very poor condition. He has two daughters. He wants to marry his elder daughter Sadia's but he doesn't have enough source to arrange his daughter’s marriage. He is looking toward MWT to take over all responsibility of Sadia's marriage. MWT Team after investigation found deserving case. Finally on the Marriage day of Sadia Ibrahim MWT arranged dowry package for her

17 Name: Muhammad Iqbal Father Name: Muhammad Ashraf Applicant ID: MAR-003 CNIC # 35202-9597811-9 Contact # 0305-4306873 Address: Nawaz Mood Near Bagdiyan Chowk Green Town Lahore Comments : Mr. Iqbal is working as Masson on daily wages. but unfortunately he doesn't have work every day. Due to unemployment, they are living in worst conditions. He has two sons and two daughters. Younger daughter got married first and now he wants his elder daughter Rabia's to get married also, but he doesn't have enough resources to arrange the marriage. Due to financial problem they practically have nothing to arrange the wedding. They want complete sponsorship of marriage of his daughter. MWT Team after investigation found deserving case. Finally on the Marriage day of Rabia Iqbal MWT arranged dowry package for her.

18 Comments : Miss Nasreen is 27 years old woman. Her parents died long time before. Her elder married sister brought her home to stay with her. Her sister’s husband is working as a wall painter on daily basis and is already leading a difficult life. Nasreen is engaged and marriage date is fixed on 16th November. Due to financial problem, they are looking for some help to organize the marriage and food for guests. They already contacted several welfare organizations for help but none is helping them. At last they found our contact and asked for some help. After complete investigation MWT found this Orphan woman very deserving and need help for her marriage. Name: Nasreen Father Name: Abdul Samad Applicant ID: MAR-004 CNIC # Don’t' have Address: House # 433 Block 2 Sector D-2 Green Town Lahore Finally on the Marriage day of Nasreen one of our honorable member arranged dowry package for her.

19 Comments: Miss Nazia, 18 years old unmarried girl, working as a house maid to support her family. Her father is a mason (Mistri) and working on daily wages. He is suffering from Piles (Bawasir) due to which he is unable to go on work regularly. By the Grace of Allah, Ms. Nazia’s marriage is fixed now and she cannot work any more to support her family. Due to poor health, her father has no other source of income, They are unable to bear the expenditure of marriage and very basic dowry. This family has five members excluding her and their daily survival has become an issue under the mentioned circumstances. MWT found this family deserving and wants to support her marriage and also looking for some better source of income for rest of the family in future. Therefore, MWT also looking to buy a SEWING machine for her mother to manage their living respectfully. Name: Nazia Abdul Sattar Father Name: Abdul Sattar Applicant ID: MAR-005 CNIC # 3501-53254613-1 Address: Balochan Wali Galli Awan Chowk Kot Lakhpat Jail Road Lahore Finally on the Marriage day of Nazia Abdul Sattar MWT arranged dowry package for her.

20 Name: Nargis Sharif Father Name: Muhammad Sharif Applicant ID: MER-006 CNIC # 35101-8037103-8 Address: District Kasur Tehsile Choniyan, Post office Mokal Village Challnow. Comments : Miss Nargis is a 22 years old girl. Her father just died six months before. Her mother health is also not good. Her brother is abnormal. This is not the end of her suffering; she is also a cancer patient in early stages that affects her leg badly. She is getting cancer treatment and she needs some injections every year. Her marriage once cancelled due to cancer but now she is getting better after treatment, so her relatives-in- laws agreed again. Due to bad financial condition, the family is unable to bear marriage expenses. MWT found this girl very deserving and needs help to arrange marriage expenses and dowry package. Finally on the Marriage day of Nargis Sharif MWT arranged dowry package for her.

21 We are thankful to you for giving your time to our efforts, Therefore, we request all of you to please forward this email to all your friends and family members. It will be your great contribution towards MWT and get reward from Allah. This will help to convey our message to many people. MWT is looking forward and will appreciate for any suggestion or query. Please contact us Telephone: 042-7029218 Mobile: 0321-4184998 Emil: Web:

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