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The new Energy labels: a plus for consumer and the economy! Claude Turmes 10/10/2013.

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1 The new Energy labels: a plus for consumer and the economy! Claude Turmes 10/10/2013

2 'Push of the market' effect (ED)Investments in R&DCompetitive products and installationsClear and stable framework required by manufacturers'Pull of the market' effect (EL) Harmonised measurement methods & testing procedures Benefits of ecodesign (ED) & labelling (EL) Dynamic improvement of the market

3 Ecodesign Directive addresses the supply side; it pushes the market. Energy Labelling Directive addresses the demand side; it pulls the market. The combined effect of both Directives ensures dynamic improvement of the market.

4 2 tyre regulations 2 voluntary agreements 10 labelling regulations 24 ecodesign regulations 38 measures Adopted ecodesign & labelling measures (2008 - 2013) Number of adopted measures (up to October 2013)

5 38 measures 65.4 Mtoe 760.5 TWh Expected savings by 2020; final energy Estimates do not include rebound effect Adopted ecodesign & labelling measures (2008 - 2013)

6 24 ecodesign regulations 1275/2008 Electric power consumption standby and off mode107/2009 Simple set-top boxes244/2009Non-directional household lamps245/2009Fluorescent lamps for high intensity discharge lamps278/2009External power supplies640/2009Electric motors641/2009Circulators642/2009Televisions643/2009Household refrigerating appliances1015/2010Household washing machines1016/2010Household dishwashers327/2011Industrial fans206/2012Airco and comfort fans547/2012Water pumps932/2012Household tumble driers1194/2012Directional lamps859/2009Lamps regulation amending regulation 245/2009347/2010Lamps regulation amending regulation 245/2009622/2012Circulators (amending regulation 641/2009)617/2013 Computers and servers666/2013 Vacuum cleaners801/2013 Networked standby813/2013 Space heaters814/2013 Water heaters & storage tanks 10 energy labelling Regulations 1059/2010Household dishwashers1060/2010 Household refrigerating appliances1061/2010Household washing machines1062/2010 Televisions626/2011 Air conditioners392/2012Household tumble driers874/2012Electrical lamps and luminaires665/2013 Vacuum cleaners811/2013 Space heaters812/2013Water heaters & storage tanks 2 voluntary agreements COM (2012) 684 Complex set top boxes COM (2013) 23 Imaging equipment 2 tyre labelling regulations 228/2011Wet grip testing method for C1 tyres 1235/2011Wet grip grading of C2, C3 tyres, measurement of tyres rolling resistance and verification procedure List of adopted measures (2008 – 2013)

7 10 product groups Industrial electric motors (amendment; ecodesign)Domestic cooking appliances (ecodesign + energy labelling)Solid fuel boilers (energy labelling)Local space heaters (ecodesign + energy labelling)Online energy labelling (energy labelling) Electronic displays, including televisions and computer monitors (ecodesign + energy labelling) Sound and imaging equipment (self-regulation)Transformers (ecodesign)Professional refrigeration (ecodesign + energy labelling)Ventilation (ecodesign + energy labelling) 16 measures 18 Mtoe 210 TWh (Expected savings by 2020; final energy) Estimates do not include rebound effect Measures under preparation (close to the adoption)

8 Imaging Equipment (Voluntary Agreement) – 3TWh Vacuum cleaners – 19TWh Computer and servers - 16TWh (including displays) Boilers - 45Mtoe ~ 215TWh) **all savings per year by 2020** 2013 – voted so far

9 Later in 2013  Water heaters (45 TWh) and Networked Standby – including coffee machines (40TWh + 2TWh) – 21st March => send voting recommendations to your officials ASAP Planned adoption winter 2013  TVs – 20TWh/year (including PCs) by 2020  Solid fuel burners (20TWh) **all savings per year by 2020**

10 Old and new 1992 version2010 version

11 Case of washing machines Only A+, A++, A+++ models can be placed on the market from December 2013 Empty classes from dec 2013, as banned by Ecodesign

12 Possible co-existence of 4 types of labelling schemes on the market today Voluntarily future mandatory schemes can be used in advance e.: already A+++ TV on the market as the A+++ class is mandatory from 2020 onward Labelling for TV’s

13 Thank you for your attention Claude Turmes

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