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Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power, Govt. of India)

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1 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power, Govt. of India)
BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power, Govt. of India) 4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan R.K.Puram New Delhi

2 Standards and Labeling in India
BEE is established to implement & monitor the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The Standards and Labeling is a direct outcome of section 14 clause (a)-(d) of the Energy Conservation Act,2001. One of the key thrust areas of EC Act, 2001 is Standards & Labeling Program. 3/31/2017 3:35 PM Bureau of Energy Efficiency 2

3 Standards & Labeling Programme
Prescribes Energy performance of manufactured products (Minimum Energy Performance Standards, MPES). Label Information on product’s energy performance (usually in the form of energy use, efficiency, or energy cost) Give consumers the data necessary to make informed purchases

4 Products covered under S&L programme
Current List Frost-free Refrigerators Tubular Fluorescent Lamps (TFL) Air-conditioners Direct cool Refrigerators Distribution Transformers Motors Future Products Transport Vehicles Submersible pump sets Ceiling fans CFL LPG Stoves ( 1 & 2 Burners) Colour TVs Set top boxes Computer Monitors

5 Future Products under S&L programme
Transport Sector (2 & 4 Wheelers) Kerosene Stoves Water Heaters Washing Machines Consumer Electronics Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) External Power Supplies (EPS) Battery Chargers (BCs) Motor systems Motor & compressors Industrial Fans & Blowers

6 Energy Saved (in MW) Estimated savings of over 200 MW

7 Impact on Environment Appliance
CO2 Reduction as an impact of Star labeling AC Million Tons Refrigerator Million Tons TFL Million Tons TOTAL Million Tons

8 Impact of S/L Programme
S. No. Particulars Energy Savings Potential ( MW) 2007 2011 2015 2020 1.   Refrigerators (Frost Free) 10 138 645 1930 2.   Refrigerators (Direct Cool) 24 232 662 1671 3.   Refrigerators (All) 35 370 1307 3601 4.   TFL 66 286 711 ACs 7 98 424 1776

9 S/L Program for Transport Vehicles
Developing Standards of Fuel Economy for transport vehicles Passenger cars 2/3 wheelers HCV Approximate savings from Passengers car alone would range between 5-15 million tonnes by ( in line with the IEP 2006 estimates)

10 Thank you for your attention,
Contact information: Sandeep Garg

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