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Self Harm and Suicide Responding to the needs of Young Men.

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1 Self Harm and Suicide Responding to the needs of Young Men

2 Male Suicide in Scotland Scotland has the highest suicide rate in the UK Glasgow has the highest rate of suicide in Scotland In North Glasgow the rate of suicide and self harm is 68% higher than the national average Suicide is one of the main single causes of death in Scottish males between the ages of 15-34

3 Suicidal Behaviour Suicidal behaviour incorporates a wide variety of behaviours “ the distinction between suicide and self harm is important, not only because of the obvious differences in outcomes (death versus survival) but also…for the preventative and remedial responses that are required” Scottish Executive (2001)

4 Self-Harm Continuum Self Harm Always putting own need last Habitual overworking Not looking after one’s health Self isolation Eating disorder Scrubbing oneself harmfully Abuse of alcohol Pulling out hair Swallowing harmful substances Cutting, scratching, burning Hanging/jumping Suicide Life Self Harm-as a means to live Self Harm-as a means to death Death

5 Why Do Young Men Kill Themselves? Combination of issues Stress Societal pressure on amen Hopelessness Isolation Mental Health

6 Feelings triggering SH/Suicide desperation, sadness, hopelessness, grief guilt, shame, ‘dirtiness’ unheard, unsupported deadness, numbness fear, panic, tension powerlessness, frustration

7 Service Experience Being ‘told off’, dismissed, condemned, punished Misunderstanding, fear, shock, ignorance ‘ Taboo’ subject or self injury not discussed Use of excessive control – no self harm rules, ‘sectioned’, close supervision Being treated as not responsible or ‘disturbed’ Drugs or behavioural approaches alone

8 What can be done to reduce young male suicides? Make services local, available and well advertised Non-threatening Free from stigma Earlier intervention

9 A National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland Choose Life is a 10 year plan aimed at reducing suicides in Scotland by 20% by 2013. The strategy and action plan aims to ensure we take action nationally and locally to build skills, improve knowledge and awareness of 'what works' to prevent suicide, improve opportunities to prevent premature loss of life and provide hope and optimism for the future.

10 LifeLink A CRISIS INTERVENTION SERIVCE managed by Royston Stress Centre Part of a wider initiative by the Scottish Executive ‘Choose Life’ – to help set up services that will support people who: - Self-harm - And/or at risk of suicide

11 Aims Empowering Individuals to Regain Stability Building Self Esteem Develop Healthy Ways of Coping Enhancing Problem Solving Skills Promoting Support Networks in their Community

12 Our Principles Acceptance Compassion Understanding Client Centred Working

13 Working Together Psychiatric Out- of-hours Liaison Psychiatry, A&E PCMHT G.P.’s Social Work Stress Centres Mental Health Services Police Housing Drug and Alcohol Services Community Projects Schools, Youth Groups

14 Services we offer Services Helpline Harm Minimisation Group Support Onward Referral Assessment Counselling/ Massage onsite Open DaysDrop-in

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