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Enablement CERT - Community Enablement & Reablement Team.

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1 Enablement CERT - Community Enablement & Reablement Team

2 Who are we? We are a new pilot service in North West Leicestershire. We will be working with people referred into Adults & Communities who need support to find meaningful day time activity

3 The Department of Health states that enablement / Reablement provides: (2007) Services for people with poor physical or mental health to help them accommodate their illness by learning or relearning skills necessary for daily living (2010) Reablement services help people to regain independence after a crisis and can have a significant positive impact on peoples quality of life

4 Evidence suggests that people who are able to access reablement provision at an earlier stage in their illness or disability are more likely to reduce, delay or eliminate their need for longer term support from social care and health services Early intervention services should support people who are living in the community to improve or maintain their independence through easy access to appropriate and timely skilled support, and a better knowledge of the wider support available

5 So what is Enablement? Enablement is intensive short term support that aims to encourage and assist people to lead as independent and fulfilling a life as they can, in the way that they choose Enablement is about supporting people to learn or re-learn important skills for everyday life It supports people to achieve their optimum level of independence with the lowest appropriate level of support

6 Good support services…… Are individualised and person centred Are about people, not buildings Treat family and carers as experts Create and offer real choices Are cost effective, imaginative and flexible Support families

7 Good support services…… Provide advocacy Predict need for future support Use assistive technology Promote independence and social inclusion Improve peoples quality of life, confidence, self esteem and enable personal development Enable people to fulfil their potential

8 Our Aims - To empower people and enable them to remain in their own homes and communities by supporting and promoting their independence To improve health and well being, reduce the need for ongoing longer term support and enable individuals to become active and valued members of their own communities

9 More Aims To support individual ability, concentrating on skills and the things that people can do To enable people to gain the skills and build the confidence they need to do the things they want to do To look for alternatives to traditional day care services, meeting peoples wants and needs in a person centred way To work with carers and universal services, building on community based support to create opportunity and meet peoples outcomes

10 Outcomes To maximise independence, choice & control for all users of Adults & Communities To minimise and delay the need for long term social care support To reduce isolation and increase self esteem To build stronger communities

11 The story so far……….




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