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SOIL HEALTH CARD & Farmer Friendly SOIL G2F SERVICES মাটি চিত্র Department of Agriculture Government of West Bengal National Conference on Agriculture.

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1 SOIL HEALTH CARD & Farmer Friendly SOIL G2F SERVICES মাটি চিত্র Department of Agriculture Government of West Bengal National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign April, New Delhi

2 : Soil Health Card Web-based SHC since Lakh SHC distributed so far 48,294 SHC Distributed in SHC - Present Scenario & Future Plan 2015 Onward: SMART Soil Health Card Cloud based Digital Soil Map 14 Lakh Samples in WB, Every 3 Years 3.1 Lakh Samples in First Year Source & Sample Authentication Process automation Soil G2F Service on Mobile & Web Farmer Friendly, Advanced Solutions

3 Soil Test Based Fertilizer Recommendation System (STFRS) 1.Online Generation of Soil Health Card from any location (CSC) 2.Detailed Sample Registration - Source, Land Information & Crop Information 3.SMS Request for soil testing 4.Acknowledgement SMS of receipt of soil sample at laboratory 5.Soil Fertility Maps 6.MIS Reports for administrators, laboratories and VLE 7.SMS Alerts to farmers about readiness of Soil Health Card 8.Recommendations from Experts 9.Generation of Soil Health Card in Vernacular and English

4 Existing workflow: Testing & dissemination of the information to the farmers c. SHC available to a farmer through a VLE b. SHC available to a farmer through a Non Govt Lab a. SHC available to a farmer through a Govt Lab

5 Way Forward - SMART Soil Health Card Introduction of Advanced ICT application to ensure, 1.Source & Sample Authentication 2.Process Automation 3.Farm level Data Capture & Upload 4.Real-time Update Digital Soil Map 5.Mobile based Soil G2F Solutions 6.Farmers friendly SHC Diagnose soil fertility related constraints (From Test Results) and design Panchayat/ block level fertilizer recommendations Develop and promote soil test based nutrient management practices in the districts To build capacities of district and state level staff and of progressive farmers for promotion of nutrient management practices STLs Capacity building & Establishing new STLs New SHC every 3 years to all Farmers of the State

6 DIGITAL SOIL HEALTH MAP & G2F SERVICES মাটি চিত্র Department of Agriculture Government of West Bengal Sample authentication I Source GIS I Test capacity I Cloud database > Farmer G2F Services

7 Department of Agriculture Government of West Bengal GIS based, Farmer friendly Smart Soil Health Card Management System Planned ICT intervention will lead to: 1.Smart Soil health card:Farmer friendly interfaces, Cloud data accessible on Phone 2.G2F services on Soil:Linking Fertilizer calculator to create ‘Intelligent cropping pattern’ 3.Authenticity of Soil Source:Image Lat-Long 4.Bar-Coded package:Process automation ensuring Zero human error 5.Feeding Test data in Cloud:Auto create Digital Soil Map - Nutrient-wise How Farmers will get benefitted: 1.Intelligent Farm solutions:Based on Soil test data - Even on Phone, 24/7 2.Smart Health Card:Access Soil test data in a useful way, 24/7 3.GIS Automation:Authenticity of Collection at Farm gate 4.Time bound Solution:Collection, Test & Result publication in the fastest possible way 5.Capacity building:Soil Test Labs efficiency improvement 6.Grass-root Awareness:Promoting benefit of Soil test to farmers through Matir Katha মাটি চিত্র

8 Process Innovation # 1 of 4 GIS based Collection Authenticity Image & Video Capture alongwith Lat-Long ( # ) Online Form Fill-in & Submission Bar Code/ QR Code Reader মাটি চিত্র ADVANTAGE Source & Sample Authenticity Linking Soil Package-Bar Code with Image Lat-Long Paperless process in 8Lakh locations Link Plot Dag number, Farmer & Collection history Instant Data uploading at Cloud Database Zero Human error

9 Process Innovation # 2 of 4 Bar Code/ Captcha Code Printer Zipped Polythene Bag ADVANTAGE Sample accuracy by tagging at Source Data Authenticity by Source-Test Centre Matching Least chance of human error Zipped Bag to retain soil quality মাটি চিত্র

10 Process Innovation # 3 of 4 Bar Code Data Test Data মাটি তথ্য Auto-generation of Digital Map by feeding Test Data into Cloud Database ADVANTAGE Bar-coded Test Tube - Accuracy in Test Result publishing Bar-code will Link Test result with Sample source code Fastest Auto generation of Digital map from Cloud Data

11 Process Innovation # 4 of 4 GIS Soil Map - Nutrient-wise Access Anywhere, Anytime via Mobile/ Web মাটি তথ্য

12 Agency are issued Barcoded Zip locked Bags Agency creates Farmer Profile in the system including photo Soil Sample collected Soil sample is sent to lab for test Labs does not know which sample belongs to which location or which farmer Lab enters the data in the system/ portal Soil GIS map is created along with latitude- longitude coordinates Intelligent Soil Health Card (SHC) is generated Crop-wise recommended dose can be updated in the system/ portal Soil-Crop fitment data can also be populated in the system/ portal A tabular presentation of the proposed process flow মাটি তথ্য

13 Positive Impact of the proposed model মাটি তথ্য 360 Degree Soil Knowledge Solution for the farmers of West Bengal Farmer Friendly Authentic & Scientific Most advanced process at least cost Accessed from Anywhere, anytime Access via Web, Mobile or Print Optimum use of ICT for Zero Human error Unbiased Process flow

14 Expected Outcome Distribution of Soil Health Cards to all the farmers in a round of every three years to promote Soil Health Management. Testing of 14 lacs soil samples as representative to all holdings in WB in 3 years cycle. Upgradation of 10 existing Govt STLs. Establishment of 34 new STLs in PPP mode. Sample authentication, unbiased testing, seamless data uploading, real-time generation of soil map & real-time access of Smart Soil Health Card It will promote balanced and judicious use of plant nutrients. Promotion of integrated nutrient system is expected to reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers by 20%. The productivity of selected crops is expected to increase significantly. The demand for organic sources of plant nutrient like bio-fertilizers, organic manure, vermi-compost, slow release nitrogenous fertilizer like Neem/sulphur coated urea will increase, which in turn improve the soil fertility as well nutrient use efficiency.

15 Sample Universe & No of STLs

16 Project Pilot : Year 1

17 Related Schemes Centrally Sponsored Scheme- Soil Health Card To issue SHC every 3 years to all farmers to address nutrient deficiencies in fertilization practices To strengthen functioning of Soil Testing Laboratories (STLs) through capacity building To diagnose soil fertility related constraints with standardized procedures for sampling uniformly To develop and promote soil test based nutrient management for enhancing nutrient use efficiency To build capacities of department staff and progressive farmers for promotion of nutrient management practices National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) Setting up New STL: 75% Assistance of total project cost to State Govt for SSTL subject to Maximum Limit of Rs 56 Lacs per SSTL/MSTL Strengthening Existing STL: 75% of Assistance to State Govt subject to Maximum Limit of Rs 30 Lacs Soil Health Card Univrersalization in WB (State Plan) Soil Health Card also to capture in field observations like Soil Colour (if subsoil is darker than top soil), Compaction, Soil tilth, Depth of the soil, Surface hardness, Sub surface hardness, Soil Texture Arrange manpower for new testing capacity Arrange Software Development & Project management, monitoring, audit etc

18 Centrally Sponsored SHC Scheme

19 NMSA & State Plan Proposed Implementing Agency:

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