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The Traditional Rationalist View By: Temi Dadepo & Stephanie Boachie.

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1 The Traditional Rationalist View By: Temi Dadepo & Stephanie Boachie

2 Explanation of view Plato explains through rationalism that there are three main parts of human nature Reason Appetite Aggression

3 Reason the main source of knowledge humans ability to think considerately and rationally through reason humans discover the truth on how to live reason is important because it differentiates us from other animals Reason provides self-control  purpose for human beings Reason  guides/controls a human’s appetite and aggression Example: Reason will prevent you from drinking a glass of water that contains poison when you are thirsty.

4 Appetite appetite is referred to as thirst and hunger( located in the abdomen) (Ex. Sexual and Physical desire) Humans can control their appetite urges through reason Categorized into four categories: Desire Knowledge Power Wealth Example: Your appetite will urge you to drink a glass of water containing poison because you are thirsty

5 Aggression Is the conflict between reason known as anger(exist in the chest) The ability to maintain aggression is also controlled by reason Example: being unable to drink the poisoned water when you are thirsty, this would increase a human’s angry. *If a person fails to overpower their aggression and appetite they will allow themselves to be enslaved and reason can no longer guide them

6 Criticism of view- Pro Judeo-Christian religious view of human nature has been deeply influenced by the traditional rational view Augustine adopted Plato’s view that stated the self is rational, immaterial and not basically self-interested

7 Criticism of view- Con Existentialism: States there is no universal human nature, no rational human nature, and no purpose for human nature. Feminist: States that the Traditional view of human nature is sexist Aristotle: Men  rationalist Women  desire & emotions Feeling and emotion are just as important as reason in defining human nature

8 Criticism of view - Con Darwin’s theory undermined the idea that all living things are designed for a purpose, and how reason is not unique but just a more developed animal ability.

9 Philosophers Positive angle on viewNegative angle on view Aristotle agrees: Reason is humans highest power Human Reason discovers truth about human nature Humans have a purpose Reason separates man from animal Being more “rational” than another human being causes you to feel superior towards them This can lead to racism amongst individuals Example: Hitler may have thought that the Jews were not rational thinkers; this made them inferior to him. This allowed Hitler to gain power over all the Jews.

10 Scenarios 1. Billy is walking down the hall, and Janet pushes him when she walks by As a rational person what should Billy do? a) Push Janet back b) Swear at her c) Walk away from the situation d) Non of the above

11 Scenario 2. Betty is out with the girls and decides to have a couple of drinks As a rational person what should Betty do? a) Continue drinking b) Drive home drunk c) Find a designated driver d) Non of the above

12 Scenario 3. Stephanie has one cupcake left, and her best friend Temi has complained to her how hungry she is. Stephanie has already eaten one cupcake, what should she do with the other cupcake? As a rational person what should Stephanie do? a. Stephanie should eat the last cupcake b. Stephanie should yell at Temi for not buying her own cupcake c. Stephanie should share the cupcake d. non of the above

13 Scenario 4. Amy has a big philosophy test tomorrow morning but the cutest guy in school Chris Brown, has just invited her to go to a party the night before As a rational person what should Amy do? a. Study for the test and not go to the party b. Go to the party c. Neither to study or go to the party

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