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Stephen G. Peters Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach Me?

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1 Stephen G. Peters Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach Me?

2 Keisha Marvin Vanessa Tyrone What is the common thread connecting these students? Discuss the favorite teachers and what sets them apart from others.

3 DEPOSITS WITHDRAWALS Seek First to understand Seek first to be understood Keeping promises Breaking promises Kindness, courtesies Unkindness, discourtesies Clarifying expectations Violating expectations Loyalty to the absent Disloyalty Apologies Pride, conceit, arrogance Being open to feedback Rejecting feedback Define reciprocal respect Discuss examples from the book and examples from your school experience.

4 The 50’s Home was #1 influence Church was #2 School was #3 Television was LAST How has this model changed today? What are the major influences in student’s lives? Why are those influences harmful?

5 “Our greatest contribution is to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and grows and feels like a human being.”

6 Treat every student as if they were your own biological child. How would this approach change your schools? Discuss how you and teachers can gain the trust of difficult children. Discuss the concept of “it is only as we give full of ourselves that we become our best selves” and what that really means for you.

7 It’s as much how you say something as it is what you say. Discuss the major areas of non verbal communication and how they create a culture of respect: –Eye contact –Facial expressions –Gestures –Posture and body orientation –Proximity –Humor

8 CAPTURE, INSPIRE, TEACH According to the author what are the 10 characteristics of successful schools. (pg. 58) Are these characteristics evident in YOUR school? Give examples. What is YOUR role in promoting these characteristics at your campus. REMEMBER, Actions speak louder than words !

9 YOU are so SMART How can we raise expectations for students and why is that important? Discuss the idea of incentives. What incentives work best? In the framework for motivation discuss the following: * The beginning of any learning process. * The middle of any learning process. * The end of any learning process. Pages 68-69

10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE Our children NEED you Our children AWAIT you Do YOU know enough about them to teach them?

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