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Life In Missions and Presidios

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1 Life In Missions and Presidios
Uvalde Junior High Life In Missions and Presidios

2 The Spanish Texans In the late 1700s around 4,200 people lived in Texas in the San Antonio, La Bahia, Nuevo Santander, and Nacogdoches areas. Some moved here to escape hacienda life in New Spain or oppressive taxes. Others hoped to get rich or find good jobs on ranches. Oppressive means unjust or cruel due to an abuse of power.

3 Four Types of Frontier Settlements
Settlers tended to stay together for protection from the dangers of frontier life. The types of settlements they lived in were: Missions Presidios Pueblos Ranches These settlements strengthened Spain’s claim to Texas.

4 Missions The mission was the main tool for colonizing Texas.
One goals of a mission was to convert Native Americans to the Catholic religion. Spain tried to make Native Americans subjects to the Spanish crown. A subject is a person under the authority of a king or queen. Spain would pay for the missions and priests would run them. The missions were expected to support themselves.

5 Inside the Missions Most missions consisted of a square compound enclosed by four walls. A compound is a fenced or walled in area containing residences. The land outside the compound was used for farming and grazing. The land inside contained offices and shops for carpentry, ironworking, and tailoring. Church services were held in the chapel.

6 Four Walled Spanish Mission

7 Daily Life in the Missions
The day would begin with morning prayer and instruction in the Catholic faith. After breakfast the people would go on to their daily work and children would go to school. This was a very different life than what Native Texans were used to. Most Native Texans did not like this way of life. Some tried to escape and some remained voluntarily.

8 Hard Times in the Missions
Many missions were not successful. The Native population began to shrink and women often died during childbirth. Some Natives died of European diseases. The Natives did not like their new diets. By the end of the 1700s Spain began to see the missions as being to expensive. By missions had been built in Texas.

9 Presidios Presidios provided military support for the missions.
They protected colonists from attack by Natives Texans. Soldiers brought back natives who ran away from the missions. They also guarded herds and supplies. Presidios were rectangular with four large walls and one huge entrance.



12 Presidio Life Soldiers enlisted for 10 years.
Work was hard and dangerous. Native Texans were often hostile. Often they did not get along well with the priests. Soldiers were poorly paid. They bought their supplies at a commissary, a store for military people. Sometimes soldiers had to take extra jobs to get by. Soldiers often married locals and settled there.

13 Write A Summary Don’t forget pictures!

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