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Everything is a form with constantly changing motives. These transitions can be followed through their specific cycles of interest. These entities of.

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2 Everything is a form with constantly changing motives. These transitions can be followed through their specific cycles of interest. These entities of form, such as speech, are related to one another through these cycles and can be represented as dynamic forms which contain an inherent but changeable interest relationship to other forms. The basic concept of communication is to convey one’s ideas to another. In essence, the whole “interest” of conveying a message is to get a point across. By understanding the underlying root of a person’s interest, patterns of speech can be described and characterized according to that model of interest. The style or mode of any human being has its own manner, its own characteristic way or style of accomplishing its purposes. Hayawic logic is motivated towards achieving understanding of the world’s different methods of communication.

3 Conflicting Unifying IsolatedCoexisting Outer Inner ClosedOpen Interest Square Key: Positive Negative High Resonance Low Resonance

4 Beduwin guide: “Truly now, you are a British officer.”? Lawrence: “Yes” Beduwin guide: “From Cairo”? Lawrence: “Yes” Beduwin guide: “You did not ride from Cairo”? Lawrence: “No, thank heaven its 900 miles I came by boat.” Bedwuin guide: “And before, from Britain”? Lawrence: “Yes” Beduwin guide: “Truly” Lawrence: “From Oxford, Shaikh” Beduwin guide: “Is that a desert country”? Lawrence: “No, fat country, fat people” Beduwin guide: “You are not fat”? Lawrence: “No, I’m different”

5 This scene deals with the shift of interest moving from coexisting to isolated. This movement is signified by the relatively even ratio of positive to negative words. By comparing the ratio of the high amount of low resonance words in comparison to the absence of high resonance, Lawrence’s desire to pull away and isolate himself is well understood through this relatively short dialogue. The shift of coexisting to isolated justifies his desire of seclution from his native people. IsolatingCoexisting

6 Lawrence: “Here, take it”Beduwin guide: “First, I take you to lord Faisel, then you give it to me” Lawrence: “Take it now”Beduwin guide: “Bedu food” Lawrence: “Good”Beduwin guide: “More”

7 This scene deals with the interest shift from isolation to coexisting. This can be justified by the scene’s depiction of the attitudes of two different cultures meeting together. This can also be shown by the scene’s absence of negative words along with the predominance of high resonance words with positive conotations. IsolatingCoexisting

8 Faisel: “No man needs nothing, or is it that you think we are somethingLawrence: “Yes, you can play with because we are a little people, a silly people greedy, you were great” barbarous, and cruel, but you know Lt in the Arab city of Colba were two miles of public lighting in the streets when London was a village.” Faisel: “Nine centuries ago”Lawrence: “Time to be great again my lord” Faisel: “Which is why my father made this war upon the Turks, my father Mr. Lawrence no the English, but my Father is old, and I, I long for the vanished gardens of Coldba, however before the gardens come the fighting”

9 This scene represents the interest shifting from coexisting to conflicting. This is indicated by the predominantly negative dialogue ending with a forceful statement. The build up to this ending state- ment can be observed through the scene’s implication that before Faisel can feel at peace he must fight and forcefully take back what was once his. Conflicting Coexisting

10 Otha: “Harif Ali, does your father still steal”? Harif: “No, does Oda take me for one of his own bastards” Otha: “No there is no resemblance, alas you Harif: “Oh that flatters me” resemble your father” Otha: “You’re easily flattered, I knew your Harif: “Did you know your own”? father well” Lawrence: “We are fifty you are two, what if we Otha: “Then you would have a blood feud with shot you down”? The Hawitat, do you desire it” Lawrence: “Not the generals in Cairo or the Sultan himself desire that, call off your men”

11 This final scene represents the interest shift from conflicting to unifying. This shift is motivated by the scene ending with the unification of two warring tribes for the sake of a common interest. Dialogue of this scene is extensive in negative words but ends in a low resonance statement that neutralizes the previous statement of aggression. ConflictingUnifying

12 Hayawic Unilogic is the analysis of different types of communication in hopes of creating a better basis of understanding. By understanding the interest system, the basis of Hayawic Unilogic, one can understand the underlying meaning of different types of communication brought about in daily life and the media. Our group used this system on the film Lawrence of Arabia. By using this logic we were better able to analyze the movie and its meaning. By using the theory of Hayawic Unilogic in everyday film and media as well as life we feel that we have gained a great asset in looking at the world in a different perspective. This method of using logic in a common sense approach can aide all of us in what we do, now and in the future.

13 Word WordAntonymMeaningSuffix TrulyFalsePositiveTrue ThankRudePositiveThank HeavenHellPositiveHeaven DesertGardenLow ResonanceDesert FatHonestNegativeFat DifferentSamePositiveDifferent TakeGiveHigh ResonanceTake GiveTakeLow ResonanceGive NowLaterHigh ResonanceNow GoodBadPositiveGood NothingFullLow ResonanceNot PlayHelpNegativePlay LittleImportantNegativeLittle SillyWiseNegativeSilly GreedyGenerousNegativeGreed BarbarousCivilizedNegativeBarbarian

14 CruelCompassionateNegativeCruel GreatWeakPositiveGreat WarPeaceNegativeWar OldYoungLow ResonanceOld LongHateLow ResonanceLong VanishedAppearedLow ResonanceVanish GardensDesertPositiveGarden FightingCalmnessNegativeFight StealCharityNegativeSteal BastardFamilyNegativeBastard FlattersEmbarrassPositiveFlatter EasilyDifficultLow ResonanceEasy ShotProtectNegativeShot BloodHealNegativeBlood FeudFriendshipNegativeFeud DesireDislikeHigh ResonanceDesire OffAttackLow ResonanceOff

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