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“The Lottery”p.251 By Shirley Jackson 1916-1965 "The Lottery"

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1 “The Lottery”p.251 By Shirley Jackson "The Lottery"

2 Shirley Jackson http://www. courses. vcu. edu/ENG-jkh/ http://www
Born in San Francisco Died at age 48 Published short stories in many magazines Mother of 4 and faculty wife Peak of her writing career occurred in Bennington, VT "The Lottery"

3 Person against social environment
Types of Conflict Plot Person against person Person against social environment "The Lottery"

4 Tone and Movement of Plot
Exposition: Very little conflict Holiday picnic atmosphere Complication: Mrs. Hutchinson is late. Gradually builds to horrifying conclusion Climax: We discover the true nature of the lottery. Contrast contributes to horror. Denoument What is it? "The Lottery"

5 Irony and Tension These are derived from the discrepancy between the friendliness and good will of the community and the cruelty and meaninglessness of the practice they perpetuate "The Lottery"

6 Setting: Effectiveness
Small town Could be anywhere (small town, USA) No specific locale or year given Widespread attitudes - anywhere, any era "The Lottery"

7 Flat Characters: Mr. Sommers Mrs. Hutchinson Characterization
Represents civic duty Reasonably progressive BUT - doesn’t question the ritual itself A man of ignorant good will Mrs. Hutchinson Self-centered Accepts lottery without concern until it falls on her Protests it is unfair Would eagerly shift her fate elsewhere—even upon her own daughter "The Lottery"

8 Stock Characters: Mr. & Mrs. Adams Liberals
At least question the necessity of lottery Do nothing to protest against it or change it Old Man Warner Bigoted reactionary Contempuous of younger generation "The Lottery"

9 PROTAGONIST= the villagers
ANTAGONIST= the villagers’ own blind acceptance of tradition "The Lottery"

10 Title Point of View Does it contribute to the theme? Objective
Allows for a gradual realization “Matter-of-course” view adds to the horror Title and Pt. of View "The Lottery"

11 Symbolism The Lottery: An Open-Ended Symbol for Unquestioned Social Practices Social segregation Class distinctions Racial prejudice Religious prejudice War The Draft Other ideas? "The Lottery"

12 More Symbols The black box Slips of paper Other Symbols?
Symbolizes the determination to cling stubbornly to certain relics that are preservable Slips of paper Symbolize the illogical willingness to be flexible about aspects of the ritual that are not preservable Other Symbols? "The Lottery"

13 TRADITIONS Not a direct attack on traditions
Theme Not a direct attack on traditions Thrust of story is against the unquestioning acceptance of cruel or irrational traditions or social systems "The Lottery"

14 THEME Essentially decent and kind people may perform cruel, irrational actions through the unquestioning acceptance of traditions and customs that have lost their original meaning. "The Lottery"

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