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Adjective s.

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1 Adjective s

2 An adjective is usually used before a noun.
ADJECTIVES An adjective is usually used before a noun. It is a word that adds something to the meaning of a noun, that is, it tells us something more about the noun.

3 Types of Adjectives Proper adjectives describe to us a noun using a proper name. Example : a) Hong Ling is a Chinese student. b) Sheikh Ridhuan is a Muslim pilgrim. c) Arumugan is an Indian name.

4 Types of Adjectives Adjectives of quality or descriptive adjectives which shows “what kind” or explain further about the situation. Examples : a) The clear blue sky is a welcome sight after experiencing the haze. b) The rainy season is very wet. c) The green grass of the field is a refreshing sight.

5 Types of Adjectives Adjectives of quality tells us how many or how much. Examples : a) Definite – half an hour , two languages, third runner , first prize , etc. b) Indefinite – some time , a few things , all of them , a lot of friends , etc.

6 Types of Adjectives Possessive adjectives show possession or ownership. Examples : a) I put up my house for sale. b) Our school computer was stolen last week. c) The cat is feeding its kittens. d) She ties up her hair with a blue ribbon.

7 Types of Adjectives Distributive adjectives show that the persons / things shown by the noun are taken singly (one by one) or in separate lots. Examples : a) One of the pupils must have taken the pen. b) Either you or I have to fetch him from school. c) Each boy must bring his own bag. d) Neither one of the answers is correct.

8 Types of Adjectives Interrogative adjectives are in question forms.
Examples : a) Which car knocked the boy down ? b) What time is it ? c) When did he get married ? d) How many medals did she win ?

9 Comparison of Adjectives
There are three degrees of comparison, namely : a) the positive b) the comparative c) the superlative

10 The Positive The positive is used when speaking of or describing an object. Examples : thin , sad , fair , chubby , fat , etc. Sentence study : a) Sandra is a sweet looking girl. b) Ganesh is as clever as Ravi. c) My father is as tall as yours.

11 The Comparative The comparative is used when comparing two objects and is formed by adding ‘er’ to the positive. Examples : thin > thinner , fair > fairer , etc. Sentence study : A) Evelyn is sweeter looking than Catherine. B) The class monitor is cleverer than Mano. C) My teacher is taller than your father.

12 The Superlative The superlative is used when speaking of more than two objects and is formed by adding ‘est’ to the positive. Examples : Thin > Thinnest , Fair > Fairest , etc. Sentence Study : a) Amanda is the sweetest looking girl. b) The head boy is the cleverest of the boys. c) My class teacher is the tallest of the men.

13 The Characteristic of Adjectives
1) To show a lower degree in the comparison the words less and least can be used. Positive Comparative Superlative curious less curious least curious

14 The Characteristic of Adjectives
2) Some adjectives cannot show degree of comparison because the word denotes an ultimate height. So with these words the qualifying word nearly can be useful. Positive Comparative Superlative perfect nearly perfect most nearly perfect unique nearly unique most nearly unique universal nearly universal most nearly universal

15 The Characteristic of Adjectives
3) There are a few adjectives which inflect for degree of comparison irregularly. The most commonly used irregular adjectives are the following : Positive Comparative Superlative good better best bad worse worst a little less least many/much more most far farther/further farthest/furthest old older oldest

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