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Respiration system Marco najera.

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1 Respiration system Marco najera

2 Organs Involved in the System

3 Functions of the Organs
Nose: It is the organ through which air is inhaled and exhaled. Larynx: It is the part of the respiratory system which connects the trachea with the laryngopharynx. Trachea: The trachea, which lies to the anterior side of the esophagus is a tubular structure with 1 inch diameter and a length of 4.25 inches. Bronchi: The tracheal tube when divided into two at the caudal end, gives rise to the left and right bronchi. Lungs: The lungs are a pair of conical organs present in the pleural cavities.

4 Vocabulary . Pharynx The pharynx is shared with the digestive system from the tongue down to the epiglottis! Trachea This armored tube allows air to pass beyond the larynx to where it divides into the left and right bronchi. The protective 'c's of cartilage also provide protection to the digestive system's esophagus right behind it. Left bronchus The left one has a sharper bend due to the presence of the heart and major blood vessels directly underneath it. Bronchiole Each bronchus divides and subdivides into smaller and smaller branches, the bronchioles, just like tree branches that get smaller as they grow up and out. By the time the air has reached here from outside, it has been warmed up to body temperature, filtered and moisturized. Alveoli These tiny air sacs, are the 'leaves' of our respiratory tree. They resemble bunches of grapes and are the link between the respiratory and circulatory systems. Gas exchange happens here - I'll trade you fresh oxygen (O2) for your used carbon dioxide (CO2). Now trace the route of the old air back out to the nose.

5 Diseases of the System Asthma Chronic Bronchitis Pneumonia
Tuberculosis Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Emphysema Lung Cancer Influenza Sinusitis Common Cold and Acute Bronchitis.

6 Facts Every minute we breathe, we take in 13 pints of air! That is we breathe about 6.15 liters of air every minute. We breathe about 9 to 20 times every minute. Through every breath, we breathe in about half a liter of air. We inhale and exhale air about 22,000 times per day and in the process, transport about 300 cubic feet of air (which is about 8.5 cubic meters of air)! Human breathing mechanism is called tidal breathing, as air comes out the same way it goes in.

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