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POWERPOINT May 2004 To move the text box - move the mouse over the border of the text box, and once the 4-way arrow appears - click and drag the box to.

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2 POWERPOINT May 2004 To move the text box - move the mouse over the border of the text box, and once the 4-way arrow appears - click and drag the box to wherever you want to place it remember - the 2-way arrow is for changing the size and shape of a text box and the 4-way arrow is for moving the text box. And don’t forget to change the date - otherwise, right at the start of your talk, you are telling your audience its an old presentation!

3 2 To insert a text box insert - text box - click then start typing the text box will adjust to the amount of text automatically If you try to move the text box before you have added text - the box will disappear And if the text box does disappear…just insert another text box and try again!

4 3 You can put your text box... anywhere on the page... that you like And you can also have different formatting for the text in each individual text box

5 4 To insert a new slide go to insert - new slide! And we recommend you choose the blank slide that does not have any existing formatting

6 5 But if you want to delete this slide (or any other) then go back to the new slide and then click edit - and then click delete slide You can delete any slide that you are currently on by using the same technique - that is, click edit and then click delete slide

7 6 And if you want the last slide to come back …use the undo button Slide Number To help keep track of our slides, it is probably a good idea to give each slide a number - in the bottom right or left hand corners View - header & footer - slide number choose - don’t show on title slide and also choose apply to all And you can also add a message at the bottom of each slide as well

8 7 To change the background colour of one slide Format / background Background click on the scroll arrow underneath the picture and choose your colour (if you are happy with the limited selection) If you are not happy with the limited selection... Choose More colours - don’t forget to click ‘OK’ And then click Apply

9 8 We can animate text boxes separately - just note where the blinking cursor is! We can also choose the order the text will appear on the screen by clicking on one of the arrows located in the upper left hand quarter. Small tip - if you animate the heading - it’s a good idea to animate all other text on the page - otherwise it will look odd! First - click in the text box you want to animate Click on slide show then toolbars then custom Animation this will give you the largest choice of animations. Click on the ‘effect’ tab. Then choose the animation you want To see what you animation looks like, click on the preview button. if you want to see it again - just keep clicking on the preview button. animation

10 9 Make sure the blinking cursor is in the text box where you want to turn off the animation Click on custom animation again. click on the tab labelled effects and using the scroll arrow - look for the selection - No Effect and don’t forget to click ‘OK’ Turning off animation

11 10 First we insert the clip are in the normal fashion if we want the animation to effect the clip art - then we have to make sure he clip art is selected - which will happen automatically when we first insert the clip-art otherwise - all other steps for animating the clip art are the same they are for animating the text We can animate clip art too

12 11 This is a blank page They are very useful …ask Mark why?

13 12 We can also add pictures With or without animation insert - picture - from file in this case - we will find the picture we want in the same set of folder where all the ANF Computer Course files are kept.

14 13 We can also rotate words - or more accurately - we can rotate the text box the words are in. First of all - click inside the text box Look for the circular arrow at the bottom of the screen. When you click on this arrow the love handles turn into little green circles The angle of the dangle

15 14 We can have more than one picture on a page and we can even choose which ones are on top and which ones are underneath Right click on the photo - then select Order and then you have a choice on whether you bring the picture to the front, or pushing it to the back - or something in between. More than one picture - and overlapping

16 15 Animation timing Where you can have the picture and text on the same slide following each other without you having to click… click on slide show custom animation animate automatically after 1 second (or you may choose a longer period between each picture)

17 16 Slide Transition Choosing how the slides appear on the screen Click on Slide Show Click on Slide Transition Select the transition you want Remember to tick - ‘on mouse click’ Click on the small picture to see if the effect works if we want this for just one slide - click apply if we want the same slide transition for every slide in our presentation - then click apply all

18 17 And now its time to change the background colour scheme for the whole slide program Format / background Background fill choose your colour - if you are happy with the limited selection Choose More colours - if you are not happy with the limited selection but this time - click Apply All

19 18 Adding a picture or logo to every slide Views – master – slide master Insert – picture – from file Then resize picture and move to an appropriate place in the slide (usually in the one of the corners and to have a final broader look at our presentation - click on view then View - slide sorter

20 19 And now we get to look at our slide show... Slide show - view show If you want to end the show before you have looked at all the slides - right click the mouse and then click on end show

21 20 The End …and thanks for listening to my talk

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