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Hitler’s Strategy and the Allies Big Decisions US 2 AP/IB.

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1 Hitler’s Strategy and the Allies Big Decisions US 2 AP/IB

2 Shape of the World in 1942 “A Unity…never before witnessed in this country.” ~ member of Congress after Pearl harbor War going badly –France taken over –Britain about to collapse –Soviet Union staggering –Japanese taking Allied strongholds in Pacific

3 Europe or Pacific? Although the US were fighting on both fronts, they had to decide where to concentrate the most resources EuropePacific Allies tied up in EuropeUS want to avenge Pearl Harbor Hitler more dangerousJapan advancing into other US/Ally territory Hitler developing Nuclear Weapons US’s Pacific fleet needs approx. 1 year to rebuild Evidence of Persecution of Jews and others Allies have very little resources to give to Pacific offensive

4 FDR/Allies choose to concentrate on Europe

5 Hitler’s Strategy Goals –Take more Eastern Europe for natural resources –Take Middle East for Oil –Maintain possessions in West

6 Hitler’s Strategy Move east  take Moscow and Stalingrad to take out Russia Continue south from Stalingrad to Middle East Attack from Coast North Africa  Egypt  Middle East Connect two forces in Middle East German Movement German Desired Path British Movement US Movement


8 France vs. Africa US had less control over European operations because in conjunction w/ GB, exiled French forces, and Soviets US supported a plan for invasion of France via English Channel in Spring 1943, but faced challenges –Soviets facing brunt of the war, wanted invasion as early as possible –GB wanted series of offensives around Nazi Empire (N. Africa, S. Europe) first FDR torn –Didn’t want to upset Soviets –BUT Knew Invasion would take a long time to prepare

9 What would you do? FDR chose to side with Great Britain, wanted to maintain close relationship with Churchill – US went to Africa

10 Leaders in the North African Front

11 North African Offensive German Goal: Oil in Middle East, wanted to go through Eastern Europe and N. Africa and unite in middle east to get oil October 1942, GB opened offensive in North Africa Germany threatened the Suez Canal, but was forced to retreat from Egypt by GB US joins allies in North Africa via Morocco German Movement Battle British Movement US Movement

12 North African Offensive US moves east toward Rommel, British pushed west from Egypt Rommel chose to push against inexperienced American forces, forcing American defeat at the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia Patton regrouped American troops and began an effective counter offensive. Finally drove Germans out of Africa, May 1943, many Germans captured We surrender German Movement Battle British Movement US Movement

13 Allies Press Into Italy July ‘43 - Allies land in Sicily Sept ‘43 – Italy surrenders Sept ’43 – Allies land at Salerno Oct ‘43 - Allies enter Naples 10/13/43 - Italy declares war on Germany Jan ‘44 - Allies land at Anzio May ‘44 - Germans retreat from Anzio. 6/5/44 - Allies enter Rome.

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