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Body Structures, Colors, & Oncology

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1 Body Structures, Colors, & Oncology
Unit 2

2 Do you Know your Colors? chrom/o color(s)

3 Do you Know your Colors? chlor/o cyan/o leuk/o xanth/o erythr/o poli/o
melan/o xanth/o

4 Body Structures & Systems

5 Word Parts: Combining Forms
aden/o = gland cyt/o = cells epitheli/o = epithelium Epithelial tissue – covers body surfaces and lines body cavities; protects and controls secretion and excretion (ie – skin) Glands – an organ that produces secretion such as hormones, breast milk, or sweat (ie – thyroid, sweat, salivary glands) Cell – basic unit of all living things

6 Word Parts: Combining Forms
hist/o = tissue lip/o = fat my/o= muscle

7 Word Parts: Combining Forms
viscer/o = internal organs system/o = system neur/o = nerve -pathy, path/o = disease

8 Word Parts: Combining Forms
cancer/o or carcin/o = cancer eti/o = cause (of disease) sarc/o = flesh, connective tissue Cancer/o and carcin/o – Sarc/o = flesh, connective tissue i.e. - skin (epithelial tissue), blood, bone, fat (lip/o), cartilage

9 Word Parts: Combining Forms
-oma, onc/o = tumor, mass rhabd/o = rod-shaped, striated lei/o = smooth

10 Word Parts: Prefixes dia- = through dys- = difficult, painful, bad
hypo- = below, deficient hyper- = excessive, above dys- = difficult, painful, bad dia- = through

11 Word Parts: Prefixes neo- = new meta- = beyond

12 Word Parts: Suffixes Review
-al, -ic, -ous pertaining to -osis abnormal condition also means increase when used with blood

13 Word Parts: Add’l Suffixes
-gen substance that causes or produces -genic producing, causing -sarcoma, sarcoma malignant tumor (cancerous tumor)

14 Word Parts: Add’l Suffixes
-plasia development or formation -plasm material (substance) that develops or forms cells or tissue

15 Medical Terms: Built from Word Parts
aden/o carcin/o -oma adenocarcinoma Cancerous tumor of the glands Medical Terms: Built from Word Parts

16 Medical Terms: Built from Word Parts
leuk/o cyt/o -osis leukocytosis an increase in white (blood) cells Medical Terms: Built from Word Parts

17 Complementary Terms diagnosis benign malignant encapsulated
identification of a disease or condition diagnosis not malignant (not cancerous) non-recurrent, favorable for recovery benign tending to become progressively worse can cause death, such as cancer malignant enclosed in a capsule as with benign tumors encapsulated

18 Complementary Terms remission carcinoma in situ chemotherapy
Improvement or absence of signs of disease remission cancer in early stage before invading surrounding tissue carcinoma in situ treatment for cancer with drugs chemotherapy treatment of cancer with radioactive substance, x-ray, or radiation radiation therapy

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