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Teesside and District Branch 1 Teesside and District Annual General Meeting Thursday May 21 st 2009 18:30 – 20:30 St. George Hotel Teesside Airport.

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1 Teesside and District Branch 1 Teesside and District Annual General Meeting Thursday May 21 st :30 – 20:30 St. George Hotel Teesside Airport

2 Teesside and District Branch 2 Format Registration and Refreshments Welcome and AGM Guest Speaker Refreshments and Networking

3 Teesside and District Branch 3 AGM Apologies for absence Minutes of last AGM Matters arising Reports –Chairman’s Annual Report –Secretary Report –Treasurers Report –Other Officers Reports Programme 2009/10 Committee 2009/10 Any Other Business Date of next committee meeting Date of next AGM

4 Teesside and District Branch 4 Apologies Dr Alan Jones

5 Teesside and District Branch 5 Mins of Last AGM Dr Alan Jones

6 Teesside and District Branch 6 Chairman's Report Mr David Fuller

7 Teesside and District Branch 7 Reports Section Chairman's Annual Report –Highlights A well attended meeting at the Darlington Arts Centre attracted 18 new attendees. This was also on a Wednesday instead of the more usual Thursday We have managed to 'overspend' our initial allocation –Low Points Room booking problems on the round-table podcast event.

8 Teesside and District Branch 8 Reports Section Chairman's Annual Report cont… –'Retiring' committee members: Alan Jones (retiring, really) David Fuller (working away)

9 Teesside and District Branch 9 Secretary's Report Dr Alan Jones

10 Teesside and District Branch 10 Reports Section Secretary’s Report 2008/9 Programme Review – theme Open Source Software W 10 Sept at Sch Health, U.Tees 17/0 W 22 Oct at Parkmore Security with OSS 17/2 T 27 Nov at Darlington Arts Centre Web Services 18/2 W 21 Jan09 at Swallow Hotel Stockton IT Infrastructure 18/3 T 19 Feb visit to Cleveland Police HQ 22/3 W 18 Mar Podcast Round Table from University Sound Lab 10/1 NOT

11 Teesside and District Branch 11 Treasurers Report Accounts to May 2009 Erica Downs

12 Teesside and District Branch 12 Accounts to May 2009 The financial year for 2009/10 will start on 1 st September 2009 until 31 August 2010 with the 2008/09 financial year being extended by 4 months to 31 August 2009

13 Teesside and District Branch 13 Allocation Expenditure Requested 2008/09£2750 Budget Allocated for 2008/09£2063 Agreed Overspend (Feb)£325 Stationery£ Postage£ Room Hire£ Catering£ Sponsorship£ General£63.08 Student Prizes£50.00 Equipment£ Total£ Budget Allocated for 2009/10£2441

14 Teesside and District Branch 14 Prizes 07/08 and 08/09 Undergrad prize presented at Graduation to Craig Duncan (website/food/kids) Postgrad prize presented during the Darlington Arts Centre meeting to Lacey Robertson (Virtual Visitor/Wynyard Planetarium) 1 undergrad prize for 08/09 awarded at ExpoTees09 to Matthew Lawrence (e- commerce, Pendrakon)

15 Teesside and District Branch 15 Budget for next Year 2009/10 theme IT Governance and Ethics Speakers £1000 Catering £750 Expenses £650 Room Hire £500 Committee £100 Total£3000 Allocated £2441 OUCH!

16 Teesside and District Branch 16 Reports Section Liaison with BCS Head Quarters Branches Congress - Alan Shaw Web presence Courtesy of Dave Binns

17 Teesside and District Branch 17 Reports Section Branch Liaison – Alan Shaw

18 Teesside and District Branch 18 Reports Section Communications –Meeting Cards Credit card sized meeting card –Web Site Viewed at – We use the BCS communication mechanism making use of their group mail server. Branch officers have generic BCS accounts

19 Teesside and District Branch 19 Programme 2009/10 Theme – IT Governance and Ethics T 15 Oct Best Western Roker Hotel Sunderland Software Project Management – Ted Saunders, BT. T 26 Nov Darlington Arts Centre IT Governance speaker tba W 21 Jan Parkmore Hotel Ethics and Management BCS speaker T Feb Visit to Serco Transport Systems W 17 March Swallow Stockton Software delivery fulfilment speaker tba T 20 May Swallow Stockton AGM

20 Teesside and District Branch 20 New Plans Section Committee 2009/10 –Two committee resignations: Dave Fuller, retiring Chairman Alan Jones, retiring Secretary ELECTIONS –Deputy Chairpersons for Darlington and Stockton –Propose to develop distributed meetings for branch management in 2009/10

21 Teesside and District Branch 21 Closing Section Committee 2009/10 –Chairman – ELECTION –Deputy Chair – Darlington ELECTION –Deputy Chair – Stockton ELECTION –Secretary – ELECTION –Treasurer – Erica Downs –Publicity - Vacancy –Branches Congress Rep – Vacancy –Events coordinator – Vacancy –YPG Rep – Vacancy –Webmaster – Dave Binns

22 Teesside and District Branch 22 Closing Section Any Other Business

23 Teesside and District Branch 23 Closing Section Dates of next committee meetings: 2 Oct Nov Jan Feb 10 4 March 10 6 May 10 AGM 20 May 2010

24 Teesside and District Branch 24 AGM Close Thank You

25 Teesside and District Branch 25 Guest Speaker

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