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Parents Meeting October 2014 Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association 2014-10-09.

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1 Parents Meeting October 2014 Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association 2014-10-09

2 AGENDA Call to Order Mrs. Secretary Minutes: Review of minutes from 9/Sept/2014 Meeting Calendar Review Officers Reports President’s Report / Vice President’s Report 2 nd Vice President’s Report / Treasurer’s Report Committee Reports London Update Report Band Director’s Report Unfinished (old) Business New Business Open Forum/Discussion Adjournment

3 Secretary Michele Hall

4 October SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 1234 56 7 8 9 Parent Meeting 10 11 1213141516 17 Football game 18 JMU 19 20 2122 23 24 25 States @ VA Beach 26272829 Board Meeting 3031 Parade Football game 1 VBODA @ Reston Dance

5 November SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 23 4 5 6 Parent Meeting 7 Football game 8 First Planning Meeting (Spartan Spectacular) 910 11 Banquet 12 13 1415 16171819202122 2324 25 26 27 2829 30

6 President Lamar Wilson

7 1 st Vice President Martin Thurn

8 1 st Vice President Publicity Newsletter for parents Develop new Business Operating Procedures Code of Ethics Schedule Bylaws Meeting TBA Schedule Nominations Committee Meeting TBA

9 2 nd Vice President Jodi Lutz

10 Fundraising Events Product Sales Wreaths (month of October) Citrus (Jan - Feb) Group Participation Events Spartan Spectacular (March 21)

11 Wreath sales Fundraiser runs NOW until October 28 Final turn-in Oct 29 to the band room Turn-in: envelope, order forms, and money Asking each student to sell 3 Product ships directly to recipient

12 Wreath kit 1. Fill out Gift Order Form* (one per item order) 2. Give little top receipt to customer, you keep bottom of form 3. Collect money 4. Tally amount of gifts sold on the envelope 5.Turn in envelope, order form, & money. You’re done!

13 “Dining for Dollars” 2-3 times a month Mid-week Tell friends and neighbors Tell them the BAND sent you!

14 Communication: Text with Remind-101 (571) 414-0582

15 LoCoSaver Card Section Challenge #1 The first section that sells all their cards (5 per) Prize will be a $10 gift card for each person Envelopes in the order that that are received 15 students 13 students Individual Challenge #2 After initial 5 cards, each additional card sold: split profit 50% student/ 50% BBA Entire Marching Band Challenge #3 If all the cards are sold (540 cards): A Band Social will be arranged off-site, on a Friday.

16 4 Categories of Fundraising Students Super Achiever Student: Participates in what is required, then more for their own account Good Student: Participates in what is required (might try to help more) Regular-Kid Student: Distracted, possibly too young to be aware of what is going on (still has grade school permission slip in bottom of backpack) SAS (Self Absorbed Student) doesn’t bother Note: ALL 4 categories still require parent help.

17 LoCoSaver Card Numbers $3,385 Profit distributed: $2,755 to Program $630 towards 13 Student Accounts

18 TAG Day comparison to previous years

19 Lessons learned / Suggestions for next year Spartan Kick-Off: Don’t participate Card fundraiser: Earlier (Summer?) & more group activity (sections) TAG DAY Have the concert schedule door hanger ready Schedule for end of September? Smaller lunch Mattress Sale Suggestion for spring or summer Advertise earlier

20 Treasurer Amber Saunders

21 BUDGET Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association

22 Combined Budget

23 Combined Budget cont’d



26 .. NOTE: The actual-to- date does not include all income, student account collections or expenses but a point in time view

27 Committee Reports

28 London Committee Info meeting was last week Uniform information Instrument shipping?

29 Band Director William “Bram” Smith IV

30 Band News Marching Band Competitions Concert Attire London Rehearsals Homecoming Parade Practice Calendars

31 Updates Lessons Learned Recognitions Old Business

32 New Business

33 Open Forum Discussion

34 Adjournment Next Parents Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 6

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