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INNOVATIONS IN ENGINEERING Post Award Contract Administration “A Contractor’s Perspective” NCMA-Boston 2012 March Workshop David Barr and Sherman Wallen.

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1 INNOVATIONS IN ENGINEERING Post Award Contract Administration “A Contractor’s Perspective” NCMA-Boston 2012 March Workshop David Barr and Sherman Wallen The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. 14 March 2012

2 INNOVATIONS IN ENGINEERING Table of Contents 1.0 Presentation Objective 2.0 Customer Service Focus 3.0 Core Functions to Perform 4.0 What to Keep in each Contract File 5.0 Program Execution 6.0 Support these Audit Activities 7.0 Day to Day Challenges 8.0 Contract Closeout 9.0 Keys to Success 10.0 Career Development Suggestions 11.0 Closing Remarks

3 Presentation Objective -Gain a basic understanding of contract management after award through performance and contract closeout Contract Administration involves those activities performed to insure the contractor/ supplier meets the requirements of the contract -This will be a FAR reference free presentation 1.0 Presentation Objective 3 14 March 2012

4 Effective Contract Administration begins with a Customer Service mindset The Contract Administrator is in the business of providing Customer Service Contract Administrators have many customers with different priorities and needs Contract Administrators advise and assist their customers Contract Administrators translate and share information with their customers Contract Administrators bridge communication gaps and solve problems 2.0 Customer Service Focus 4 14 March 2012

5 Persistent and Patient Calm and Approachable Flexible and Responsive Consistent and Reliable Pleasant and Attentive Knowledgeable and Professional 2.1 Customer Service Means Being: 5 14 March 2012

6 Confident and Creative Proactive and Assertive Willing to go above and beyond expectations Willing to communicate face-to-face as often as possible Energetic and Enthusiastic Positive and Upbeat 2.1 Customer Service Means Being (cont’d) 6 14 March 2012

7 Program Management Finance and Accounting Legal Internal Audit and Compliance Subcontracts/Procurement Property Control Security Human Resources 2.2 Internal Customers/Departments 7 14 March 2012

8 The Contracts counterpart at the customer/sponsor location (PCO/ACO) The cognizant DCMA Representative The cognizant DCAA Representative The sponsor COTR The end user-customer of your company’s product or service 2.3 External Customers 8 14 March 2012

9 Serve as primary point of contact with the Contracting Officer (ACO/PCO) Develop and implement the Contract Administration Plan for each contract Monitor and administer company compliance with contract terms and conditions Monitor and administer company compliance with its own policies and procedures 3.0 Core Functions to Perform 9 14 March 2012

10 Insure proper set-up of Contract in company enterprise accounting system and that it accurately reflects contract terms Maintain the Contract File and all contract related correspondences Represent the company in negotiation of modifications Maintain proficiency with the FAR, DFAR and Agency Supplements 3.0 Core Functions to Perform (cont’d) 10 14 March 2012

11 Interpret contract provisions for company personnel Stay current on changes to Government Contract laws, statutes and regulations Attend and support monthly or quarterly program review meetings Work with Subcontracts Department to assure proper flow down provisions are included in Subcontract Agreements Fully understand what is being performed on your contracts, what constitutes acceptable performance, and the process/criteria for getting paid Assist A/R with payment/collections and dealing with DFAS-WAWF 3.0 Core Functions to Perform (cont’d) 11 14 March 2012

12 The fully executed Contract and all Modifications Contract Briefing/Synopsis of overall contract Contract Mod log Contract Administration Plan Cost, Technical and Management Proposal Basis of Estimate (BOE) and Negotiation Memorandum RFP and all Amendments Key internal and external correspondences DD254 security documents when applicable 4.0 What to Keep in each Contract File 12 14 March 2012

13 Technical Reporting Requirements -Status Reports Cost Reporting Requirements -Limitation of Funds / Costs notifications -Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR) -Schedule Requirements Examples of Special Contract Clauses -Travel Approval & US Flag Carriers -Key Personnel -ITAR -Request for Release of Public Information 5.0 Program Execution 13 14 March 2012

14 Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) Incurred Cost Audit Small Business Subcontracting Plan Indirect Rate Audits Property Audits Security Audits Quality Control – Internal and External 6.0 Support these Audit Activities 14 14 March 2012

15 You may be challenged daily to change your priorities You may be dealing with some very challenging personalities and possible late deliveries/requests/notifications People may come to you in a very emotionally charged state – confrontation skills and stress management skills are helpful 7.0 Day to Day Challenges 15 14 March 2012

16 Be prepared to steer/redirect people to appropriate person or department Be prepared to train internal customers on what you can do for them, and what you need from them to do your job You will be viewed by some as a bureaucrat or obstructionist and performing a policing function Presume the Programs folks you support know nothing about Contract Administration 7.0 Day to Day Challenges (cont’d) 16 14 March 2012

17 DD Form 1597 Contract Closeout Checklist (23 Items) Document Completion Final Report DD1149 – Requisition & Shipping Document DD Form 250 - Material Inspection and Receiving Report Final Patent Report -DD Form 882 (Non Profit vs For Profit) DD Form 254 – Contract Security Classification Specification Negotiated Final Rates Subcontracts Closed (can take over 10 years to close) Deobligation of funds Quick Closeout (unsettled costs under $1M & under 15% indirect costs ) Final Invoice – expiring funds 8.0 Contract Closeout 17 14 March 2012 Pe Period of Performance is over No Pending Options All Deliveries Accepted

18 Establish a strong working relationship with Program Manager, PCO, and ACO Educate, Educate, Educate – first yourself, then those you support and your peers Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – up, down and across organizations Early in your career focus on sharpening technical skills Later in your career focus more on developing soft skills and thinking/acting more strategic Share your knowledge with junior colleagues in Contracts and be a mentor (formal or informal) 9.0 Keys to Success 18 14 March 2012

19 Know who the key stakeholders are and keep them informed Obtain buy-in from key internal stakeholders on sensitive issues before presenting to external stakeholders Deliver on Promises – Meet Deadlines Be a true business partner with the Program groups you support Volunteer to be on some special project teams for visibility, experience, and recognition Be prepared to articulate your value proposition in 30-60 seconds (i.e. elevator speech) Build a culture of appreciation within your Contracts department Create a monthly forum where Contract Administrators present / share lessons learned 9.0 Keys to Success (cont’d) 19 14 March 2012

20 Join NCMA today Attend local NCMA Chapter monthly meetings regularly Volunteer to help at an NCMA event Pursue NCMA Professional Certifications Read the NCMA Monthly Magazine Attend NCMA National events like World Congress (Boston - 2012) 10.0 Career Development Suggestions 20 14 March 2012

21 Monitor NCMA National web site for events and announcements Attend monthly webinars sponsored by NCMA and affiliates Enroll in University Contract Courses (U. VA, etc.) Develop public speaking skills Build emotional intelligence skills Develop collaborative skills 10.0 Career Development Suggestions (cont’d) 21 14 March 2012

22 RECONGNIZE YOUR CONTRIBUTION MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Strive for Excellence in Customer Service Don’t get overwhelmed with the body of knowledge to learn Don’t get overwhelmed with the number or variety of tasks to perform Stick with it - you are in a high demand career field Take charge of your career Enjoy the ride Contact us – We’d be glad to help you 11.0 Closing Remarks 22 14 March 2012

23 Questions? 23 16 March 2011

24 Thank you! David Barr and Sherman Wallen The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. 555 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139-3563 Phone:617-258-3528 or Thank you! 24 14 March 2012

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