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AP Psychology Journal Begins 3/17/2014. Today’s Lesson 3/17/2014 Journal entry: Coping Promoting Health Activity Tests returned Regarding test make-up:

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1 AP Psychology Journal Begins 3/17/2014

2 Today’s Lesson 3/17/2014 Journal entry: Coping Promoting Health Activity Tests returned Regarding test make-up: After today, a completely different randomly generated test on Chapters 11-12. I will assign an extra credit paper next class. Begin Chapter 13 Personality

3 Journal prompt 3/17/2014 1.4 Identify and explain physiological, cognitive, and behavioral strategies to deal with stress Journal prompt: p. 549 How do problem-focused coping and emotion- focused coping differ?

4 Small group activity Review of Emotions and Stress Each group will present a small poster discussing at least one major research study. Be sure to boldly recognize relevant vocabulary terms. – Perceived control – Optimism – Social Support – Pets – Aerobic Exercise – Biofeedback – Relaxation – Alternative medicine – Spirituality and faith

5 Today’s Lesson 3/23 Journal Prompt: Personality Handouts – Issues in Personality – Defense Mechanisms – Optional project assignment Video: The Hidden Nature of Man Notes: Freudian psychoanalysis – NEXT CLASS: NOTES QUIZ on Freud.

6 Journal Prompt 3/23 Students are able to 1.1 Evaluate psychodynamic theories. p. 553 How would you describe your personality? What characteristics make up your typical patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting? Identify and explain at least four characteristics.

7 Today’s Lesson 3/25/2014 Journal prompt: Modern take on defense mechanisms Handouts: – Defense mechanisms (front & back) – Chart: Personality Theories (Homework) – Locus of Control (on back) Quiz: Freudian psychology – Including scientific criticisms

8 Journal Prompt 3/25/2014 Perspectives on personality: Students evaluate psychodynamic theories. defense mechanisms p. 561-563 How does modern research support Freud’s ideas about defense mechanisms for anxiety?

9 Today’s Lesson 3/27/2014 Journal prompt: Self-esteem Discovering Psychology Chapter 13 Vocabulary due next class 3/31 Handouts – Chart: Personality Theories – Locus of Control (on back) – True/ False

10 Journal Prompt 3/26 3.4 Discuss self- concept. Carl Rogers agreed with Abraham Maslow that people are basically good. Rogers believed people can nurture our personal growth through unconditional positive regard. He said if our self-concept is positive, we act and perceive the world positively. Other psychologists (Mezulis and Myers) point out that people have a potent self- serving bias. *********************************** Prompt: p. 588. What have psychologists found about the “dark side of self- esteem?” Give specific examples. Self-serving bias

11 Today’s Lesson 4/2/2014 Journal Prompt: Psychological Disorders Pass out Psych Sim packet to work on at home. Video Shine Notes re: – DSM V – Labeling

12 Journal Prompt 4/2/2014 Content Standard 1: Perspectives on abnormal behavior 1.1 Define psychologically abnormal behavior. What is a Psychological Disorder? What are the axes of the DSM V?

13 Today’s Lesson 4/4 Journal Prompt: What do you fear? Notes: Anxiety disorders Video: Discovering Psychology For Planning: – Library activity 4/10 Second half. Personality disorders. – TEST on Chapter 14 Tuesday April 14. Will have free response. – Journals due 4/14 also. – I will begin handing out preparation materials for AP exam next week. Full practice exam the week of April 30 for ALL STUDENTS, quiz grade. – AP Study session 4/26 Saturday 8:30 to 11:30.

14 Journal Prompt 4/4/ 2.3 Describe symptoms and causes of major categories of psychological disorders (including schizophrenic, mood, anxiety, and personality disorders) Prompt: p. 603-605 Write down three things you fear. Read Understanding Anxiety disorders. Which of your fears may have an biological explanation? Which fears may have been learned by conditioning or observational learning? your phobias illustrated

15 15 Phobias Marked by a persistent and irrational fear of an object or situation that disrupts behavior.


17 17 Psychological Disorders To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal. William James (1842-1910)

18 18 Anxiety Disorders Feelings of excessive apprehension and anxiety. 1.Generalized anxiety disorder 2.Panic disorder 3.Phobias 4.Obsessive-compulsive disorder 5.Post-traumatic stress disorder

19 Today’s Lesson 4/8/2014 Journal prompt: Explanatory Styles. Notes: Depression; Psychosis Learning Risk Factors for Suicide EXAM on CHAPTER 14 Monday 4/14.

20 Journal prompt 4/8 2.4 Evaluate how different factors influence an individual’s experience of psychological disorders. Explanatory Styles As I read a series of individual words, pause for a few seconds to think of a past experience you associate with the word.

21 Depression and Memory Ice Wood Letter House Race Sign Meeting Travel Machine

22 Depression and Memory Tally the total number of pleasant and unpleasant experiences you recalled When we are depressed, we remember more unpleasant than pleasant events. Copy the graphic on explanatory styles.

23 23 Negative Thoughts and Moods Explanatory style plays a major role in becoming depressed.

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