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When it comes to supplying portable restrooms for a special event, it's important to ask the right questions. Whether your event is a outdoor concert.

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2 When it comes to supplying portable restrooms for a special event, it's important to ask the right questions. Whether your event is a outdoor concert in the park or a backyard wedding, asking the right questions will help you provide the right kind of support. And the answers to these questions just might get you extra business.


4 Listen to the planner and determine how you can help, your knowledge about portable sanitation will help with event planning Locations to place toilets, number needed, type of festival, and product knowledge are issues you will need to discuss with your even coordinator

5 It's important that to know if you will be providing supplemental restroom facilities or if you will be supplying the only facilities on site. People tend to wait in line a lot longer to use a permanent facility. If portables are the only option, you'll need to make sure enough units are placed to cover the demand. Follow this answer by asking the customer what he or she considers an acceptable queue for each unit.

6 Alcohol consumption is a big factor to consider when supplying an event with portable restrooms. In fact, research shows that when alcohol is served, the use of portables increases 35 percent. If the event is a big "drink fest"- or even a small one - make sure your customers understand the need to compensate for additional restrooms. Be sure to use plenty of product; which includes deodorizers and fragrance enhancers to eliminate and mask odors.

7 The answer to this question will give you numbers for an equation that will help you educate customers and possibly sell a few more portables. Here's the equation: NUMBER OF GUESTS x TICKET PRICE= GROSS GATE RECEIPT GROSS GATE RECEIPT + ESTIMATE CHARGED :::: COST OF SANITATION PER GUEST This cost of sanitation per guest is usually very low, but there's a way you can use this number to your business' advantage. After an event, service techs will report how well the portable facilities accommodated the crowd. The report is often proof that more portables were needed, which is the perfect time to point out the very low cost of each unit. For just a little more money, a customer can get a lot more convenience. Too often, PROs allow an inexperienced event planner to dictate the number of portable restrooms needed. Use this equation to educate customers. It provides hard numbers that are generally toughto argue with.

8 It's a good idea to capture that first use in the parking lot. When the only option at an event is located just inside the gate, it can get crowded. Parking lot portables help with crowd control, giving guests options before and after an event.

9 Properly setting up and servicing units takes a lot of preparation especially when it’s the first time an event has been done

10 Place in a dry, level location (do NOT prop bricks under unit to make it level, this provides a liability issue) Consider accessibility – centrally located or strategically scattered Keep within the vicinity of the location of food/beverages. But not too close. Must be within 25ft of where a service truck can park after gaining access

11 Having women specific toilets reduce the cost of supplies (i.e. Urinal Deodorizers/Blocks) Women will use restrooms specifically designated for them more than gender neutral restrooms Women tend to be more discriminating of deodorant use Features for Women ONLY: No Urinal Hover Bar Coat & Purse Hooks Vanity Mirror Pleasant Fragrance Deodorizer

12 If the units require servicing during an event, be sure to place these toilets where they can be accessed by the service truck!! Be sure to use the correct product for the weather and venue. Number of people and units should be considered when making servicing decisions. Using an restroom attendant service will ensure that restrooms are kept clean during large events. Vacuum Pump Additive will help reduce the exhaust odor when the units are being serviced.

13 Use portion control to prevent spills and over usage Use a wash down chemical inside the fresh water tank (If you have the ability to do so.) Use fragrance enhancers such as spray, urinal screens, and/or air fresheners

14 Don’t let a toilet become a eye sore for users and/or potential customers There are products on the market that will remove most graffiti from the portable toilets during the event that will not compromise deodorizers or fragrance enhancers. More powerful cleaners are available once you return the units to the lot Many of these products lave a residue that will help resist paint, ink and lead.

15 If the event is still going on, do you have replacements ready to go? What type of clean up services do you offer/have available? If deodorizer and/or waste spills, what policies and procedures should you follow to avoid exposure for the public? Have MSDS for all products on every service truck as well as giving a copy to the event planner. What is my protection if a temporary restroom is discovered missing and is obviously stolen from our event?

16 Signature fragrance Rethink that notion; Follow the new thinking of Aroma Therapy We don’t live in a one-product-fits-all society anymore People expect ALL products to be tailored to a demographic Mulberry, while it is a pleasant fragrance, is probably not the best choice for every situation Rather than a berry scent at an outdoor concert aimed at tweens, why not throw in a bubble gum or fruit fragrance For elegant events use a citrus or floral scent

17 Negatives Portion Control Some packets to require some agitation to mix within water Tablets can become crushed Liquid If it spills – hard to clean up and not an ideal situation for an event Positives Portion Control Easy to use Portioned for convince Doesn’t Freeze Doesn’t spill Green Option Liquid More fragrances Formaldehyde Option (Superior Odor Control) More levels of strengths Can more easily be formulated to meet need Green Option


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