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Are not bloodthirsty, killing machines…

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7 Are not bloodthirsty, killing machines…

8 How long have sharks been around? 400 Million years! How long do they live? 15-100 years


10 Dermal Denticles



13 Shark Attack Facts Sharks attack 50-75 people per year 8-12 of the attacks are fatal Humans are killing about 20 to 30 million sharks per year. The odds of a shark attack death is 1 in 265 million.

14 How to Stay Safe If you’re bleeding, stay out of the water. Avoid going in the water during dawn and dusk. Avoid wearing shiny objects when in water. Avoid swimming near large schools of baitfish. Avoid swimming where others are fishing. Swim/play with a group.

15 Dogfish Shark Dissection

16 Background Information Found in the Pacific Ocean from California to the Gulf of Alaska Eat small fish, squid, and some crustaceans Give birth to 3-14 young every 2 years Gestation period of 22-24 months Live from 25-100 years Females are usually larger than males

17 Interesting Facts Fins of this species use to be used as sandpaper for sanding of wood materials There are spines on the dorsal fins that may be mildly poisonous Usually occur in packs of 100s or 1000s If you order “Fish and Chips” in Europe you will probably get dogfish Their liver can take up 90% of their body cavity

18 Male or Female? Fins…Is one missing?


20 The Liver Left lobe Right lobe

21 The Stomach

22 The Pancreas

23 The Spleen

24 The Intestine

25 The Kidney

26 The Heart Pericardial Cavity

27 The Brain



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