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Fetal Pig Dissection Review

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1 Fetal Pig Dissection Review
Mrs. Bormann, Mrs. Ippolito, Mrs. Olson, Mr. Shucha, and Mrs. Knapp

2 Exterior Anatomy: What surfaces are dorsal, ventral, anterior and posterior?
B A A = posterior B = ventral C = anterior D = dorsal C D

3 What is the sex of this pig? Name the visible sex organ.
Female (Papilla)

4 What sex is this pig? Male Pig. 71. 96. 90. umbilical vein penis

5 Thoracic Cavity: Label the organs pointed out and the covering over the heart.
Pericardium over the heart Right lung

6 Name the numbered parts.
32. stomach 35. large intestine 37. rectum 40. liver 42. pancreas 43. spleen 71. umbilical vein (cut) 101. ovary 102. -Oviduct 103. -uterus

7 Name the organs 37. 44. 58. 59. 109. 111. rectum Adrenal gland
Renal artery 59. Renal vein 109. Kidney 111. Ureter

8 What is the function of these?
Larynx: Voicebox, respiration Trachea: respiration Carotid artery: carry blood to head Jugular vein: Carry blood from head

9 Mouth Name the indicated mouth parts C D A B

10 A = B = C = spleen large intestine What takes place here?
Water absorbed back into body C = small intestine Nutrients absorbed into body B A C

11 How many lobes to the lungs & liver?
=4 Left Lung = = 2 Right lung = =3

12 Name the parts A B C

13 What is the sex of this pig? Identify the organs and artery pointed out.
C B Umbilical artery Oviduct D A bladder Ovaries E Kidney

14 A C B

15 What is this structure? A = B = C = D = (red tube) E = (blue tube)
Pelvis B = medulla C = cortex D = (red tube) Renal artery E = (blue tube) Renal vein A D B C E

16 D A B E F C G H

17 1= Gallbladder What is the function of the gallbladder?
Store bile from the liver for digestion Where does the gallbladder empty into? Duodenum Where is the duodenum located? Top of small intestine 1

18 Identify the organs and blood vessel pointed out & tell their function.
Bladder stores urine C Kidney cleans blood B D Umbilical artery brings blood from mother Ureter: Carries urine from kidney to bladder

19 Name the parts of the heart & where they pump blood to:
right atrium What type of blood? Where is blood coming from? Deoxygenated blood from body What blood vessel brings the blood to the right atrium? Superior/inferior vena cava Name #47: right ventricle What does it do? Pumps deoxygenated blood to lungs Name #48: Left atrium Pumps blood from lungs to left ventricle Name #49: left ventricle Pump oxygenated blood to body What blood vessel does the left ventricle pump blood into? Aortic arch

20 Name the indicated parts of the heart
superior F B G C H I D inferior

21 What is the sex of this pig? Identify the organs pointed out.
Male Kidney Testes

22 Where are villi located?
What is #1? villi What occurs at #1? Nutrient absorption Where are villi located? Small intestine 1

23 Brain A Cerebrum B Cerebellum Brain Stem C

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