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Frog Dissection.

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1 Frog Dissection

2 The mouth, nostrils, and eyes
1. Nictictating membrane- Protects eyes (similar to an eyelid) 2.Tympanic membrane – the ear drum Collects sound waves Allows frogs to hear in water 2

3 Examine the Mouth 1. Maxillary Teeth – (along inner edge of upper jaw)
3. Vomerine Teeth – (roof of mouth) Teeth are used to hold onto caught prey, do not use them to chew, they swallow prey whole!! 6. Opening to Eustachian tubes 2. internal Nares 8 Glottis

4 10.Internal Nares –internal nostril openings on either side of the vomerine teeth.
11.Eustachian tube openings –connenct mouth cavity and the tympanic membrane Help to equalize internal ear pressure If the frog is male, these are near the openings to the vocal sacs which allow male frogs to make sounds 50.Vomerine teeth

5 Internal Structure -Female
31.Eggs 32.Oviduct – tubes which carry the eggs after they have been made

6 22 – Eggs 18 – Liver – 9- Stomach 6 – Ventricle of heart
3 lobed structure that produces bile for lipid digestion and starch Food does not pass through, but blood does Still considered as part of digestive system 9- Stomach 6 – Ventricle of heart 12 – small intestine

7 The Heart – 3 chambered structure
34.Conus arteriosus 35.Atrium 36.Ventricle

8 19 – Pericardium – membrane that surrounds the heart.

9 Heart – Circulatory System
1. Ventricle   2. Right atrium  3. Left atrium  4. Sinus venosus Triangular sac underneath the heart   Veins from all over the body empty here before going into the right atrium Part of circulatory system

10 The Lungs Lungs 2 sac like structures on either side of the heart
Collect oxygen from air and transfer it to blood supply Part of respiratory system

11 7- Right Lung and 8 –Left Lung

12 Digestive system 16.Small intestine 17.Liver - 18.Large intestine
At lower end of the stomach Breaks soupy mixture from stomach into usable nutrients using bile from liver and enzymes from the pancreas 17.Liver - 18.Large intestine Collects waste from tissues and wastes that could not be absorbed by the small intestine. 19.Stomach – secretes digestive juices to break down whole food swallowed by the frog into a soupy mixture

13 26.Spleen –filters improperly functioning blood cells; circulatory system

14 10 – pancreas Secretes enzymes into small intestine

15 19 – stomach 54 - pancreas

16 Digestive system 16.Small intestine 19.Stomach 33.Gall bladder

17 11- Pylorus- muscular valve between the stomach and small intestine

18 23 – Kidney Located in either side of the spine, near the dorsal side; filter blood and urine that drains into the urinary bladder; excretory system

19 23 & 24 Kidneys 21 – Fat Bodies 27 – Urinary Bladder urine travels from the kidneys, down tubes called ureters to this bladder where it is stored until emptied through the cloaca.

20 21 – Fat Bodies 22-Testes 23 & 24 Kidneys Attached near kidneys
Store fat for nourishment for the gametes Much larger and more abundant in females 22-Testes Small, oval structure underneath kidneys Sperm travels through the kidneys, down the ureters and out the cloaca. 23 & 24 Kidneys

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