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International Registration Plan Add Jurisdictions

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1 International Registration Plan Add Jurisdictions




5 Enter Registration Year, Fleet Number and select Add Jurisdiction

6 Enter “1” in the box by each state that you intend to add then “Import Estimated Miles”

7 Enter number of vehicles in fleet and “submit”.

8 Select year and “submit”.

9 Change Control Miles to equal System Total


11 Add comments if any and press Add/Change Button




15 Click “Invoice /TA to create invoice for additional fees

16 Select Invoice Type & Submit

17 To print Invoice and Temporary Authority go to the Common Account Screen and select Reports.


19 Go to RS Reports for Invoice & Temporary Authority

20 Select Invoice Type or Temporary Authority & click on Print PDF Button

21 Invoices may be printed of saved to a file.

22 Print Temporary Authority

23 Exit screen when printing is completed


25 Return to IRP Screen to make payment

26 Exit this Screen


28 Enter Bank Routing Number including any leading zeros, Bank Account Number & Submit

29 Your Transaction is completed and you may exit the system

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