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MVS Express International Registration Plan Account Renewal

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1 MVS Express International Registration Plan Account Renewal





6 Enter Fleet Number Change Reg Year To prior Calendar Year. Ex : For 2010 Use 2009

7 Click here to begin renewal process


9 Exit this screen to enter miles

10 To enter miles go to Amend Jurisdiction

11 Enter miles from Federal Mileage year for states in which your vehicles
operated during that year. If you added states during the Reg year, change the mileage type from “1” to “0” and use miles traveled in those states during current year. If you are adding a new state, use the mileage Type “1” and the system will calculate those miles.

12 After all miles are entered then submit

13 If added a new state and have estimated miles show the number of vehicles
being renewed in the box and “Submit”

14 Change Registration Year to current year and “Submit”

15 Enter System Miles in the Control Mileage field


17 You may enter comments or Exit

18 If you need to make any changes on the vehicles you have registered or add
new vehicles go to Add Delete Change Vehicle

19 Select “Action”

20 To begin process for adding a vehicle double click on “add vehicle”

21 Enter OEN or unit number and VIN


23 Weight Group Number = First Three Digits Of Combined Gross Weight
Weight Group Number = First Three Digits Of Combined Gross Weight. Ex: 80,000 lbs = 800

24 Enter Vehicle Year and To Select Vehicle Make , type a “?” then Submit

25 Type First Four Letters of Vehicle Make Ex” KENW Then Submit

26 Double Click on Selection

27 Use Drop Down Box to Select Type

28 Double Click on Selection

29 Enter No. Of Axles, Empty Wt, Gross WT, Purchase Price, Factory Price & Purchase Date

30 Indicate if vehicle is leased or owned.

31 Enter State in Which Vehicle is Titled & Title Number or Application Number

32 If Purchased From Mississippi Dealer Select “Sales Tax” if Not Select “Use Tax”. If
Purchased From Individual in Mississippi Select “No”

33 Select New or Used

34 If you are a “Registrant Only” you
must enter the TIN and USDOT number of the “Carrier” to which you are leased.


36 Enter another vehicle or if finished, Exit to complete process by creating
billing and issuing Temporary Authority.

37 If needed you can make address , telephone numbers or the contact person
by going to Amend Carrier. If no other changes, click on the “Fees Invoices” button create the invoice.

38 If you used a Title Application Number when you
originally registered the vehicle, you must provide the Title Number

39 Select Invoice type and “submit” to create invoice

40 To print Invoice and Temporary Authority go to the
Common Account Screen and select Reports.


42 Go to RS Reports for Invoice & Temporary Authority

43 Select Invoice Type or Temporary Authority & click on Print PDF Button

44 Invoices may be printed of saved to a file.

45 Print Temporary Authority

46 Exit screen when printing is completed


48 Return to IRP Screen to make payment

49 Exit this Screen

50 Exit this Screen to Return to Main Menu


52 Enter Bank Routing Number including any leading zeros, Bank Account Number & Submit

53 Your Transaction is completed and you may exit the system

54 The following must be submitted before plates or decals
and Cab Cards are issued: Proof of payment of the Federal heavy Vehicle Use Tax (IRS Form 2290) for current year; If a vehicle is added, A copy of the Title Application or Title or lease. A copy of the purchase invoice. These items should be sent by FAX to or a “pdf” copy ed to

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