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Themes and Thematic Statements

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1 Themes and Thematic Statements
What is the hidden message?

2 DO NOW #1 Fill out the Rhetorical triangle. What goes where? Purpose
Mood Tone Fill out the Rhetorical triangle. What goes where?

3 DO NOW #2 Define theme. How do you write a thematic statement?
How does the writer create a theme?

4 What is a theme or message?
A theme is a message that unites the story. It is evident throughout the entire story. It shows up in diction and figurative language. It is also created by the tone or the author’s attitude toward his or her subject.

5 What do you think the theme of Flowers for Algernon is?
There are a lot of themes in Flowers for Algernon. How do you even begin to answer this question.

6 Step 1. What is this story about in ONE word.
This ONE word needs to be a NOUN: an idea.

7 Step 2. What does the speaker try to TEACH us about this one word?
How does the speaker feel about this one word as evidenced by the writing piece?

8 Step 3. Now cross out “the speakers teaches us that”
What is left is a THEMATIC STATEMENT!

9 Now try it. Step 1. What is the story about in one word?
Step 2. What does the author say about this word through this story? Step 3. Get rid of “The author says that.” What is left is your thematic statement.

10 Evidence Find evidence of this theme in the story.
What does the author say that proves that your statement is accurate? If your statement is not accurate, it will be pretty hard to prove.

11 Tree Map It. Create a tree map that branches into 3 pieces of evidence that prove your thematic statement. Below the evidence, explain how this evidence proves your theme and clarify what it means to the story.

12 Practice. Practice writing thematic statements on your worksheet with simple themes already written. See if you can come up with one for each word.

13 How does your evidence prove your thematic statement?
Commentary: Answer the following questions for each piece of evidence on your tree map. How does your evidence prove your thematic statement? What does this evidence say about the way people act or behave?

14 Thematic Statement: Ignorance is bliss.
Evidence: When Charlie was ignorant, he thought all the people at his work were his friends. When he became intelligent, he realized they were not. Commentary: This evidence shows how much happier Charlie was before the operation. Commentary: Sometimes people are mean to people they do not feel equal them in intelligence or ability.

15 Book Project Create a tree map based on a thematic statement you created independently for your book jacket project. Once you finish it, you have one part of your book jacket planned and ready to go!

16 Exit Ticket #1 FIST of FIVE: How comfortable are you writing a thematic statement? 1 I don’t know what I am doing. 2 I have difficulty doing this. 3 I just need more practice. 4 I can do this. 5 This is easy! What’s next?

17 Exit Ticket #2 On a NOTECARD:
Write one thematic statement for Flowers for Algernon that you plan to use for book jacket project. Give one piece of evidence that proves that it is accurate.

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