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Optimism What is it? & How does it help me be successful in school?

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1 Optimism What is it? & How does it help me be successful in school?

2 What do you think optimism is?  Please write down your definition of optimism.

3 Optimism  The dictionary has several definitions for optimism…  Optimizing everything that is for the best  a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.  the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.

4 Who do you know…?  Think of a student that you know that is successful in school.  Write down the reasons that you think they are successful.

5 Optimism  Did you know that optimism can predict whether a student will succeed? Why/how do you think that is true?

6 Did you ever…?  Did you ever have a bad day?  Did it just get worse?  Or  Were you able to turn it around?

7 In order to be optimistic what can I do?  I am going to teach you a few things you can do to be optimistic!

8 “I Feel Good”-An Activity  Do you have any friends that are miserable?

9  Stand the way a miserable person might stand.

10  How do you feel?

11  Rub your hands together.  Now reach your hands toward the ceiling  Smile and try to feel bad while you’re smiling!  Now rub your hands together, reach toward the ceiling, and say “I feel GOOD!”

12  Would you like to be able to be happy by just trying to be happy?  Now lets make a switch.  Hold your arms straight out and make a fist.  Quickly draw your arm back toward your body and say “YES!”  Lets do it again…

13  Arms straight up and say “I FEEL GOOD!!”  Fist straight out draw it back quickly and say “YES”

14 Another strategy to help us be Optimistic!  Listen to my story called “Treasure Hunters and Trash Collectors”

15 Becoming a treasure hunter… Becoming a treasure hunter…  Think of five thing you feel good about and write them down.  Then I will tell you my five  If you want to share you may but you don’t have to…

16 Illustrate  Now draw a picture of your five things you feels good about

17  Go and give five people a high-five and read what your five things are to them and they can read their five to you!

18 Adding it all up!  Everyday keep a list of the things you feel good about  Keep adding to your list.  You can add one each day.

19 When you feel down in the dumps  Everyone has a time when they feel unhappy.  When you feel sad go to your list and look at it  Think about all the goods things that you have on your list  Remember you are can turn your mood around from sad to happy in an instant

20 Ask yourself this question…  Are you a trash collector or a treasure hunter?  Decide for your self and turn yourself into a treasure hunter always gathering up the good things in life!


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