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UbIdentity Ubiquitous Identity Management in the Cloud 20/03/2014 Dan BUTNARU Product Line Manager Trusted Identity.

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1 UbIdentity Ubiquitous Identity Management in the Cloud 20/03/2014 Dan BUTNARU Product Line Manager Trusted Identity

2 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Agenda World of Today – World of Tomorrow Identity Management Cloud Approach Ubiquity Use cases Summary 2

3 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Today’s world is e-ID… More than 1,3 Billion e-ID cards in-the-field 100 countries have deployed e-ID documents  e-Passports, National e-ID cards, e-RP, e-DL, etc. High density of equipped countries in Europe  Large scale projects (e.g. Germany)  High penetration rates (e.g. Estonia 90%) Worldwide dynamics (GCC, Asia, Latin America, Africa) 3

4 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. …and Mobile Almost 7 Billion mobile phones worldwide 96% of global population covered More than 50% is in Asia Pacific PC world also focuses on mobility –Tablets, iPads, etc. All new devices are “smart” –Trend is Sophistication and Consumerization 34% of world’s population access Internet 40% of internet time is on Mobile 4

5 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Federation in Diversity Several Schemes aim for federation/standardization –NSTIC –STORK 2 –EAC v2 –FIDO Multiple devices and form factors will include various digital identities –PC, SmartCard, Mobile phone, Tablets, USB keys –Connected Objects 5

6 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Tomorrow will be connected and mobile Internet of Things –Large Scale Identity Management –New Security Challenges New Use cases –Instant Availability of Information will change our lives –Transposition of Paper & Procedures into «Digital» –Mix of Public/Private, Business/Leisure, Work/Home –Constant transitions from/to Physical/Digital Mobility and Ubiquity ! –Access to whatever whenever and wherever –Information Management requires constant ID Management 6

7 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Identity Management Issuance of Digital Identities –Different Issuance Authorities –Different levels of Trust –Different means of Distribution Usage of Digital Identities –Trough different form factors –For different means (authentication, non-repudiation, confidentiality) Verification of Digital Identities –Towards local/global directories –Towards state (active, suspended, revoked) 7

8 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Cloud Approach Access to whatever, whenever, and wherever  Your digital ID follows you Your digital ID secured in the Cloud  Combined Action of IDP, TSP, and AP  Identity Provider (Government, Organization,…)  Trust Service Provider (Verification, Security Services,…)  Application Provider (Merchant, e-Gov Service, …) 8

9 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Ubiquity Ubiquitous Credential Management System  Whatever Service  Wherever you are  Whenever you need 9

10 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Use case - Issuance Public Scheme  National e-ID cards Private Schemes  Nat. E-ID drives commercial e-ID  Trusted Reference  Commercial e-ID  Agreement between parties  Cloud based, central issuance  Effective solution for large scale projects  Security aspects are mastered  Convenient 10

11 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Use Case Online Usage - Local User Credentials reside on-board –Authentication, Digital Signature, Confidentiality On-line Application interact directly with the device Advantage: Security Disadvantage –Deployment Logistics depend on device –Multiple devices need multiple credentials 11

12 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Use Case Online Usage - Central User Credentials reside in the Cloud –Device contains Identifier accessing credentials managed centrally On-line Application interact with central IDP Advantage: –Convenience –Device independent –Cost Efficiency Disadvantage –Is there any ? 12

13 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. Summary Tomorrow will be Mobile & Cloud Access whenever, wherever implies ubiquitous identity management A framework between IDP, TSP and AP is required Cloud based issuance and usage is an efficient way to realize Ubiquitous Identity Management 13

14 © OpenTrust - All rights reserved. OpenTrust: Leading Provider of Trusted Identity-Based Solutions 2012 turnover: 18.5 million Euros Presence in Europe, Middle-East and USA 2 Datacenters Personnel: 120 staff (40% R&D) 200+ customers in Governments, Industry, Finance 25 million identities secured worldwide 10 million electronic contracts signed per year 1 billion transactions secured each month Reselling Partners in 20 countries Securing Your Buisness is Our Signature

15 Thank You for Your Attention. 11-13 rue René Jacques - 92131 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex - France +33 (0)1 55 64 22 00 -

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