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Vision 2020: Smart Secure Devices Xavier Larduinat WISTP’08 – Sevilla – May 14, 2008.

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1 Vision 2020: Smart Secure Devices Xavier Larduinat WISTP’08 – Sevilla – May 14, 2008

2 From Smart Cards … …to Smart Secure Devices From Smart Cards … …to Smart Secure Devices

3 Introducing An industry association with all industry contributors to the making of Smart Secure Devices –Smart Cards manufacturers –Integrated Circuits manufacturers –Software vendors –Applications developers The Goal –Promote the use of Smart Secure Devices in the Digital World for: Security Convenience Privacy

4 Vision 2020 Smart Secure Devices to help our lives become easier, safer and more enjoyable, without jeopardizing our privacy. A vision paper by Eurosmart

5 Smart Cards today in our everyday lives Ticketing Payment Loyalty Transport Smart Poster Health card Communication

6 So many Smart Cards with us at all times….. In our GSM phone (the SIM card) Inside our Wallets Credit/Debit cards HealthCare cards Loyalty cards …/… Our corporate badge Our Passport Our e-Banking OTP … and the list keeps growing

7 Key Attributes Security to make the Digital Life safe and enjoyable Ease of Use to enable all of us to access to the Digital World Privacy to respect each individual’s freedom and intimacy

8 Worldwide smart card shipments 925 960 2655 3325 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 Millions of units Microprocessor cards Memory cards From 1 billion to 4 billion units in 10 years… 4285 3580 19971998199920002001200220032004200520062007 925 960

9 The SIM card success story 2040 410 205 2600 500 225 3000 580 295 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 200620072008 Identity & others Banking - Retail Telecom (SIM) +15% +27% +22% +16% +31% +10% Microprocessor Smart Cards Shipments ( Millions of units )

10 12 years ago…1996 The Internet was literally nonexistent. It would have been very optimistic in 1996 to foresee 3.3 billion cell phone users in 2008. Smart payments solutions were available only in a limited number of countries.

11 12 years from now…2020 Wisdom tells us that we should only expect baby steps... But look at the pace of changes in the last 12 years! Smart Cards will pioneer the way for Smart Secure Devices New shapes to better fit new types of transactions New functions (contactless, biometrics) New applications

12 It’s no longer only «Cards» e-Passport: the first Smart Secure Device 45 Millions e-Passports in 2007

13 New solutions leveraging on mobile contactless services Our Industry is rapidely changing eTicketing Interactive billboards Transports Retail

14 By 2020 … 20 Billion Smart Secure Devices >4 Billion Mobile Appliances users >4 Billion e-ID documents in use

15 2020: New objects to follow the path of our daily lives Three key enablers Biometrics: «secrets» that always stay with us Contactless: «fast and easy» device-reader interactions Nanotechnologies: remove « size constraints » to keep those Secure Objects with us at all times More developers will embrace Smart Secure Devices Internet for e-commerce Peer to Peer collaborative networks

16 Secure Contactless: a reality today Contactless Payment : 45 Million new cards in 2007 China: 800 Million Secure Contactless ID Cards Contactless Transport : 175 Million new cards in 2007

17 2020: Technologies dedicated to serve People Our «digital personal attributes » Unlike any other objects we use daily, Smart Secure Devices will more than ever represent our personal Identities and our personal assets Security without any compromise of privacy User privacy while delivering the service in a safe, efficient and convenient matter will always drive all our Research efforts Under Governments leadership Smart Secure Devices will enable large program deployment in the areas of Security, Health, Commerce, Transportation, Environment and Education

18 Imagine one day in 2020 Each of us owns several “identities” that are legally and morally as important as our Surname Our Digital Assets are as sensitive as our Material Assets The paper document, established since the 15 th century, is now challenged by e-Documents The school Education baseline for our kids is now: to read to write to use Digital Services

19 E-Transactions in 2020 4 Billion mobile phone users worldwide (source: GSMA) The most intimate device will increasingly become a platform of choice to communicate, pay, work, travel and carry our identities Broadband Internet penetration rate >80% (source: FT) (in high GDP countries) The backbone of the Digital World that will unleash its full potential by 2020. 4 Billion Citizens carrying e-IDs A Win-Win between Citizens and their Governments: - More efficient and personalized services - More Security - Privacy

20 New Markets will embrace the merits of Smart Secure Devices Smart Secure Devices will find a natural fit whenever: New H2H (Human-to-Human) or H2M (Human-to-Machine) transactions will require a local, sometimes off-line verification of the User Identity. The fast growth of contactless technology will pave the way for many new applications aimed at speed and mobility. Emerging Machine-to-Machine applications Smart embedded modules will be the ‘brain’ in M2M enforcing rules and taking corrective actions in the event of errors during such transactions.

21 Some examples of very likely areas of growth Retail Check-out/Payments Smart Bulletin-Boards Customer Relationship Management Logistics Management for merchants E-Commerce E-Citizen Fillings and Applications Personalized Citizen-2-Representative relationship

22 Machine-to-Machine: Computing vs Rules Enforcement Computing Systems execute programs to deliver a Service Systems interact with the back-office with a network Rules enforcement and Heuristics The issuer delegates his authority for M2M transactions via a M2M Smart Secure Device The Smart Secure Device executes transactions based on a set of pre-defined Heuristics.

23 Machine-to-Machine: Making the Digital World intelligent M2M like H2M interactions Human-to-Machine interactions are customized by the user M2M automation needs to account for unforeseen deviations, just like in H2M interactions Smart Secure Devices for M2M The brain of the Transactions Handles standard situations Fixes unexpected deviations The “presence” of the Service Issuer Risk Management Corrective actions

24 Safety, convenience and ease of use while preserving privacy Trade-offs: Benefits of Smart Secure Devices always offset risks Initiatives: Large scale projects will need boot-strapping. Education: Teach Citizens the benefits of the Digital Age

25 Our industry road toward 2020 A larger family of customers and developers New applications will attract new customers to our industry’s offerings, using our products and solutions to deliver their services to their customers We will continue to set new standards for Software and Embedded Operating Systems to help our customers to deploy their Solutions faster and on a larger scale Our industry know-how on how to make Billions-of-one unique objects will remain one of our Industry’s key attribute New Services to deploy and operate those Smart Secure Devices Small businesses entering the Digital Economy will drive a new demand for hosted services Individual users of such Smart Secure Device will have access to more and more customizable Services.

26 Conclusion… to be verified in 2020 Smart Cards will evolve into a broader family of Devices More new shapes for new applications Our virtual « digital personal attributes » Embedded software and ultra-embedded nanotechnologies The only mistake to avoid for our Industry is to entertain an endless debate about fears. We will build the best solutions and the best value for people to enjoy many new services Political ownership and communication will be key to success Education … more Education Preparing people to use those Smart Secure Devices is as important as teaching them how to read and write.

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