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Flowchart TA. Maram Al-Khayyal.

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1 Flowchart TA. Maram Al-Khayyal

2 What is a Flowchart ? The flowchart is a visual presentation of the flow of data through an information processing systems, the operations performed within the system and the sequence in which they are performed. Flowcharts are generally drawn in the early stages of formulating computer solutions. Flowcharts facilitate communication between programmers and business people.

3 A simple flowchart representing a process for dealing with a non-functioning lamp.

4 Basic flowchart Symbols and Notations
Flowcharts are usually drawn using some standard symbols; however, some special symbols can also be developed when required. Flowchart symbol Name Description Process An operation or action step. Alternate Process An alternate to the normal process step. Terminator A start or stop point in a process. Decision A question or branch in the process. Data(I/O) Indicates data input and output to and from a process. Document A document or report. Multi-Document Multiple documents. Flow Line Indicated the flow direction.

5 Flowcharts examples: Example 1
Now we will present some flowchart examples on flowcharting for proper understanding of this technique: Example 1 Draw a flowchart to find the sum of first 50 natural numbers.

6 Example 2 Draw a flowchart to find the largest of three numbers A, B, and C.

7 Example 3 Draw a flowchart for computing factorial N (N!)
Where N! = 1?2?3?....N .

8 Advantages of Flowchart
Communication. Effective analysis. Proper documentation. Efficient Coding. Proper Debugging. Efficient Program Maintenance.

9 Disadvantages of Flowchart
Complex logic. Alterations and Modifications. Reproduction. The essentials of what is done can easily be lost in the technical details of how it is done.

10 Case Study: Medical Services.

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