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INDIAN NATIONALISM. OBJECTIVE Students will identify how Gandhi used Indian nationalism and civil disobedience to obtain independence for India Students.

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2 OBJECTIVE Students will identify how Gandhi used Indian nationalism and civil disobedience to obtain independence for India Students will identify why and how India was partitioned in an exit ticket.

3 HISTORICAL CIRCUMSTANCE  India is under direct British control  Sepoy rebellion had already happened  Indians are experiencing a surge in nationalism as a result  There is a large population of both Hindus and Muslims in India – they don’t get along  To keep the Indians happy, the British allowed them to each have a “representative council” – the British never actually listened to them, but they felt like they had a voice….

4 CAUSES Indian National Congress (1885) called for greater democracy, western style modernization, and self rule Muslim League (1906) fought for their own rights and wanted a separate Muslim state Indians were forced to fight for GB in WWI yet had few if any rights at home Protests are beginning to happen…..

5 AMRITSAR MASSACRE 1919 Riots and attacks on British citizens took place in the city of Amritsar In retaliation, GB banned all public meetings. Didn’t want Indians talking. Indians refused and a large group assembled to protest British troops fired on them without warning Killed 400 and wounded 1500 As the news spread, Indians became convinced that British rule must end


7 AMRISTAR MASSACRE Took place in enclosed area in a holy city – size of about 3 football fields Only two small exits – was like shooting fish in a barrel Insult to injury – the British refused to help the wounded and let their dogs roam free that night General Dyer is called “the Butcher” in India In GB an investigation was conducted and Dyer lost his post and forced to resign Britain has since publically apologized for their actions a long time ago This was the tipping point for a national revolution


9 REVIEW QUESTIONS What were Sepoys?  Indian soldiers working for British What country established direct imperial control over India after the Sepoy Rebellion?  Great Britain What was the result of the Sepoy rebellion?  Sepoys lost, Indian nationalism rose The Indus River valley was known for what great achievement?  Urban Planning What climate feature does India have?  Monsoons What geographic feature is India considered to be?  Subcontinent

10 AGENDA Bellringer Review Questions Notes: Indian Nationalism Exit Ticket

11 REVIEW QUESTIONS What climate feature had a major impact on India?  Monsoons What geographic term is used to describe India?  Subcontinent What country had direct imperial control over India?  Great Britain What was the Amritsar massacre?  British troops fired on Indians protesting their lack of rights killing/injuring many. Made international news. Increased nationalism for Indians.

12 MOHANDAS (MAHATMA) GANDHI Leader of the Indian nationalist movement Used non-violence (civil disobedience or passive resistance) Refused weapons of any kind Boycotted all British goods

13 TEXTILE BOYCOTT Encouraged Indians to make their own cloth rather than buy the British Gandhi himself used a loom to make his own cloth Pictures of Gandhi weaving on his loom were published which caused the movement to gain steam

14 SALT MARCH 1930 Gandi instructed Indians to refuse to buy British Salt He led a march to the sea to make his own salt Thousands followed Gandhi is arrested Leaders of the Indian National Congress continued making their own salt and sold it on the streets to the Indian people – this helped spread knowledge



17 AGENDA Bellringer Review Questions Finish Indian Nationalism Notes Exit Ticket

18 REVIEW QUESTIONS Define Boycott  Refusal to use or buy specific products What was the result of both the Sepoy rebellion and Amritsar Massacre?  Rise in Indian Nationalism What two major events did Gandhi inspire to protest British Imperialism?  Textile Boycott, Salt March What was the role of media during the Indian Nationalist movement?  Advertised events, made GB look bad How did the British attempt to contain Gandhi’s attempts?  Arrested and put in jail What groups of people disliked each other in India?  Hindus and Muslims


20 INDIA GAINS INDEPENDENCE British continued to use violence against the nonviolent Indians As newspapers published this, anger towards GB grew around the world India had international support for their independence In 1947 GB finally gave India their Independence.

21 NEW PROBLEM Hindus and Muslims have never gotten along in India Now they were an independent country that had to decide how to rule themselves even with all their differences Gandhi wanted the fighting between the two groups to stop – so he starved himself

22 21 DAY FAST – GANDHI’S RULES 1. Conserve energy 2. Cease thinking of food while fasting 3. Drink lots of cold water. You may add salt. 4. Warm bath daily 5. Sleep in the open air 6. Bathe in the morning sun 7. Think only of your God


24 PARTITION OF INDIA Gandhi almost died he fasted so long Result was the splitting (partition) of India Muslims gained an independent state for themselves called Pakistan Hindus received the rest of the subcontinent.



27 KASHMIR There was a bit of land that was hotly contested between India and Pakistan called Kashmir A majority of people there are Sikh’s (combination of Hindu/Muslim) Shortly after the partition the two countries went to war over this area

28 KASHMIR 1949 the United Nations (UN) arranged a cease fire 1/3 of Kashmir is under Pakistani control 2/3 of Kashmir is under Indian Control The two countries continue to fight over this area to this day


30 EXIT TICKET What method did Gandhi use to protest the British rule of India?  Nonviolence, civil disobedience What was the Amritsar Massacre?  British troops fired on peacefully protesting Indians What was the Salt March?  March to the ocean by Indians to make their own salt rather than buying British How did Gandhi defy the British textile industry?  Encouraged Indians to make their own cloth – he used a loom Why was India partitioned?  To separate the Muslims and Hindus

31 CHINESE NATIONALISM Grab a textbook Complete the Cloze reading on page 3 of blue packet

32 INDIA MINI-PROJECT You will choose from a “menu” of options Goal is to tell the history of India (the WHOLE history) You must be sure to incorporate ALL terms/events/people listed

33 INDIA MINI-PROJECT You may choose to: (Choose one)  Write a children’s book  Create a comic book/graphic novel  Write a paper  Create a flip book  Create a poster  Design a lesson to teach the class


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