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Week Eleven April 15, 2013 Journalism 2300: News Photography.

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1 Week Eleven April 15, 2013 Journalism 2300: News Photography

2 Announcements Announcements Photojournalist Presentations: April 15: Jessica April 22: Min Lee, Julie, Justin, Paige April 29: Shannon, Zack F.


4 Born in 1982 (31 years old) Derek is a National Guard Veteran who loves running, triathlons, wrestling, and his wife and two children. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, and Political Science. He began as a journalist in 2001 and started as a photojournalist in 2003. He now owns his own business: Derek Montgomery Photography. DEREK MONTGOMERY

5 "I found my way into photojournalism after I became tired of writing. I was a reporter at the Badger Herald, which is a student newspaper at UW- Madison. I was not enjoying writing all that much and wanted to get down on the field for football games. The Photo Editor position opened up; I applied, and I was hired. Not only did I get down on the field, but found out I loved shooting just about anything and everything under the sun. I liked it so much that I applied for an internship the following summer at the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, was accepted, and then it was off from there.” HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY INTO JOURNALISM? UMD goaltender Kenny Reiter (right) and Wade Bergman (left) watch a puck Reiter deflected sail over the head of Notre Dame's David Gerths Thursday evening during an NCAA semifinal hockey game at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn.

6 “There are a few major responsibilities. Show up on time. Be professional and be prepared. Know your assignment and what your editors are looking for. Find the shots that communicate the story you are trying to tell. Know your deadline and get the images in before that deadline. Then comes backing up and archiving your pictures. One of the best things you can do when approaching a story is to know some background on the subject.” WHAT ARE YOU MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AS A PHOTOJOURNALIST? Wayne Boniface flexes his arm while displaying a large bruise he got while fighting an intruder at his home in Duluth's Observation Hill neighborhood.

7 “Major influences on me have been Wisconsin State Journal photographers Steve Apps, John Maniaci, Craig Schreiner, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, photographer Joe Koshellek, and Dale Guldan, and Associated Press freelancer Andy Manis. These were photographers I worked with multiple times a week while a student. They'd offer critiques and it was an awesome way to learn on the job from photojournalists already working in the field. Outside of that, the photo competitions POYI and World Press Photo have been major influences in seeing what powerful photojournalism is.” WHO INFLUENCED YOUR CAREER? To dramatize how deep the hole is around a damaged sewer drain, three-foot tall Ryley Alexander McKeon stands inside a damaged section of 10th Avenue East and Sixth Street in Duluth, Minn. Ryley's parents Tinita Olson and John McKeon say the damaged section of the street has been in a state of disrepair for at least the duration of the summer.

8 “ Before you ever pick up a camera, learn the ethics of photojournalism. You can be fresh out of college and if you clone something out of a photo or manipulate an image in a way that deceives your audience, your career is gone. There is no space for digital manipulation beyond basic levels, contrast and sharpening in the world of photojournalism as it pertains to newspapers and editorial work. You need to know the NPPA's code of ethics and do not make the mistake of cloning out an errant arm or moving a basketball or hockey puck around. Those will kill your reputation and any shot for substantial work.” WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR ASPIRING PHOTOJOURNALISTS? Madison police use pepper spray to disperse an unruly crowd Saturday, October 30, 2004 after they set fires, broke windows and raised mayhem during State Street's annual Halloween celebrations.

9 “ I chose a career as a photojournalist because I love communicating stories. I was the kid riding around town on my bike when I was 11 taking notes about downed trees and other damage after a major storm in my hometown. On 9/11, I was the one calling all my family and telling them what was happening on the east coast. Making a strong, story-telling picture is such a satisfying feeling for me. I also never want to stop learning and being a photojournalist gives you opportunities to learn about new people, places and things all the time.” WHY DID YOU CHOOSE A CAREER AS A PHOTOJOURNALIST? Dirt and determination mix along the homestretch of the final race of the day at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, Calif.

10 “I'm a Canon user and only started with Canon because that is what was recommended to me by the photographers I worked with when I first started out. To be specific, a Canon 5D Mark 3, 5D Mark 2 and 1D Mark IV for cameras. For lenses, 16-35mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, a 300mm f/2.8, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, an 85mm f/2 and a 135mm f/2.0. The prime lenses are used more for weddings and portraiture while the zoom lenses are used more often on editorial assignments. The zoom lenses are more versatile, which is what you want to be when covering news. News can be unpredictable.” WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? David Stevens of South Range comforts a horse that was rescued from frigid temperatures over the weekend Tuesday afternoon at Jeff Tucker's Raindance Farms. The colt, nicknamed "Windchill" by those taking care of it, eventually died of exposure.

11 “ A typical work day includes managing and sending invoices, archiving images, uploading images to online backups, responding to clients, keeping my Facebook page fresh, perpetually being indecisive about whether or not I should get on Google plus, budgeting, organizing images and more. I would say 80% of my job deals with the business and management end of my job while the other 20% is shooting.” WHAT’S A TYPICAL WORK DAY? Storm clouds over Wisconsin and Lake Superior provide a backdrop for a helicopter flying over Duluth, Minn.

12 Hermantown's Hannah Buchite could barely watch Cloquet's Hannah Roy as she toed the line during a shootout in the Region 7A sectional final at Public Schools Stadium in Duluth, Minn. Roy's shot sailed over the net, which sent the Lumberjacks to the state tournament.

13 Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson) yells at Representative Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc, not pictured) about his vote for Governor Walker's collective bargaining bill at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisc.

14 Joe Mohelsky looks around floodwaters that surrounded his home on the shore of Moosehead Lake in Moose Lake, Minn. The buoys in front of Mohelsky were placed at 9pm the previous night at the edge of floodwaters and by 5a.m., the waters had reached his house and continued to rise throughout the day.

15 Upcoming major assignments Major Assignment VI: Spot News Major Assignment VI: Spot News –Due tonight! –Weather a bonus!!!!!! Will drop lowest of Major I-VI assignments Major Assignment VII: Photo Story Major Assignment VII: Photo Story –Due 6 pm on Monday, April 29

16 Tonight in class….. We will review your sports, weather photographs, rank them We will review your sports, weather photographs, rank them Rewrite your captions from the major assignments and resubmit them during class Rewrite your captions from the major assignments and resubmit them during class

17 Let’s look at your Winter Outdoor Event Photographs Overall good job! Overall good job! What was the biggest challenge? What was the biggest challenge? Biggest surprise? Biggest surprise? What did you learn? What did you learn?

18 And the winners are….. 334661819/MajorIIIWinterEventsMarch25201 3 What do the top photos have in common???

19 Chapter 11: Photo Story Finding stories: – –Personal experience – –Assignments – –Topical trends

20 Let’s brainstorm photo story ideas! Review the ideas that you included on your Textbook Quiz Take out a sheet of paper, and put your idea in the center Draw spokes out for at least 5 other possible photographs Pass your photo idea to your right Add another photo idea Now, discuss the ideas at your table

21 Daniel Badhwa Photojournalist Profile By. Julie Kruse

22 Biographical Information Age: 21 Contribution: See his work in The Statesman, Lake Voice News, and online for Minnesota Score Magazine. Career Path: “If I were to go into photojournalism I want to try to get into sports photography, although covering events of almost any form also seems interesting.” Others influenced by his work: Modestly, he says, “I’m not sure…”

23 Background Education: 3 rd year at UMD How he got into the field: “I just sort of stumbled upon it after someone suggested I tried to take pictures for the school newspaper. It worked out pretty well and I kept on doing it, eventually working on it more and more.” When: Little more than a year ago Why he chose photojournalism: “I haven't necessarily chosen a career path as a photojournalist. It’s an option though. I also do fine art, commercial, landscape, and portrait photography. ”

24 Career Current Work: Volunteer for The Statesman and the photography intern for the UMD School of Fine Arts. Major Responsibilities: “When I receive assignments I usually go out to whatever event I've been assigned and cover the event in the way I feel best captures it. I then give unedited photos or photos with minor edits to whoever gave me the assignment, and they take it from there.” Typical Day: “There is nothing typical about a work day for me. It continuously changes, and I have to adapt to whatever situation I am in depending on what I'm trying to shoot or cover. When I'm covering an event I make sure I know what is going to happen. For example, if I'm covering a football game I check what teams are playing and if there is any significance to the game. Otherwise, there's not really any secret to what I do.”

25 Extra Major Influences: Photographers that influence him are fine art or commercial photographers like Lee Jeffries and Saul Landell. Advice for Aspiring Journalists: “Practice and get involved. The only way you're going to be good at it is being out there actually covering events. Even if you think you're not ready, do it anyway, because you're not going to get any better until you actually try.” Type of Equipment: Nikon D7000 DSLR camera with several lens', most commonly for sporting events he chooses to use a Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 lens. Otherwise his lens of choice is a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. He has the basic equipment a photographer would have like a tripod, flash, etc.

26 Portrait Lester I ran into Lester on Lake Ave. and Superior St. in Duluth. He is college educated, although he wouldn't tell me what he graduated with he said for a while he was going to be a chemical engineer. Now he wanders around the country and has been in Duluth for the last few years, he likes it here and is fond of Lake Superior.

27 Portrait Don I ran into him outside Nicollet Mall and he was holding a sign that said "I need a cold beer." The sign caught my attention so I decided to talk to him, he said it wasn't the first time that someone has asked to take a photo of him for a project and it blows him away that people take the time to talk to him and want to take his portrait. We walked by him later and he gave us a huge smile and wave. The people in Minneapolis were surprisingly friendly, when I work in Duluth it seems like a lot of people are just grumpy.

28 Sports Black Bear Casino Assignment Minnesota Score Magazine

29 Sports Track & Field Ben Neimann

30 Nature Tuscan Countryside Taken from right outside San Gimignano

31 Nature "The Lookout" on the shores of Lake Superior Emily Bullivant

32 Conceptual How We Always Wanted It To Never Be From my Lost series. Depicted in this image is a couple who have become dependent on each other, they cannot go on without one another. One is blind, the other too weak to walk. Without one, the other would not survive. The umbrella symbolizes the protection they provide for each other.

33 Conceptual Gluttony Seven Deadly Sins Series

34 Event Wedding Keith Leiran and Jenni Madsen

35 Event Self Portrait My attempt at stop motion photography. It turned out better than I thought it would. This was really difficult to do by myself, getting the timing right, using myself as the model. I reflected the sky with my body too, having the top half dark and the bottom half light in each.

36 To be a better photographer…

37 …you need to take a lot of photos!

38 The week in pictures MSNBC: MSNBC: –

39 Chapter 15: Ethics Foundations of ethical decision-making – –Utilitarian:   Greatest Good for the greatest number of people – –Absolutist:   Certain principles that are fixed: Right to privacy – –The Golden Rule:   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Journalism as a whole: Utilitarian

40 Set up or just clean up? Altering the scene: Ever OK? Grounds for dismissal: – –Staging a photograph – –Suggesting a pose Tougher standards evolved – –Re-creations not OK

41 National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics Page 357 Be accurate Avoid staged photos, changing events Keep in context; be complete Treat all with dignity, respect No pay, gifts favors Don’t sabotage other journalists

42 When facts conflict with photographs Is it OK to use a model? – –Child prostitutes example When is it OK to stage a photograph?

43 A continuum of control Hidden cameras – –No control Sports photography Hard news Features Portraits Photo illustrations

44 Norm Zeisloft

45 The case of the moving pyramids





50 oto_database/category/2005_Present/

51 Shifting standards What did Janet Cooke do in 1980?

52 Covering tragedy and grief Pictures can actually help victims, families – –UMD police chief Do all tragedies need photo coverage? – –Eddie Adams Professional or Good Samaritan?

53 Moral dilemmas of a picture editor Risk of sensationalism, offending readers

54 Ken Jarecke: Death of an Iraqi soldier

55 Charles Porter: Tragedy in Oklahoma

56 Let’s look at the book…

57 In class assignment Review the Sports, Weather photographs Review the Sports, Weather photographs Email me the rankings Email me the rankings Two for one – freebie for April 1; double the fun tonight! Two for one – freebie for April 1; double the fun tonight!

58 Time to work on websites, practice shooting in RSOP Need to show me April 29 where you are! Need to show me April 29 where you are! Continue to work on your personal website for the final project Continue to work on your personal website for the final project Bring cameras next week! Bring cameras next week!

59 Photography lingo Shoot: take photos Shoot: take photos Sharp photo: in focus Sharp photo: in focus Soft: out of focus; not sharp Soft: out of focus; not sharp Flat light: Even, with no highlights Flat light: Even, with no highlights Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures Shoot a lot of frames! Shoot a lot of frames! –Take a lot of photos – memory cards are cheap!

60 Picasa 3: Editing, selecting photos Set up Google Account: Set up Google Account: Go to: Go to: Download Picasa 3 Download Picasa 3 Upload photographs Upload photographs Under File menu, select New Album Under File menu, select New Album Type in Date/name of assignment Type in Date/name of assignment Select photos, drag to the album you created Select photos, drag to the album you created Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption! Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption! NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption

61 Sharing album with me Select the album you want to share Select the album you want to share Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen Sign in to your Google account Sign in to your Google account In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type

62 Carry your camera with you!

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