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Sandrine Delabrière Fast-tracking NPD. My challenge.

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1 Sandrine Delabrière Fast-tracking NPD

2 My challenge

3 NPD process striking a balance creativity process...inspiration...intuition...leap of faith...surprise...challenge...rigour...planning...analysis...control...status quo

4 ideation NPD process incubationin-market

5 ideation NPD process incubationin-market creativity process

6 ideation incubationin-market idea generation Where time is spent technical development testingdecision-making

7 Optimize the structure - centralised + in the 80’s today

8 Optimize the process home-made process... fast-track process?

9 Optimize the team multi-functional clear leadership... 2 teams?

10 Optimize the team

11 Ideation Inspiration Structure...strong insights...strong many? big?

12 Ideation. Strong insight

13 1 small insight to a big idea a well-expressed insight will lead to better execution

14 Ideation. Strong insight Build a bank of consumer facts keep asking why… why… why… share with the extended team

15 Ideation. Strong ideas Best NPD Market analysis...white spaces... + other categories Technology Consumer insights Company strategy

16 ‘Manager la créativité’ - Thomas Paris Ideation accept some waste look for ‘dream teams’

17 Ideation. How many? Accenture August 2011 ‘among the 10 biggest players in the food industry over the last 4 years, there is little correlation between R&D spending or the number of product launches, and revenue growth’

18 Ideation. How big? Not only big bets... small ideas can grow... convenience can be big

19 Empower the project team Ideation. Prioritize

20 Incubation don’t over-test…don’t launch half- polished... Optimize the core idea...Make it happen

21 Incubation. Stick to the core idea DEFINE the core idea

22 Incubation. Stick to the core idea Its role to the Core: OWNABILITY

23 Incubation. Stick to the core idea Its role to the Core: think OUT OF THE BOX

24 Define the BUSINESS OBJECTIVES quick ££….? long-term win….? Incubation. Make it happen

25 Get SENIOR MANAGEMENT support Incubation. Make it happen

26 PROTOTYPE early & often

27 In-market Seize opportunities Launch

28 In-market. Launch BAD things can still happen… upscaling production... beware cost-cutting projects...

29 TRACK the progress...define the metrics...have them agreed...measure & communicate In-market. Launch

30 In-market GREAT things can still happen!

31 5 lessons from recent NPDs

32 1. Be ambitious

33 2. Be patient...

34 3. Never stop adding variety

35 4. Reinvent the obvious

36 5. Leverage emotions


38 Merci

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