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A strategic collaboration between ASQ and Forbes Insights ACCELERATING GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE IN THE ENTERPRISE.

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1 A strategic collaboration between ASQ and Forbes Insights ACCELERATING GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE IN THE ENTERPRISE

2 Why Explore Culture of Quality? Honda Grandees Chide CEO Over Quality, Recalls - Reuters, Nov. 12, 2014 Bad VA Care May Have Killed More than 1,000 Veterans - CNN, June 24, 2014 Konkan Railway imposes fine on caterer for poor quality food - The Times of India, Sept. 4, 2014 Several Drugs in Gov’t Hospitals Fail Quality Tests in Random Checks - The Indian Express, June 26, 2014

3 “Since the launch of our Quality Driven Management program in 2008 … we have been able to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of cost savings.” Culture of Quality Benefits Rebecca Yeung, Managing Director, Service Experience Leadership, FedEx

4 Survey Demographics Worldwide 50% C-Suite 50% Senior Executives Revenue Groups 50% with less than $500 million 50% with more than $500 million Industry Groups Manufacturing Health Care Technology Consumer Goods Food & Drug 1,010 Responses Worldwide Surveying its worldwide membership Revenue Groups From organizations of all sizes. Industry Groups From all industry groups. 1,281 Responses Forbes Survey ASQ Survey

5 Key Findings Organizations that self-describe their quality programs as world-class or state- of-the-art rate C-suite and senior leadership often have a more positive outlook of their quality program than those with quality-focused titles. Customers’ demands are a main driver of a quality culture, but executives contend with other factors, like quality’s role in profitability. More than half of the respondents plan to increase investment in quality in the next 18 months, 17% of which call the investment ‘substantial.’ Only 60% of respondents say their quality vision and values are clearly stated. Quality vision and values are key to a successful quality culture.

6 Self-Described World-Class Organizations

7 75% 47% 59% What Organizations Exhibit a Culture of Quality?

8 “CEOs and the C-suite tend to receive filtered, big-picture material that has been ‘prettied up’ for management.” Elizabeth Keim, Managing Partner, Integrated Quality Resources Why Such Different Views? “If you’re close to the challenge, you see the precise changes still needing to be made – and there are a lot of them. Whereas from the top, you see great progress.” Dan Afseth, Software Development Leader, Intuit

9 Developing, Sustaining a Quality Culture: Vision, Values, Leadership Values 60% describe their quality values as clearly stated 50% say such values are clearly understood throughout the organization Vision 60% say their quality vision is clearly stated 32% view their quality statement as compelling

10 Developing, Sustaining a Quality Culture: Vision, Values, Leadership *Respondents believe their company’s quality programs are among the strongest and most advanced in the world.

11 “There will always be room for improvement. (Creating and sustaining a culture of quality) is the responsibility of all leadership of all organizations from the beginning to the end of our value stream.” Ken Shead, Vice President of Integrated Quality, Boeing Defense Space & Security Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Quality “…Leadership sets the tone, clearly articulates the vision and expectations.” From there “you need to define what quality means, define quality goals … and reward those who are making it happen.” Jeffrey Ray, Director of Operations and Quality, Strategic Missile & Defense Systems, Boeing Defense Space & Security

12 What Drives Your Company’s Pursuit of Quality? Percentage of respondents who selected Significant or Very Significant

13 How Involved Are Customers in Quality? “Highly Applicable”

14 Customers and Quality “I believe the best definition of quality is to … give the customers what they want.” Paulo Sampaio, Professor of Quality Engineering and Management, University of Minho-Portugal Intel “enshrines” a set of core values, “all of which can be traced to a customer focus. The customer wins.” Stan Miller, Director of Enterprise Quality and Reliability Capability, Intel

15 Challenges Abound in Worldwide Quality Adoption

16 Companies are planning substantial improvements to quality programs over the next 18 months. Positive Change is on the Horizon 54% of all respondents plan to increase investment in quality programs. 73% of executives say they are making investments in technology to improve performance against quality objectives. 90% of respondents say they are investing in technology to meet end customer needs

17 Access the Research Learn more about the research and download the white paper at

18 Online Self-Assessment In addition to the whitepaper, Forbes Insights and ASQ developed a free self-assessment tool that allows organizations to measure and benchmark their culture of quality. Assess your own culture of quality today at

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