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Sun's Networked Vision Rob Bamforth Member of Sun Vision Council Sun Microsystems.

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1 Sun's Networked Vision Rob Bamforth Member of Sun Vision Council Sun Microsystems

2 Webtone > Dialtone


4 Internet Protocols Computer Networks Television Telephony Unix PC and Mainframe Household Appliances Radio Communicatio n Networks Convergenc e IP = Everything

5 Waves of the Internet An Internet of Computers An Internet of Things that Embed Computers An Internet of Things (MEMS)

6 What is Network Computing?  The decomposition and distribution of: – State and function from: A single system and application set – To: Components, distributed over one or more systems  Resulting from: – Continuing drive to components (software VLSI) – Convergence of communications on the Internet – Pressures from ever-increasing scale

7 Platform Evolution Client-Server3/N-Tier Net Apps Next Net Services After That The Network is the Computer Objects Legacy to the Web Network of Embedded Things Network of Things Catch Phrase System Collections Components Schematic The Computer is the Network Scale100s 10,000,000 s 1,000s 1,000,000,00 0s 100,000,000 s When/Peak1984/1987 2001/20031990/19932004/20071998/2004 1,000,000s 1996/1999 Leaf Protcol(s) X + XML, Portal XUnknown + RMI + HTTP (+ JVM) Directory(s) NIS, NIS + + UDDI + CDS + ? + Jini + LDAP (*) Session RPC, XDR + SOAP, XML + CORBA + ? + RMI/Jini + CORBA, RMI

8 " Service Provider Driven Network (Stand and Deliver) " eMarketPlaces & Portals (stairway to heaven) " Context is King (It ain't what you dou, it's the way that you do it) " Capacity planning is an oxymoron (Can't get enough of your love baby) " Everything is mission critical (Don't let the Sun go down on me) " Billions of Devices served (call me)) " User Weightlessness (He ain't heavy) " Time to market – time to volume (Pump it up) " Networks blur (Video killed the Radio Star) " Simplicity! (Little boxes)

9 Are we there yet ?

10 Incorrect Assumptions  Industries are defined by objects: –POS till –ATM –Telephone –TV –Mobile phone –Computer  These devices use incompatible hardware and software  It is normal for computers to crash  White goods shouldn't be smart

11 The Six Webs " Traditional web (Internet/PC/browser/cable) " Pocket communication web " Entertainment web " Commerce web " Embedded computing web " Voice activated wearable web

12 Smart Services  Wired intenet is rather 'flat' – mainly plenty of "What"  Mobile Internet has new dimensions –Timeliness and urgency (The "When") –Location relevance (The "Where") –Personalisation (The "Who") –New billing/revenue opportunites  "Where" is unique to mobile

13 'Killer' Mobile Services  Tele-teaming / m-conf call  Tele-gossip  Remote location check (m-ping) – Auto-ping – Home-ping – Family-ping – Pet-ping  Remote 'Yes, Dear'

14 It's where ?  Expressive Surfaces  Wearables  Ink on-line

15 1980 1990 2000 1,000,000X 100,000X 10,000X 1,000X 100X 10X 1X Moore’s Law Gilder’s Law Metcalfe’s Law Net Effect The Net Effect Users x Devices x Services x Data Massive system scalability required is both vertical and horizontal in architecture Massive scalability must add resources without increasing complexity

16 Reinvent the Applications/ Services Reinvent the Data Center Reinvent the Network Reinvent the Client The Net Effect Vision The Net Effect The Net Effect

17 The World is Changing Applications Services Big apps Service components Computer APIs Network APIs Direct trust Trust by proxy Multiple platforms Network of services Network = web Network > web

18 How it is Changing for Sun Subsystems Solution stacks "Tech" customers Just plain folks Underdog Success alienates partners Component metrics Measured by " E 3" Adequate volume Ubiquity a must

19 Network Services 10/95 3 Bets from 1995

20 Three Current Bets MassiveScale IntegratedStack ContinuousReal-time H/W S/W

21 The Service-Driven Network Service Access Services ServiceInfrastructure

22 Scaling Pressures  Computational/Storage demand  # of devices (users)  duty cycle  bandwidth  Service provider sees as increasing numbers of higher bandwidth connections

23 What's Changing? Applications Proprietary Desktop O/S Services Open Device Who Cares?

24 2.5G/3G Networks (Always online) Personalization & Proximity Peer-to-Peer Computing Dynamic Pricing Voice Browsers Spontaneous D2D (Jini/Bluetooth) 'Wearables' Major Disrupters

25 Sun's Networked Vision Rob Bamforth Member of Sun Vision Council Sun Microsystems

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