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School bully among student linked depression and suicide attempt.

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1 School bully among student linked depression and suicide attempt

2 Definition of school bully aggressive behavior malicious repeated actions

3 consequences of short and long term school bulling Mental illness Physical disorder Suicide attempt and ideation Depression and potentially violent

4 Four type of the school bullies Physical bullies Verbal bullies (non-physical) relationship bully sexual bullies

5 Physical bullies Physical bullies happen often with boys that use direct bully behaviors such as hitting, kicking, and destroying property to assault someone.

6 Verbal bullies (non-physical) Verbal bullies (non- physical) use threatening words or E-mails and obscene gestures to tease or/and humiliate victims

7 relationship bully relationship bully is most commonly to the girls exclude others and manipulate friendships

8 sexual bullies sexual bullies try to intently control, embarrass and demean victim on sexual motivation

9 Statistic about school bully younger teenagers 49.4% older teenagers 38.8% boys 49.55% girls 43.8%

10 Statistic about school bully linked suicide attempt two third of them were bulled for one reason one in three who report multiple reasons Compared with non-bullied students, ratio of suicide attempt and ideation increased twofold among those bullied for one reason and fivefold among those bullied for multiple reasons

11 Depression with school bullying students who were involved in school bullying were more likely to experience symptoms of depression than students who have never been bullied

12 symptoms of depression less social engagement low self-esteem having few close friends rarely find classmate to kind and helpful and feeling of loneliness.

13 Some long-term impact of school bullying long history of pressure and depression school shootings suicidal conduction

14 Teachers’ impact towards the school bullying The teachers’ negative attitude and behaviors teacher is bully fail to manage having a negative attitude toward bully

15 Solution about school bullying Pay more attention and intervention to bully Social support from teachers, peers, and families Building a positive relationship with parents Reinforced education about self-protect

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