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Journal Explain in your own words what abuse is.

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1 Journal Explain in your own words what abuse is.
What are some characteristics of an abuser? What would you do if your friend was being abused? -Would you tell someone?? If so,who?

2 Abuse

3 Abuse - - the physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of one person by another.

4 Answers Is abuse legal?? What are some characteristics of an abuser??
Questions Answers Is abuse legal?? What are some characteristics of an abuser?? Do abuse victims ever deserve the abuse? Please Explain. NO!! Abuse is illegal Abusers are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than their victims. NO! Abuse is NEVER ok. The abuser will make their victim think that they deserved to be abused.

5 Abuse tends to occur in close relationships.
What close relationships can you think of?

6 Physical Abuse- – hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, shoving, punching, choking, weapons, and shaking (baby).

7 What is the legal term used to describe physical abuse??
- Battery

8 Emotional Abuse - – use of words or gestures to mistreat another person. examples: making fun of, yelling, bullying, making someone feel stupid and worthless, and threatening physical violence.

9 Journal Why do you think someone would bully someone else?
What happens to a person’s health triangle when they are a victim of bullying? Explain your answer. Explain what cyber bullying is. Provide as many examples as you can.

10 Bullying Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power (physical and/or social)

11 Why are people bullied? 2 main reasons: Appearance & Social Status
*bullies pick on people they think don’t fit in.

12 A bully might pick on someone because…….


14 Victims of bullying can experience the following:
Can be afraid to go to school Can be afraid to ride the bus Can be afraid to use the school bathroom Can be afraid of being alone in the school hallway The fear and anxiety caused by being a bullying victim can make it difficult to focus at school.

15 Bullying can cause victims to experience:
Fear Depression Loneliness Anxiety Low self-esteem Physical illness Suicidal thoughts

16 Bullying Survival Tips:
Ignore the bully & walk away Hold the anger (they like seeing people get angry) Don’t get physical Practice confidence (stay true to yourself by doing things you enjoy) Take charge of your life Talk about it (guidance counselor, teacher, friend, or parent)

17 Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Cyberbullying also includes posting personal information or videos designed to hurt or embarrass someone else. cyberbullying news report

18 Protect yourself from Cyber Bullying:
Walk away (from computer/turn phone off) Report to service provider (facebook may block the bully from using the site) Block the bully Don’t respond Be safe online (password protect online sites/cell phones & change password often)

19 Cyber –harassment & Cyber- stalking
-When an adult sends messages or notes

20 Sexual Abuse – when a person is forced to participate in a sexual act against his or her will.

21 Statistics: 1 in 4 Girls & 1 in 5 Boys are sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 18! 75% of sexual abusers are family members!!

22 Sexual Abuse continued….
Often sexual abusers don’t use physical force. Young people are persuaded or bribed into performing sexual acts.

23 Sexting: the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. Sexting news report

24 Sexting: Penalties: the actions of these teens technically amount to distribution of child pornography, a New Jersey sex crime charge that could carry severe, lifelong penalties for these young people.

25 Sexual Harassment – uninvited and unwelcomed sexual conduct directed at another person. Examples: words, touching, jokes, looks, notes, or gestures with a sexual meaning.

26 Cycle of Abuse - - the pattern of repeating abuse from one generation to the next. *** The key to stopping abuse is to break the cycle of abuse!

27 Neglect - - The failure to meet a person’s basic physical and emotional needs

28 People have the following needs:
Love nourishing food Clothing adequate housing Education Safety medical/dental care.

29 People with disabilities Animals
Who can be neglected?? Children Elderly People with disabilities Animals

30 Children who are neglected may grow up to feel worthless and have difficulty setting and achieving goals. Neglect is a form of abuse and is against the law!

31 Effects of Abuse: self-neglect or injury
depression, anxiety, sleep disorders violent or criminal behavior drug and alcohol use eating disorders suicide attempts poor personal relationships

32 How to Avoid Abuse: Recognize Resist Report

33 Where to get help: Police department Hospital Shelters Support groups
Crisis hot lines School

34 Review Questions: Threatening to punch someone in the face is a form of which type of abuse? Name 3 characteristics of a bully. Explain what cyber bullying is. Using words with a sexual meaning is a form of______________. What groups of people can be neglected and why are they susceptible to being neglected? What are the 3 R’s in order to avoid abuse?

35 Review Questions: Shoving and choking are an example of which type of abuse? What is a common characteristic of a teenager who bullies other teens? What type of person does a bully pick on? What is sexual abuse? Threatening to beat someone up is what type of abuse? What is neglect and is it illegal? Explain the cycle of abuse.

36 Review Questions: What is the importance of reporting abuse?
Explain what neglect means. List 5 effects of abuse. List 3 places where someone can go to report abuse.

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