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Bullying Video Reality High: Middle and High Schools Designed by: T. Migliaccio & J. Raskauskas.

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1 Bullying Video Reality High: Middle and High Schools Designed by: T. Migliaccio & J. Raskauskas

2 What is bullying?

3 Bullying There are five identifying features of bullying. It is deliberate, hurtful behavior. It is repeated over a period of time. It is often difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves. It is difficult for those who bully to learn new social behaviors. Those who bully have, and exercise power inappropriately over others.

4 Bullying Forms Physical violence, for example hitting and kicking. Relational, emotional and verbal, for example name-calling, exclusion, gossip, threatening and coercion. Damage to property, for example taking lunches or destroying schoolbooks. Cyber-bullying by text messaging or internet.

5 Bully Video Scenes Scene 1: Cafeteria Scene 2: Classroom Scene 3: Hallway Scene 4: Key Themes Scene 5: End of School

6 Bullying Scene 1: Cafeteria Initial Discussion Questions Gender and Bullying –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Cycle of Bullying Bullies –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Victims –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Bystanders –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Types of Bullying Discussion Questions Teacher/School Response and Responsibility Discussion QuestionsTeacher/School Response and Responsibility Discussion Questions

7 Have you thought of relational aggression (the mistreatment by Angela of both Jeff and Lisa) as bullying? Do boys bully (or get bullied) the same as girls?

8 Gender Differences Bullies VictimsMaleFemale Male Kicking, hitting, pushing Name calling questioning masculinity/sexual orientation. Threats Taunting Embarrassing them Pretending to like them Sexual Harassment Female Giggling and pointing Gossiping Pretending to like them Embarrassing them Name calling Exclusion Isolation Cyber-bullying

9 Can girls be physically violent? Can boys exclude, embarrass or sexually harass other boys?


11 Which characters/scenes in the video do you see each of these different roles?

12 Bullies Confident Bullies Followers or Henchmen Reluctant Bullies Anxious Bullies Bully-Victims

13 Why do you think bullies bully people? For each bully type discussed above, why do you think each of the bullies bully?

14 Victims Passive Provocative

15 Why do you think victims are often blamed for being victims? What can victims do to change their situation?

16 Bystanders Passive Bystander Disengaged Onlooker Defender Passive Defender

17 Why do you think the different bystanders do what they do? What are their reasons?

18 How do each of the people involved in bullying help to continue it? What responsibility do they have in stopping bullying? Why should they?

19 What are things you think teachers should do to make school safer? Deal with bullying? What are some of the obstacles for teachers to help make students feel safer? What can be done to help teachers overcome the obstacles?

20 Bullying Scene 2: Classroom Relational Aggression –Discussion QuestionDiscussion Question Roles in the Classroom Teacher Response Discussion Questions Effects –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions

21 Relational Aggression Forms Cyberbullying Notes Exclusion

22 Are there are other forms of relational aggression?

23 Roles in the Classroom Bully Followers/Henchmen Victim Defender Passive Bystander

24 How can a teacher be aware of such bullying? What can they look for? Who can help them to be more aware? What would make students want to go to teachers for help? Are there teachers who are safer? Why?

25 Effects Absenteeism Lower grades/test scores Peer Rejection Poor physical health Poor mental health Conflict with parents

26 What other effects have you seen bullying have on people? What can students do to reduce the effects? What can teachers and the school do to reduce the effects?

27 Bullying: Scene 3: Hallway Harassment School Culture –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Effects –Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions

28 Harassment Cyberbullying Sexual harassment

29 School Culture Violence and Power Supported by students Condoned by schools/community/family/government

30 What is the relationship between bullying and power? How can it be changed? By students? By teachers/staff? By administration?

31 Effects and People Bullies Followers Bystanders Defenders Passive Defenders Victims

32 How does this affect the learning environment? How does it affect other relationships (family, friends, girl/boyfriends)?

33 Bullying: Scene 4: Key Themes Negative Consequences Power: Fear Reluctance to Help

34 What Negative Consequences do you see from bullying? How can these affect a person’s future?

35 What does power get you in school? How are power and fear related?

36 Why are people afraid to help? Whose responsibility is it to help stop bullying? How can staff/teachers/schools stop it if they don’t see most of it?

37 What are positive ways to deal with this that the Victim could try? Bystanders? Teachers? School?

38 Bullying: Scene 5: End of School Tom-Jeff Kyle-Larry Nikki-Jenna Mary-Teacher

39 What are other ways students can help stop/reduce bullying? Why do you think students refrain from helping to stop bullying/harassment? What are ways teachers/staff can help stop/reduce bullying? What are things schools can do to help stop/reduce bullying? How can schools help to promote/support students: victims, bystanders and defenders?

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