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Lights, Camera …Life Chip Glaze, JD, LMFT Director The Mississippi Bar Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Using media in therapeutic environments.

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1 Lights, Camera …Life Chip Glaze, JD, LMFT Director The Mississippi Bar Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Using media in therapeutic environments

2 Huh?? FAQ’s and comments Therapy is serious stuff, right? How can you trivialize it with movies and song lyrics? This seems a little less than professional. Does it really work? How do you know?

3 Ther-a-peu-tic \ adj : 1: of or relating to the treatment of disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods

4 En-vi-ron-ment \ n 1 : the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded

5 Therapeutic Environments may include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: ~Treatment Centers ~ Doctors’/Therapists’/Counselors’ Offices recognize that these may be in non- traditional settings (schools, churches, community settings) ~ Groups (12 Step, “self-help”, Group therapy) ~ Retreats ~ Some Church settings ~ Informational/Educational Meetings

6 Why media? Challenging/uncomfortable subject matter –Difficult to understand –Difficult to approach/address Identification –The “They’re telling my story” or The “Hey, that’s me” factor Disarming through humor, action, or drama –Normalizing - seeing concepts in characters and others

7 When Media? Engaging/“Setting the stage” –Establishes that this is not going to be the same old “group” thing –Speaks to Facilitator flexibility and style –Evokes feelings, as opposed to merely thoughts Common issues –Multiple group members struggling with similar issues –Some clips or lyrics speak volumes about issues/symptoms frequently encountered “Difficult” issues

8 Where Media? Anywhere –Access –Quality Know and respect your environment –What is perfect on a “retreat” may not translate well into a formal treatment setting –Some therapeutic settings serve other functions; churches, schools – be respectful

9 Setting up, “Unpacking”, and “Take Home” Setting up media: Give enough background to make what you are introducing understandable. “Unpacking”: A certain amount of letting the media “speak for itself” and allowing for individual interpretation is necessary and appropriate, but do not leave your points/concepts completely to chance. Request and process feedback. Ask questions. What did the viewers see? How is what they saw like the things about which you have been talking. “Take Home”: Make sure the “main thing” is communicated. If no one speaks to it, suggest it. Be as direct as is necessary if they aren’t “getting it” (if this happens, especially if it happens repeatedly, rethink your media.

10 * CAUTION * Keep the main thing the main thing. It should never be “about the media”. The media you use should complement the concepts, not vise- versa. Media may/will not work with all audiences or populations. Recognize if this is the case, and have a “Plan B”

11 Now I know that there ain’t nobody out there who came here tonight to get Mellow!! “Uncle Ted” Nugent from concert intro

12 Good Will Hunting clip here

13 Good Will Hunting What was Will doing when we met with the first therapists? What was different with Sean? What questions does their final interaction force us to face? It’s not my fault? If that’s true, so what? Is it me that’s broken or the world? Others?

14 Good Will Hunting - Take home For Clients - Knowing that you care almost always preempts/precedes Caring what you know It’s not about you Engaging Professional ≠ doormat We must be in a safe place and with safe people if we are to address those deep often extremely difficult issues. We must be that safe person if we are to be truly heard when we say, “It’s not your fault”

15 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I wish I could remember, what I said Todd Snider

16 Master & Commander clip here

17 Master and Commander What did the surgeon do to get himself into this ? “I do this with…” Whose hand ? What things did his shipmates do to facilitate his surgery ? How is that like a therapeutic environment where we might find ourselves?

18 Master and Commander - Take home Each of us is called to heal ourselves. We have the skills. We must, however, do so in the context of community. As fellows we are to get our friend to “dry land”; we must “hold the mirror” (though at times it may be difficult); we must “assist”

19 Life’s a journey, not a destination, and ya’ just can’t tell, just what tomorrow brings Emerson Later used by Steven Tyler & Aerosmith “Amazing”

20 Gladiator “As One” clip here

21 Gladiator – “ As One” What did the general call them to do? What happened to those who tried to “go it alone”? Did the fighting cease, just because they banded together? Aside from Maximus, who was most important? Least? Were there any “useless” team members?

22 Gladiator – “ As One” Take Home There is safety in community. “Going it alone” can and likely will get you “killed”, but as one we can accomplish great things. Sometimes, we may be called upon to lead, and to call others out, but other times, just being there is the best we can or need to do. Both roles are extremely important.

23 Each new morning sunrise, is just as good as gold, and all the hope inside you, will keep you from the cold Robert Earl Keene - “The Road of No Return”

24 Gollum/Smeagol clips here

25 Gollum & Smeagol What happened to Gollum, when Frodo recognized/acknowledged him for who he really was? Was “being known” an important thing for Smeagol? When do things fall apart for Smeagol? Isolation vs Community

26 Gollum & Smeagol – Take home Smeagol is at his best in the presence of others, specifically “Master”. Isolation kills Smeagol’s soul. Left to his own devices, he will obsess, he will plot and scheme, and ultimately he will lose himself. He will become Gollum. How much is this like your life, or like the lives of persons you know or with whom you work?

27 Outside in the cold distance, A wild cat did growl, Two riders were approaching, And the wind began to howl Dylan - “All Along the Watchtower”

28 I have told you I won’t watch you drown I can’t save you But I will be around Warren Haynes - “In my Life”

29 Ray Clip here

30 Ray Where was Ray’s Mother when he fell ? Did she have the ability to “help” Ray in this situation? Well why didn’t she? What was the purpose of her apparent callousness? When did Ray recognize his Mother’s presence? Does Ray’s Mother remind you of anyone else in our lives? A Higher Power?

31 Ray – Take Home Our Higher Power is always there; always has been, always will. We must “look” for our higher power in the midst of struggle. We should strive to experience our Higher Power in the circumstances and relationships that make up our lives.

32 Gotta Let your soul shine, It’s better than sunshine, better than moonshine, damn sure better than rain Warren Haynes – “Soulshine”

33 Thanks - C Chip Glaze, J.D., LMFT Director, The Mississippi Bar Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program P. O. Box 2168 Jackson, MS 39225-2168 (601) 948-4475/Office (601) 201-0577/Cellular (601) 500-5262/Facsimile

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