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Recognizing Eating Disorders 7 th grade Nutrition Lesson 5 Pages B72-77.

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1 Recognizing Eating Disorders 7 th grade Nutrition Lesson 5 Pages B72-77

2 Your Body Image  The Way a person feels about his or her appearance and perceives others view him or her.

3 Influences on Body Image  Labeling  Culture  T.V.  Movies  Magazines

4 Really? I didn’t know that!  The average model is 23 percent thinner than the average American female.  It is impossible for most females to try to attain a model’s body and stay healthy.  Males have negative body image too.

5 Eating Disorders  An emotional disorder in which a person chooses harmful eating patterns.  They effect 5-10 million Americans  Anorexia Nervosa  Bulimia Nervosa  Binge Eating Disorder

6 Anorexia Living Face CBS Early Morning Show  YouTube - Anorexia's Living Face (CBS News) YouTube - Anorexia's Living Face (CBS News) 5:29 Minutes

7 Anorexia Nervosa  A person starves themselves and has a weight of 15% or more below normal  About 5 % of people who have anorexia die as a result of the disorder.

8 Risks of Anorexia Nervosa  Malnutrition  Damage to kidneys, heart, and other body organs  Irregular heart rate  Fatigue and weakness  Stomach pain and constipation  Dull, yellow skin  Dull hair or hair loss  Growth of excess body hair  Absence of menstrual cycle in females

9 Warning signs of Anorexia  Complain about being fat despite continued weight loss  May use diet pills or laxatives and exercise excessively.  May make excuses to avoid meals or situations involving food  Develop food rituals  Preoccupied with calories and fat grams

10 Warning Signs (continued)  Worry about their appearance and compare themselves to others.  Wear baggy clothing to hide their bodies  Eat when their depressed, lonely, stressed or angry

11 Don’t Look Away Video with pictures of girls with eating disorders YouTube - Don't look Away YouTube - Don't look

12 Bulimia Nervosa  An eating disorder in which a person eats a great deal of food in a short period and then rids the body of the food.  Binge and Purge

13 Bulimia Nervosa  People who have bulimia will vomit or abuse laxatives.  Unlike people with anorexia, people with bulimia may be at a healthful weight

14 Risks of Bulimia Nervosa  Damage or discoloration in tooth enamel from the acid in vomit  Swollen cheeks and face  Sore gums  Dry, brittle hair  Irregular bowel movements  Heartburn  Stomach cramps  Increase in blood pressure  Damage to colon, heart and kidneys  Rupture of the esophagus in extreme cases

15 Warning Signs of Bulimia  Regularly eat abnormally large quantities of food in short period of time.  After meals, they might excuse themselves to go to the bathroom  Exercise excessively or obsess about their weight and body

16 Binge Eating Disorder  An eating disorder in which a person engages in uncontrollable eating.  May eat for hours in secret, even if they are not hungry.  They do not purge

17 Binge Eating Disorders  Up to 40% of obese people have Binge Eating Disorder.  May yo-yo diet, and lose and gain weight repeatedly.

18 Risks of Binge Eating Disorder  Overweight or obesity  Premature heart disease  High blood pressure  Diabetes  Certain types of cancer

19 Warning Signs of Binge Eating  Regularly eating until uncomfortably full  Eating a great deal of food rapidly  Gain excessive amounts of weight  Often embarrassed about body image and the amount of food they eat.  Display feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, or worthlessness.

20 Treatment  If you think you or a friend have an eating disorder, tell someone! An parent, teacher, guidance counselor  Person needs a team of caregivers Medical Doctor Counselor Dietician

21 Developing a Positive Body Image  Appreciate what your body can do (running, laughing, and dreaming)  Carry yourself with a sense of pride.  Wear clothes that make you feel good about your body.  Treat your body well

22 Dove Videos  Evolution Evolution  How they can Photoshop pictures How they can Photoshop pictures

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