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Universal Health Coverage Arunachal Pradesh ---------------------- Presentation in Plg. Comm. Meeting New Delhi-09/Jan/2014 for Secy.(Health & FW) By:

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1 Universal Health Coverage Arunachal Pradesh Presentation in Plg. Comm. Meeting New Delhi-09/Jan/2014 for Secy.(Health & FW) By: Dr. L. Jampa State Epidemiologist

2 WEST KAMENG EAST KAMENG KURUNG KUMEY UPPER SUBANSIRI PAPUM PARE LOWER SUBANSIRI WEST SIANG UPPER SIANG EAST SIANG LOWER DIBANG VALLEY DIBANG VALLEY LOHIT ANJAW CHANGLANG TIRAP TAWANG Bomdila Seppa Itanagar Koloriang Daporijo Ziro Along Yinkiong Pasighat Anini Roing Tezu Khonsa Hyuliang ARUNACHAL PRADESH Yupia Thrizino Bameng Sangram Mengio Deed Neelam Syum Jeying Sille Anpum Etalin Wakro Khimiyong Wakka Walong District Headquarter State Capital -- Selected PHC -- Road Connectivity NH 52 A N China Myanmar Bhutan Tuting Soha Assam Nagaland

3 Arunachal Pradesh State & Health Profile Population13,82,611 (Census 2011) No. of Districts17 Population Density17 /Sq.KM (Census 2011) Decadal growth26.92% (Census 2011) Health Indicators DLHS-IIDLHS-III CES-2009HMIS Maternal Health - Institutional Delivery Mothers who had 3 or more ANC Child Health Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 40 (SRS 2007) 37 (SRS 2008) 31 (SRS 2010) 32 (SRS-2012) Children 9-11 months fully immunized Children months fully immunized Family Planning Total Fertility Rate (TFR) 2.7 (NFHS-III) Total unmet need Sex Ratio 920 (Census 2011)

4 Overall Infrastructure and Manpower FACILITIES N0.FUNC General Hospitals33 Mental Hospital11 District Hospital1312 Community Health Centre5449 Primary Health Centre12997 Sub Centre DisciplineExistingShortfallDisciplineExistingShortfall Medicine778GDMO (Allo) Surgery877MO (AYUSH)67130 Obs. & Gynae1176Dental Surgeon3931 Paediatric780Staff Nurse/ GNM Anaesthesiology778Lab. Tech94167 Opthalmology1258Radiographer28114 Orthopaedic511Opthal. Asstt.2644 Pathology513ECG. Tech.513 ENT313OT Tech.2247 Psychiatric213Pharmacist20163 Dermatology114Dental Tech.2149 Forensic114Blood Bank Tech.015 Microbiology114ANM Epidemiologist116HA319282

5 Major ongoing Schemes under NRHM Sl.No.SchemeNos.ProgressBudget (Lacs)Exp.(Lacs) 1Upgradation of ASH to 300 Bedded16% Upgradation of CHC Koloriang190% Upgradation of DH Daporijo1100% Construction of PHC Tali150% GNM School at Daporijo1ongoing ANM School at Aalo, Tezu, Tawang3ongoing Construction of Sub Centres (2006 to 2013) % Upgradation of PHC Chambang1 Ongoing Upgradation of PHC Parsi Parlo Upgradation of PHC Damin Under NEC Sl.No. Name of ProjectsBudgetState SharePhy. Progress 1Biomedical Waste Management in 6 Districts % 250 bedded Hospital at Sakiang, % 350 bedded Hospital at Palin Phase-II % 4Trauma Centre, Aalo % 530 bedded hospital at Parang, % 650 bedded hospital at Pistana %

6 Sl.No.Name of WorkNos. Rate (In lakh) Amount (in lakh) 1New Construction of SC Strengthening of SC (ANM Qtrs) PHC Upgradation PHC Staff Quarter Construction of Labour Room at PHC Construction of Waiting Rooms at PHC Upgradation of CHC CHC Staff Qtr Construction of Labour Room at CHC Construction of DH Staff Quarters DH Upgradation Construction of Store House Other Civil Works under NRHM 2006 to 2014

7 Achievements Achievements

8 Activity Achievement Operationalisation of 24x7 facility at PHC level3564 RCH Outreach Camps 4018 Monthly Village Health and Nutrition Days Maternal Health Delivery Points in the State 1Total No. of SCs472 aNo. of SCs conducting >2 deliveries/month17 2Total No. of 24X7 PHCs64 aNo. of 24X7 PHCs conducting > 6 deliveries /month17 3Total No. of any other PHCs63 4Total No. of CHCs ( Non- FRU)53 aNo. of CHCs ( Non- FRU) conducting > 6 deliveries /month20 5Total No. of CHCs ( FRU)1 aNo. of CHCs (FRU) conducting > 20 deliveries /month0 bNo. of CHCs (FRU) conducting C-sections1 6Total No. of DH14 aNo. of DH conducting > 30 deliveries /month 10 bNo. of DH conducting C-section10 7Total No. of Accredited PHF2 aNo. of Accredited PHF conducting > 10 deliveries per month1 bNo. of Accredited PHF conducting C-sections1

9 JSSK Implementation status for different entitlements for till date No. of PW provided free Drugs and Consumables No. of PW provided free Diagnostics No. of PW provided free Diet JSY Mothers paid JSY Incentive During %93.9%37.5 % (to annual target) Types of TrainingCategory of participant Trainings conducted SBA MO0 1 ANM/GNM14190 EmOCMO012 LSASMO06 MTPMO2129 RTI/STI MO594 LT570 Counselor222 ANM/GNM471 Maternal Health Trainings

10 Trend Analysis for ANC Services

11 Child Health Institutional Strengthening New Born Care Corner set up 90 New Born Stabilization Unit set up 1(CHCRuksin), 4(under Progress) Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre established 1(Pasighat) Sick Newborn Care Unit established 4(Under progress) Types of TrainingCategory of participant Trainings conducted (Planned) IMNCI MO 102 ANM/GNM/ASHA/ AWW0229 NSSK MO0234 GNM0229 S/ Tutor02 ANM025 Internee (BHMS)016 F-IMNCI ToT03 MO017 GNM034 BeMOC Training MO2244 GNM036 ANM010 Child Health Trainings

12 RBSK No. of Schools visited 1056 No. of School Children screened Setting up of 3 DEICs under process Rs. 231 Lakhs approved for Surgical intervention of Congenital Heart Disease and Retinopathy of pre maturity for 0-18 yrs of age. WIFS No. of Children provided IFA Tab ARSH ARSH Clinics set up in 2 GH, 12 DH, 6 CHC and 1 PHC No. of adolescent clients registered and provided services 2506 School Health Programme-RBSK-Adolescent Health


14 Family Planning Types of TrainingCategory of participant Training conducted IUD MO2133 IUCD ANM/GNM2252 Laproscopic Sterilization Gyneacologist02 Minilap MO327 Contraceptive UpdateMO027 Indicator Achievement Total Number of Laparoscopic sterilizations conducted Number of Mini-lap sterilizations conducted Number of Post-Partum sterilizations conducted Number of IUD Insertions conducted Oral Pills cycles distributed Number of Condom pieces distributed

15 Human Resource and program management Technical Manpower recruited and in position in various Health Facilities across the State Specialist3 Medical Officers (allo)53 Medical Officers (Dental)15 Medical Officers (AYUSH)32 Staff Nurses200 ANMs158 Lab. Technicians60 Health Assistants20 Statistical Investigator2 Ref. Mechanic3 Manpower Recruited under School Health Programme/Rashtrya Bal Swasth Karyakram Medical Officers32 ANMs32 Health Assistants/Opthalmic Assistant32 State Programme Management Support Unit State Finance Manager1 Consultants4 State Accounts Manager1 State Data Manager1 State Community Mobilizer1 Data Managers5 Computer Assistant1 Data Assistant1 District Programme Management Support Unit District Programme Manager13 District Accounts Manager16 District Data Managers16 District Community Mobilizers16 Data Assistants16 Block Accounts Manager84 Block Data Manager84

16 Progress of ASHA activities in Arunachal Pradesh Total No. of ASHA Training M-I to VI&VII 1 st Phase2nd phase3rd phaseA/Facilitator

17 PHC/CHCs managed by NGOs under PPP Public Private Partnership NGOName of the districtName of the PHC/CHCs Karuna Trust AnjawPHC Walong ChanglangPHC Khimiyong Dibang ValleyPHC Etalin Kurung KumeyCHC Sangram TawangPHC Lumla Upper SiangCHC Tuting Upper SiangPHC Jeying Papum ParePHC Mengio TirapPHC Wakka East KamengPHC Bameng Lower Dibang ValleyPHC Anpum Future Generations, AP East SiangPHC Sille East KamengPHC Thrizino J.A.C PRAYASLohitPHC Wakro N.N Charitable SocietyLower SubansiriPHC DEED Neelam M.M. Charitable TrustUpper SubansiriPHC Siyum

18 NCD(Non-communicable Diseases) State Government has prioritized inclusion of NCD as a major component of health care in the state. NPCDCS (National Program for prevention and Control of Cancer, Cardio-vascular Diseases and Stroke) has been launched in the State by Dr.M.Veerappa Moily, Hon’ble Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gases on 16/11/2013 during the “Vikas-Rally”. Under NCD the following activities are approved by GOI and are being implemented in the state from this year: 1.Palliative Care. 2.NCD Clinic. 3.Geriatric Ward. NCD- the path forward:

19 Targets under NCD: 1.To provide free essential medicines for treatment of NCDs. 2.To strengthen all District Hospitals and CHCs by establishing one NCD Clinic in DH and CHC. 3.To establish a 10 bed Geriatric Ward in each hospital, initially for 5 districts during and remaining during Engage adequate trained manpower for NCD Clinics in the state. 5.Strengthen District Hospitals and CHCs with requisite equipment with drugs and consumables. 6.Ensure free treatment of Cancer patients in the districts with chemotherapy drugs. 7.District Cancer Control Unit proposed to be established in 5 districts of AP during followed by establishment of CCU in all districts during

20 Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Arunachal Pradesh Objective To understand HR requirement & management, community participation, role of PPP and estimation of financial/resource requirement. Periodically monitor and measure the progress (ideally 100%) of all the interventions/ measurable indicators under UHC.

21 Progress So far Pilot Districts East SiangPapum Pare Population99019 (Census 2011) (Census 2011) Health Facilities 1 ISO Certified GH, 5 CHCs, 15 PHCs and 38 SCs 1 State hospital, 1 RKM (NGO) GH, 4 CHCs, 7 PHCs and 41 SCs ManpowerSpecialists-12, MO-48, SN-41, ANM-46Specialists 30, MO-143, SN-94, ANM-90 Steps being Taken State Level Workshop for District Health Authorities on UHC conducted Baseline Survey-Household Survey, Family Health Card, ASHA, AWW, referral transport Rationalization of Health Facilities-Population, existing Health Manpower, Infrastructure Gap Identification- Additional requirement/improvement of buildings Assessment for tertiary care services at GH Assessment for establishing efficient Drug procurement and logistic system Improvement/ vitalization of community action (VHSNC) Improved/Augmented BCC activities Robust and responsive financing Strict Adherence to timelines and stipulations

22 New Initiatives undertaken Sl. No.InitiativeObjective 1.Chief Minister’s Health Insurance It is visualised to render health needs to all categories of people. Technical Bid completed and Financial Bid on 10 th jan Arunachal Pradesh Arogya Nidhi(APAN) Ensure financial assistance to BPL patients under the joint venture of State and Central Govt. (Rs. 1.5 lakhs as one time grant) 3.Tele-medicines under NEC Connect all district hospitals with Tele-medicines. 4.ICMR –INDIAB (Diabetes study) To find out the prevalence of Diabetes and pre- diabetes in both rural and urban population 5.Public Private Partnership in running of Health Facilities To provide Health care in remote areas. 16 Health Facilities managed by 5 reputed NGOs. 6.ICMR Population Based Cancer Registry To register all cancers both Eastern and Western Zones 7.Clinical Establishment Act. To register and monitor all clinical establishments in the state 8.Functionalization of Blood Banks/storage unit Availability of sufficient Blood for the entire population of the state ( There are 8 Blood Banks functioning in the state.)

23 State Specific Requirement Additional manpower based on shortfall as per IPHS. 50 New ambulances with mobility support Up-gradation of 13 District Hospitals to RCC structure.

24 Thank You

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