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CINI ASHA The Urban Unit of Child In Need Institute Urban Health Programme.

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1 CINI ASHA The Urban Unit of Child In Need Institute Urban Health Programme

2  To improve the quality of life of the urban disadvantaged population and protect the rights of the child through Education Health and Social Mobilisation. CINI ASHA’s Mission:

3 Goal of Urban Health Programme To improve the health status of the urban poor through the life cycle approach by a convergent and sustainable strategy by increasing access to health services and awareness on health issues Coverage: 2,40,000 population Eastern and Central parts of Kolkata

4 Improving health status through Life Cycle Approach Pregnant Women – To ensure safe motherhood

5 Objectives To promote safe motherhood, infant immunization and nutrition, birth spacing, adolescent health To increase community capacity to sustain the health improvement To promote linkages with existing government and non government health care and sanitation service providers To develop a sustainable and replicable urban health strategy

6 Strategies  Activity *Situational analysisSituational analysis * Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerability Assessment * Stakeholders Consultation  Community Mobilization * Provision of Community space & infrastructure by the CBOs * Community Contribution * CHVs and Swasthya SevikaCHVs and Swasthya Sevika * Active participation of Community leaders  Convergence *Local Govt infrastructure (KMC,Dept of H&FW) *Network of Private Medical Practitioners  Demand Creation *Awareness generation through community meetings, awareness camps

7 Key elements of the urban health programme Community centres (17 centres) Community health volunteers(1000 population) Swasthya sevikas(10,000 population) Adolescent peer educators RCH Committees

8 Pregnant Mother Identification, 3-6 months CHV-ELCO Map, ELCO register Swasthya Sevika – Mother card Community Centre: Weight, IFA, Calcium,Counseling registration for ANC Govt Hospital Institutional Delivery PNC Swasthya Sevika – Child card Healthy Baby Counseling, Breastfeeding Weaning, Birth spacing, immunization KMC-immunization PMP-minor illnesses

9 Challenges Ahead  To sustain the motivation levels of the CHVs  To build effective linkages between all stakeholders and beneficiaries  To sustain community ownership  To modify interventions based on the Vulnerability assessment.

10 Thank you

11 Community Health volunteers & Swasthya Sevikas  Women residing in the slums with good communication skills  Keep track of 1000 population each  Have been provided training on RCH issues  Provided with a minimum Honorarium  Monitoring tool- ELCO map & RegisterELCO map Register  Residents of the slum with Higher Secondary level of Education  Supervise the work of 10 Community health volunteers  Individual follow-up of all Pregnant women and children under2  Use the mother and Child card for follow-up and monitoring.



14 Findings of Situational Analysis  Total population of Kolkata : 4580544  Total Slum population of Kolkata: 1490811  Wards under Borough5 : 36, 37, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 48, 49, 50  Wards under Borough7: 56, 57, 58, 59, 63, 64, 66, 68, 85  Total Slum population of Borough5: 45041  Total Slum population of Borough7: 261850

15 Ward wise distribution of slums in Borough 5 Ward noHighModerateLow 3610141 37030 407171 41052 431150 445132 45300 481181 49064 50086 B 7

16 Ward wise distribution of slums in Borough 7 Ward noHighModerateLow 567163 5714121 5838180 5912171 63030 64180 6631120 68082 850142

17 Pregnant Women Services rendered: IFA, calcium, weight check up, counseling on safe motherhood, child care & birth spacing Services referred: ANC, Institutional delivery Children(0-2yrs) Services rendered: growth monitoring, early childhood stimulation Services referred: immunization, childhood morbidities

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