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Autograd Process For 2012 Chicago Public Schools May 7, 2012.

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1 Autograd Process For 2012 Chicago Public Schools May 7, 2012

2 Graduation Planning Tools for Schools Autograd Processing – Review Guidance For Schools Communications Milestones and Support Autograd Timeline Q & A Agenda

3 Preliminary Senior Graduation Status Report – Does Not Update – One-time snapshot (as of 4/30/12) of projected graduation status – Projection includes scheduled 2 nd semester Day & Evening classes SIM CPS Grad Status Screen – Updates Nightly – Daily Snapshot of graduation status based on Day School only – Does not include scheduled 2nd semester Day or Evening classes * – Credits Completed determined by Academic Planner “Current” tab – Mirrors the “Student “section of the Unofficial Transcript Report – Includes Pass/Fail completion status for required P/F courses SIM Academic Planner – Updates Instantly – Real time picture of contributing & non-contributing credits – “Current” tab does not include scheduled 2 nd semester Day/Eve classes * – “Future” tab includes scheduled 2 nd semester Day classes but does not include 2 nd semester Evening classes * Graduation Planning Tools For Schools * Second Semester Course contributions in Day and Evening are reflected after final grade completion.

4 Autograd Processing - Review Autograd Process (Initiated in June 2011) SIM CPS Grad Status screen automatically tabulated and displays student fulfillment of Graduation Requirements Academic Planner determines Credit fulfillment by category and displays how each course counts towards graduation Grad Status screen automatically determines Fulfillment of Non-Credit requirements The Graduation Requirements Met indicator will inform schools as to status. Schools will make the final determination on graduation status. SIM will automatically Graduate those 12 th graders who: 1. Have been manually set to “Promoted” by the school OR 2. Have a status of “Pending” and have met requirements per the Graduation Requirements Met Indicator on the CPS Grad Status Screen At YEP (6/30/12) SIM will automatically Retain those students who have either been manually set to “Retained” by the school or remain at “Pending” and have not met requirements per the Graduation Requirements Met Indicator Impact on Schools & Students Schools can identify which seniors are not on track to graduate & prioritize interventions while retaining the ability to make the decision on senior promotion or retention.

5 CPS Grad Status Screen - Graduation Summary

6 Review School Preliminary Senior Graduation Status Report – Available at Identify any students having a projected graduation status that is inconsistent with school expectations Evaluate projected shortfall(s) if they are not expected – Credit Shortfall Identify shortfall category and evaluate courses counted in the category using the Academic Planner “Future” tab. Evaluate Non-Contributing credits (located at the bottom of the Academic Plan) – Non-Credit Shortfall (P/F courses, PSAE or Service Learning) Take action to correct, communicate and document – Complete any pending historical credit updates – Bring Service Learning Hours and P/F course grades up to date – Communicate any course mapping concerns to Autograd email – Document planned manual promotions and supporting reasons Guidance For Schools – Senior Projected Graduation Status

7 Manual Promotion Required – PSAE Exemptions and Spring 2012 PSAE Test Takers – Specific exceptions (e.g., a transfer student has 1 World Lang credit in a language not offered at CPS) Manual Promotion Optional (with documented Principal approval) – Credit requirement not met in categories where student participated in school-specific program (e.g., IB) – Scheduling Errors/Duplicate Courses* – Foreign credit data entry error, missing foreign credits, or other cause* Students with IEP graduation exceptions must be evaluated manually as IEP graduation exceptions are not recognized by the automation Student Evaluation – Promotion Guidance * Schools are strongly encouraged to make data corrections whenever possible to minimize the occurrences where students are promoted manually due to data issues

8 Manual Retention Required – Student with IEP meets all graduation requirements but will receive transition services as an enrolled student Manual retention Optional – Student meets all graduation criteria but is participating in a CTE program where they have not met the additional CTE requirements Student Evaluation – Retention Guidance

9 Principals Digest announcement - 4/26/12 Graduation Projection Reports for Counselors - 5/2/2012 – Also available on Principal Letter - 5/4/2012 – Feedback required by 5/18/2012 Webinar – 5/7/2012 Autograd Audit Report of Manual Overrides – 6/18/2012 – After delivery of Audit Report feedback will be required by 6/30/12 Dedicated email contact: – Graduation Automation Process Tab – School Preliminary Graduation Status Report (does not update) – Quick Guide and Other existing support documents – Updated Course Requirement Mapping Document – 5/7/2012 Webinar Link Communications Milestones and Support

10 Autograd Processing Timeline (for 12 th Graders) June 2012 SUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAY >>>>>> indicates time span for schools to: - Evaluate their students graduation status - Correct, Communicate and Document exceptions - Manually set Promotion Status where appropriate ******** indicates time slot for final adjustments 1 >>>>>>>>>>>> 2 >>>>>>>>>>>> 3 >>>>>>>>>>>> 4 Senior Day School Grades Final >>>>>>>>>>>> 5 All Evening School Grades Final >>>>>>>>>>>> 6 Evening School Grades Converted to SIM Historical 7 Grad Status Page Reflects Spring Credits >>>>>>>>>> 8 >>>>>>>>>>>> 9 >>>>>>>>>>>> 10 >>>>>>>>>>>> 11 >>>>>>>>>>>> 12 >>>>>>>>>>>> 13 Graduation Posting Date Final Ranks Calculated >>> 14 Grad Status Page and Transcripts Reflect Grad Date >>>>>>> 15 Last Day of School >>>>>>>>>>> 16 >>>>>>>>>>>> 17 >>>>>>>>>>>> 18 Manual Promotion Audit Report Sent To Schools>>>> 19 >>>>>>>>>>>> 20 >>>>>>>>>>>> 21 >>>>>>>>>>>> 22 >>>>>>>>>>>> 23 >>>>>>>>>>>> 24 **************** 25 **************** 26 ****************** 27 ****************** 28 ****************** 29 YEP sets Final Code 55, Grad Date, Promo Status 30 Promotion Audit Response Due From Schools

11 Q & A

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