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The Latest in Legislative News and Library Legislative Day, 2011 January 12, 2010 3:30 pm (CST) Texas Library Association Advocacy Series.

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1 The Latest in Legislative News and Library Legislative Day, 2011 January 12, 2010 3:30 pm (CST) Texas Library Association Advocacy Series

2 The Latest in Legislative News & Library Legislative Day, 2011 Webinar instructions To HEAR THE AUDIO part of the webinar, be sure to DIAL our conference CALL at 1-866-740-1260 (toll free). When asked, key in your access code: 4146650. For technical help, contact the ReadyTalk support line at 800-843-9166. Today’s webinar will begin shortly.

3 The Latest in Legislative News & Library Legislative Day, 2011 Instructions for later Everyone will receive an evaluation survey after the webinar. Additional library advocacy and policy information is posted on the TLA website at:

4 The Latest Legislative News and Library Legislative Day, 2011 Helpful Tips To minimize background noise, please mute your phone line by pressing *6. You may unmute your line by pressing *7. Twitter hash tag will be #TLAweb. Please note the “Raise Hand” button on your screen – or you can type questions via the chat box.

5 The Latest in Legislative News and Library Legislative Day, 2011 January 12, 2011 3:30 pm (CST) Texas Library Association Advocacy Series

6 Brought to you by TLA’s Legislative Sponsors Britannica Digital EBSCO Gale Cengage Learning Highsmith Lee & Low Polaris

7 Our Presenters Marty De Leon TLA Policy Analyst Recovering Attorney Gloria Meraz TLA Director of Communications Susan Mann Director of the library and IT for the City of Hillsboro Legislative Committee Vice- Chair Joyce Baumbach Retired director of Plano Public Library Legislative Committee Chair

8 The 82 nd Legislature The State Budget and Shortfall The Outlook for Libraries

9 Post Election Huddle Tex. Leg. Election Night Results: 99 R/51 D - House 21 House incumbents lost (Donna Howard, too?) with 36 new House members; 2 Dems became Republicans (101 Republicans) 19R/12 D – Senate Joe Straus re-elected at Speaker 9 House Committee Chairs not returning (including Homer of Culture, Recreation & Tourism Comm. Sub. on Article I - Otto, Creighton, Brown (Herrero & Flores gone) Sub. on Article III - Hochberg, Aycock, King, Morrirson, Villarreal (no change) Sub. on Article III - Hochberg, Aycock, King, Morrirson, Villarreal (no change) What does a supermajority in the House mean? Approp. bill can pass in regular session. No special session. No new taxes to help with budget shortfall.10% cuts submitted by state agencies likely to happen. Major cuts to education and health very likely.

10 State Budget Shortfalls for 2012-2013 Comptroller says Texas will be short $26.8B for the 2012-2013 biennium The 2010-2011 biennium currently has a $3 to $4B shortfall (even after the 5% cut already implemented) Texas has a combined revenue shortfall of about $30B

11 The Cuts Sen. Ogden (Chair, Senate Finance Committee) states that Article II (Health) and Article III (Education) must suffer cuts.

12 State Coffers


14 State Budget Expenses -- $182 B for 2010-2011 Education – 60% Includes TEA and Higher Ed Health – 30% General Government – 3.2% Includes State Library

15 5% cut from current (2010-2011) budget TEA High School Initiatives – Collaborative Dropout Cycle 3 and HS Improvement/Dropout Reduction; Prof. Dev. For teachers/admins SSI (42b) Supplemental math instruction SSI (42e) Arts integration TEA admin Beginning teacher induction & mentoring Steroid testing Science & math outreach Humanities Texas Principal leadership training – counselor training for college prep TSLAC TSLAC Loan Star Libraries System Negotiated Grants Several other divisions (bulk of cuts for LSL and SyNG programs) Higher ED Higher ED Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board programs Cuts across for all institutions of higher education

16 Budget Shortfall for 2010-2011 TEA’s 5% cut amounted to $126 M TSLAC’s 5% cut amounted to $2.047 M Higher ed’s 5% cut amounted to $439 M All state agencies made a 5% cut = $1.25 B However, state budget shortfall for 2010-11 was $2.3 B Emergency appropriation needed in Jan. 2011

17 The 82 nd Session…

18 PROPOSED 10% CUT for 2012-2013 TEA TX High School Initiative- Collaborative Dropout Cycle 3 TX High School Initiative- Professional Development for Teachers/Administrators SSI (42 b) Supp.Math Instruction/ College Entrance Exams Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring—Evaluation Steroid Testing Science And Math Outreach Technology Allotment Region Service Centers Science Lab Grant Program Life Skills Student Parents Optional Extended Year Textbook & Kindergarten Materials TSLAC TSLAC Loan Star Libraries System Negotiated Grants TexShare Talking Book Program Archives Division Local Records Higher ED Higher ED All areas of higher education – including all institutions of higher education and the budget of THECB (with 50 programs being cut) Nursing Shortage Program Texas B-On Time Top Ten % Grants Texas Grants

19 Proposed Cuts for 2012-2013 The 10% cut by TEA equals $261 M The 10% cut by TSLAC equals $3.880 M The 10% cut to THECB equals $127 M If all state agencies reduce by 10%, the savings will be $3.5 B

20 Can we balance the budget and save FSP? $26.8 B budget shortfall $3.5 B (10% cut by agencies) $8 B (Rainy Day Fund) $2 B (Delay FSP payment) $2 B (VLT at race tracks) $2B (Raise fees) Remember: Redistricting is on the agenda.

21 How bad is the budget crunch? Let’s chop up state government for fun: $2.4B - 22 entire state agencies (Atty Gen/CPA) $437M - state judiciary $875M - oversight water control and parks $587M - bus/economic development programs $312M - 31 regulatory agencies, including those overseeing insurance, racing and utilities) $354M - (TX Legislature: budget planning, legal advice and staff)

22 And you could… Fire half the prison, parole and probation officers to save $1.4 billion. Eliminate college financial aid/scholarships to save $1.2 billion. Spend half of the state's rainy day fund to raise $4.5 billion. Eliminate all grants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to save $131 million. Tympany…only $12.2 billion is saved. Less than half of what probably will be needed for $26.8B shortfall.

23 The 82 nd Legislature Our mission is to … PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT!

24 What we will hear… There is NO MONEY Smaller government Focus on jobs and getting people back to work Offering a competitive education & ensuring a competitive workforce

25 Our Message Our Message The library community wants to: Keep from losing ground not expand services Help get people back to work Use public funds efficiently Ensure students have access to digital resources essential for a competitive education & workforce

26 Looking at the big picture! We must focus our language and messaging to the OUTSIDE world. That means: –It isn’t about a particular type of library; it’s about LIBRARIES. –It’s about how libraries make a tangible & fundamental contribution to the state. –It’s about what supporting libraries means for constituents at the home district.

27 The Value We Bring How many students did you help graduate or keep in school? Over the course of his/her lifetime, a dropout will cost the nation $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes, and productivity. Stephen Reder’s Adult Literacy Development and Economic Growth Report (August, 2010) How much economic activity has your library programming spurred?

28 The Cost of Illiteracy Illiteracy costs the US and businesses an $220 billion annually in lost wages, lost productivity, lost taxes, public assistance, and lost opportunity What is the literacy rate in your community?

29 How do we promote literacy? Benchmarking Adult Literacy in America: An International Comparative Study identifies 10 targets and tools for improving literacy in America. One could argue that libraries play a substantive role in each of these target areas. Promoting: cultures of lifelong and life wide learning early childhood education and care programs measures to improve the quality of education measures to reduce inequality in the outcomes of schooling access to adult education for all citizens literacy rich environments at work workplace literacy programs literacy rich environments at home literacy rich environments in the community access to information and communication technologies From the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Community Impact and Benefits

30 What programs do you offer to support literacy ? Library ROI studies value the cost of adult programs at about $5.50 per adult and $4 per child How are you helping promote literacy?

31 Other Activities What is your circulation? How many times is your meeting room used?

32 What My Library Means to Me

33 Impact of 10% cut in 2012-13 Proposed cuts at TEA might affect Tech Allotmt. TSL State Cut = $3.880 M TSL Federal Loss TSL Federal Loss = $2.914 M TOTAL TSL LOSS = $6,794,000

34 Loss of Federal Funds According to TSLAC, the agency already stands to lose $548K in 2012-13 for the current 5% cuts. If an additional 10% cut in state funding is made in the 2012-2013 biennium, we could lose another $2.914 M – and more in 2014! The loss of federal funds will likely affect many other library programs (including Systems & grants for all types of libraries) at the State Library.

35 The TLA Priority Items Issue Papers: Secure exceptional items funding for TexShare (includes TexShare database program AND K- 12 databases) & Loan Star Libraries TO OFFSET CUTS AND LOSS OF RESOURCES Continue state telecommunications discounts

36 TexShare “TexShare Online Information” –Exceptional Items Request: $4,012,000 (biennium) –Digital information system for sharing library resources and covers both the TexShare program and K-12 Databases. Funds would allow for maintenance of existing resources by providing funding to meet inflationary cost increases ($1.3 M) –Additional $2.7 M for Learning Resource Program – includes testing and college readiness materials for K-12, resume & job preparation materials and test- taking support. All about getting people to work, into college. Remember: at the 10%, TexShare (although not the K-12 databases – we think) loses $1 M

37 Loan Star Library Grants Exceptional Items Request for $4M for the biennium LSL is a direct aid program that provides grants for about 550 public libraries to allow them to offset cuts to hours and services and helps fund needed local programs, such as workforce development training. REMEMBER 10% cut = $1.5 M + $1.4 M cut (from 5% cut of the current biennium) = $3 M cut

38 State Telecommunications Discounts This statewide program for schools, libraries, and higher education requires providers to offer certain services (such as T1 lines and fiber connections) at no more than 110% of costs. The program expires on Jan. 1, 2012. Legislative action needed: Extend the date by amending the Texas Utilities Code (Chapters 58.258, 58.268 & 59.077, 59.083) and continuing the state telecommunications discount.

39 Whew! So how do we begin to deliver the message to elected officials?

40 Talk with Legislators Make an Appointment –Visit with them at the home district –Invite them to your library

41 Be Prepared Learn your issues –Study the facts –Memorize your statistics –Find stories to share that will support your requests Write up an information sheet or add local data to the TLA fact sheets

42 During the Visit Be cheerful Look and act professional Use real life examples Invite them to visit your library

43 Ask for their support! Never leave without asking for their support Use comments: Use comments: We will be counting on your support We can really use your help We are so grateful that you realize how important this is to our (community’s; children’s) future

44 Things to avoid… Rambling – –Get to the point quickly Talking Politics – Your party affiliation and how you voted should never be mentioned. Talking about other issues – You are there to talk about libraries; stick with it! Don’t get off message!

45 Follow-up! Send A Note of Thanks –Include in the note: Thank them for their time Restate the issues Include local statistics Ask for their support, help, and assistance Express appreciation for their service and their continued support

46 Okay, now about Legislative Day February 16, 2011!

47 TLA Library Legislative Day February 16, 2011: A Day to Show Support for Libraries at the Texas Capitol Why it’s important to show up and speak out Our chance to visit all state offices with constituent dialog about library issues and the important role of libraries in our state! All trainings will be held at the Hyatt Regency

48 Legislative Day – Schedule Training –Full Delegate Training, Tues. Feb 15, 7 pm to 9 pm. –Abbreviated Training, Wed. Feb. 16, 8 am to 9 am. Legislator visits will be on Wed., Feb. 16 Reception at the Texas State Library, Wed., Feb. 16, 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

49 Library Delegations Delegations set up by State Senate districts (31 delegations) Delegations ideally include a library person and lay supporters from every House of Representative district physically “falling within” the Senate district Delegations ideally include a delegate from each type of library (i.e., school, public, academic, and special)

50 Legislative Visits Legislative Visits Delegate leaders make appointments with Senators and Representatives Delegates will meet with either the legislator or their aide. Some aides are new to the office and may be young – treat them as you would the legislator. Be flexible. Stay on the library platform message.

51 Legislative Visits Delegate teams will make visits together with each member and will sign the guest book at the legislator’s office. Each delegate team decides how information will be presented. Visits may be very short or up to 15 to 20 minutes. No matter the length; we can make our time count!

52 Legislative Day Resources All delegates will get a packet of issue papers and tips. TLA Legislative Day delegates can meet up in the Capitol cafeteria between visits to eat, catch up with other delegates (we’ll have a volunteer there with information) The all-important training session conducted the evening before will give you the latest news.

53 Legislative Day Registration Is free Anyone (TLA members, non-members, librarians, lay supporters, friends, parents) can attend Is open at: Just follow the login (you can create a guest login) and registration instructions.

54 Legislative Day Hotel Info Please be aware that you must reserve your own room. The TLA special rate for Feb. 15 and 16 is $145 for a single/double, $174 for triple, and $199 for a quad. The firm hotel deadline is January 20, 2011. To make a reservation, call the Hyatt (512/477-1234 or 800/223-1234) and ask for the Texas Library Association group rate.

55 Q&A Question?Answers?Comments?Ideas?Threats? Speculation & Innuendo???

56 The Latest in Legislative News and Library Legislative Day, 2011 January 12, 2011 3:30 pm (CST) Texas Library Association Advocacy Series

57 Brought to you by… Joyce Baumbach, Susan Mann, Gloria Meraz, and Marty De Leon Texas Library Association Our Incredible Legislative Sponsors: Britannica Digital, EBSCO, Gale Cengage, Highsmith, Lee & Low, and Polaris

58 Please remember Recordings will be available next week at Additional advocacy materials and the latest in legislative news are available at Please complete the evaluation survey following the webinar.

59 The End. Thank you for participating! For more information about TLA advocacy and legislative activities, contact Gloria Meraz, Director of Communications, For more information about TLA CE events, contact Ted Wanner, Continuing Education Specialist, 512-328-1518 / 800-580-2852 A CE Event by the Texas Library Association.

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