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OEA Campaign 2012 Member-to-member Phone Banks Making Calls using the VAN Virtual Phone Bank.

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1 OEA Campaign 2012 Member-to-member Phone Banks Making Calls using the VAN Virtual Phone Bank

2 Setting up phone banks Set a date and location It is suggested that we make calls to active members between 4:30 and 8:30pm Make sure that you send info to: – Regional Director – Phone Bank Lead in your office/region – Dan Ramos in GR – Mark Allison in CSD – Your ComPAC Make sure you log your phone bank on the Grassroots Database

3 Volunteer Recruitment Each office in your region will have an allotment of computers They can be used in the office, or remotely Use the Grassroots Database to find volunteer leads for your area and call them at least a week in advance of the phone bank

4 Computer Set up Each computer will have:  Headset  Laptop  Mouse  Make sure that laptops have power and a strong internet connection  Set up the room so that volunteers face the outside of the room and backs to each other – this helps cut down on noise

5 How to set-up the computer Before volunteers arrive:  Ensure that the computer turns on:  You can log into the laptop using: Name: Ohiouser Password: Removed  Open Internet Explorer and ensure that the laptop’s wireless is connected. If not, sign in when prompted using the same login info for the laptop  Start the Cisco IP Communicator software

6 Using Cisco IP Communicator When dialing out using the IP Communicator:  Always Dial ‘8’ before dialing the number, and always dial ‘1’ before the area code (you are calling from a 614 number)  Numbers can be dialed by using the mouse or key pad  Press ‘Enter’ or click on the ‘Dial’ button on the virtual phone to place the call  Press ‘Esc’ key or click ‘End Call’ button on the virtual phone to end the call

7 Using the VAN Virtual Phone Bank  Open Internet Explorer and go to:  Sign-in using region specific, provided volunteer accounts  eg. Region5vol1, password removed  Click on the ‘My Members’ tab at the top of the screen  Then click on the ‘Virtual Phone Bank’ button at the bottom right of the screen

8 Using the Virtual Phone Bank  When prompted enter the Virtual Phone Bank Code provided by GR Staff.  Enter your zip code  Call the number for the member on the screen using the Cisco IP Communicator  Follow the script on the screen and enter the appropriate information  Click ‘Save/Next’ to advance to the next member to call  When finished, click ‘LOGOUT’ on the top right of the screen

9 Sample Script Hi, this is _________, a fellow OEA member. Is ________ home? I am calling to talk with you about the importance of voting this November to protect public education from future Senate Bill 5-like attacks and future funding cuts. Last year, we fought to successfully repeal SB 5. However, our fight to protect public education is not finished. We need to elect candidates that stand up with us and share our values at both the federal level and here in Ohio. As President, Barack Obama has stood up for educators, public education, our schools and our students. President Obama has had our backs. Can we count on your support for President Barack Obama for President this November? [Dropdown box] If UNDECIDED or LEAN: President Obama stood with us on Senate Bill 5. He also fought to save the jobs of 450,000 educators - including 11,000 right here in Ohio. And he is fighting to protect the middle class by ending tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies, while protecting investments in public education and Medicare.

10 Sample Script This year, we have the opportunity to send an ally back to the U.S. Senate. Senator Sherrod Brown, the son of an Ohio teacher, understands the importance of good public schools and cares about the same things we do as educators. Can we count on your support for Senator Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate this November? [Dropdown box] If UNDECIDED or LEAN– We need to make sure that we have allies in the U.S. Senate that share our values. Senator Brown was a leader in our fight to repeal SB 5, and has sponsored legislation that protected educator jobs and strengthened public education in Ohio.

11 Sample Script Lastly, Ohio’s redistricting system has been rigged by corrupt politicians and their greedy special interest friends. And because of this, the government represents the special interests, not ‘We the People.’ Just look at what they did last year with Senate Bill 5. We can prevent another SB 5-like attack and stop bad legislation like Right-to-Work if we change the system. That is why I am urging you to vote “Yes” on Issue 2. Can we count on you to vote YES on Issue 2 - the Voters First Constitutional Amendment? [Dropdown box] If UNDECIDED or LEAN- Okay, let me tell you a little more. The current system rewards politicians and the special interests. They take away our voice, our vote, and our power. We need a government that represents ‘We the People.’ You can find out more about Issue 2 at I hope you will consider voting “YES.” Thank you for your time. Thank you for your time.

12 Sample Script IF VOICEMAIL MESSAGE - Hi, this is ______ (first name), a volunteer and colleague with the OEA. I am calling today to ask that you vote for President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and Yes on Issue 2 this November. We need to elect allies at the federal level that will protect our public schools and pass Issue 2 to prevent future SB 5-like attacks against our profession. As an educator, I encourage you to vote to protect public education in Ohio and vote for President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and Yes on Issue 2 this November. Thanks.

13 Sample Script IF SUPPORT or LEAN OUR CANDIDATES: Early voting has started here in Ohio, you can vote by mail or in-person at specified locations in your county. Will you commit to early vote this year? 1- Yes by Mail 2 - Yes In Person 3 - No 4 - Already Voted

14 Paper Lists & Pre-paid phones On limited occasions will we need to use paper lists and pre-paid phones If they are needed, please request them through Dan Ramos at least a week in advance of a phone bank

15 Contacts Political activist questions: Dan Ramos – Technical questions: Mark Allison –

16 OEA Campaign 2012 Questions?

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