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ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template - 20.12.04 Page 1 Mike Gatting Managing Director Cricket Partnerships.

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1 ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template Page 1 Mike Gatting Managing Director Cricket Partnerships

2 ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template Page 2 Paul Bedford Head of Operations Non First Class Cricket

3 ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template Page 3 Election Timetable 01 May All members logged By 08 May Labels sent to County Board By 01 July All Associations - Nominated Officer By 01 September Nominations for Regional Representative to Interim Board 01 – 29 September Regional Forums October Short List - Interim Board Meeting November Election Papers Distributed

4 ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template Page 4 Election Process By 08 May If an association already has an Elected ACO Officer details to be supplied to Sam Greaves By 01 July All Associations - Nominated Officer By 01 September Nominations for Regional Representative to Interim Board supplied to Sam Greaves 01 – 29 September List of names to be provided to Forums October Election papers prepared November Election papers sent

5 ECB PowerPoint Presentation Template Page 5 Budgets Forecast Income£131,000 Forecast Expenditure £220,000 SHORTFALL£89,000 MERCHANDISE does not feature as items will be sold on a break even basis. In 2008 ECB will fund SHORTFALL of £89,000 plus one full time member of staff plus a membership services computer system and support staff.

6 Sam Greaves Membership Services

7 News Interim Board - Roger Knight, Mike Gatting, Chris Kelly, Peter Mitchell, Nick Cousins, Geoff Lowden, Peter Willey, Lynn Allen and Keith Sutherland Membership Numbers Consensus ACO, CA and Supporters Club (Twelfth Man) Goodform Extra contract

8 Membership Pack

9 Dates Membership Cards 1. Previous ECB OA members – 2 nd May 2. Paid up ACU&S members – 9 th May 3. Non paid ACU&S members – once chased up Membership packs – May-June Newsletters – 4 remaining 1 st in June Online Consensus access – June 08 Merchandise Launch – Post 2008 season

10 Chris Kelly ECB Umpires’ Manager

11 ECB Education of Officials Our aim it so develop the best officials training system in the world Build on current knowledge base Quality assure Fantastic, high quality experiences for all Better equip people to do what they need to do Build on each others skills and knowledge Build a world class system together

12 Officiating Qualifications Benefits and Value Third party endorsement and monitoring We cannot take easy options Raising standards and expectations Benchmarking and consistency Funding

13 Lessons Learned! KNOWLEDGE based Laws can be read and learnt without face to face tutor input. [100% of the training on 20% of the game] A Tutor’s role is to support and guide the participants in their learning  advice and support  hints and tips  practical suggestions  critical advice on key points, etc… Maximising the face to face time on those Laws that can be PRACTICED and OBSERVED Using support materials to ensure the learners can work at their own pace  achieve the standard  confidence required to officiate  achieve the qualification We have an opportunity to develop a powerful LEARNING PROGRAMME

14 Learning Principles P ractice – give learners time to practise R elevant – make it relevant to each learner I nvolve – involve them in their own learning C limate – create a supportive learning climate E njoyment – make learning enjoyable L earner centred – let them learn in their own way E xperience – build on their existing skills/experience S elf reflection – help them analyse their behaviour S uccess/self esteem – ensure everyone gains some success PRICELESSPRICELESS

15 Course Structure & Timing MARCHAPRIL MAYJUNEJULY SEPTEMBER AUGUSTOCTOBER Block tutoring Practical application in matches & in season tutorials Assessment – practical and questioning Assessment prep, ‘sportfolio’, workbook submission

16 Assessment of Competence Observation of actual practice Simulated observation (eg at course) Observation of videoed practice Case studies Structured diary/logbook of practice/experience Multiple choice questions (eg test knowledge and procedures) Scenarios (eg to test what would you do if..) Assignments (eg specific tasks to conduct) Role play exercise Questioning Mentor’s report (probation)

17 Philosophy The more we can allow participants to think and act like an official We will engage the learners Resulting in further development of them as officials

18 Community Officiating – The Way Forward

19 LevelCurrent Offering FutureDeliveryKey Review Areas Novicen/aRugby ReadyOn line1.Course/Award content 2.Delivery/Deliverers 3.Pathways 4.CRDA for non-Society Referees NoviceELRA/Mini MidiLevel 1 (ELRA) Approved Trainers < 7CRDALevel 2 (CRDA) STOs 5 – 7Development Referee Award Level 3 (Modular) RefDMs > 4Ad hocLevel 4 (Modular) PDU Referees

20 LevelCurrent OfferingFutureKey Review Areas SocietySociety & Dev. Adviser Referee Coach Award Referee Developer Course + Society Adviser Modules 1.Use/timing of PR PhD 2.Deliverers/Delivery 3.Content FederationAssessor Award Referee Developer Course + Assessor /Referee Coach Modules GroupAd hoc Workshops Advanced Developers Course + Modules (Match Observer and Referee Coach) National Panel Ad hoc Workshops Match Observers (Adviser/Assessor/Coach)

21 LevelCurrent Offering FutureDeliveryKey Review Areas Prospective /Current STO n/aReferee Developer Course Referee Department 1.Content of course and modules 2.On line offering Current STO n/aModules (on line) RefDM ELRA Trainer n/aModulesRefDO Trainers N.B. Excludes product familiarisation workshops

22 ECB Presentation Template Page 22 Managing the Transition Richard Holdsworth ICC European Development Manager

23 ECB Presentation Template Page 23 Role: “To support member coaches from playground to Test arena”

24 ECB Presentation Template Page 24 Consultation Regional / National Forums Investment People & Funding Research What do you all need / want? Education / Development / CPD / Conferences Resources / Information – newsletters / tech bulletins / website Insurance Listened

25 ECB Presentation Template Page 25 The ECB’s Coach Education and Development systems recognised for their outstanding contribution and central role in the strategic development of cricket. Shared vision for cricket coaching is to produce the: “Best and most respected cricket coaches in the World” ECB Coach Education and Development system will deliver the following key outcomes as defined by the UK Coaching Framework: increasing the quantity and quality of highly skilled, qualified, active coaches increasing and sustaining participation in cricket and sport in general improving the performance of players and teams in cricket increasing the professionalism, credibility and recognition of coaching Vision:

26 ECB Presentation Template Page 26 ECB Coach Education - Mission Statement “To provide appropriately trained and skilled coaches to support players at each stage of their development through the most successful and respected Coach Education System in the world.”

27 ECB Presentation Template Page 27 Developing Tutors, Assessors and assuring quality: Building on existing, experienced workforce Identifying a small ‘core’ group to develop & deliver ‘pilot’ programme Thorough review and further development Identification & development of Field Based Support & Verification Network National Delivery and Annual Review

28 ECB Presentation Template Page 28

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